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For the week of August 17 – 23, 2020

We’re heading into an extremely powerful initiation this week, a new beginning of the highest order that requires the courage of a lion and the relentless commitment of unconditional Love.  This week’s Leo New Moon is an activation point for the upcoming Mars retrograde passage, highlighting the journey of awakening that’s manifesting within all of us, from the inside out.


Mars has already entered his retrograde shadow, and the themes are set in motion.  The 1st of 3 Mars Eris conjunctions coincides with the Leo New Moon event this week, and we can feel the intensity within our own skin.  That intensity sparks a necessary friction, facilitating the shedding of old skin, in order to reveal and embody our divine Light – unconditionally and unapologetically.  The Sun is the most powerful archetype of unconditional and unapologetic presence of Light, generating abundant vital life force energy for All.  The Sun doesn’t have to try to make a difference, it doesn’t have to muster up the energy to go out and make something happen…it simply shines because that’s it’s authentic nature, by divine design.


When each of us awakens our authentic nature, becoming our divine radiance of Light, we embody that expression in all that we do.  We generate vital life force energy by following our heart, and honoring our nature.  The greatest service we can offer humanity and the planet is to get out of our own way and simply shine bright, as the undiluted consciousness of our awakened heart.  When we get in our own way, we cover ourselves up, guard and protect, or censor and edit, and we actually dilute, and sometimes distort, our greatest contribution.  We often think of ego patterns as feeling self indulgent, putting ourselves in the spotlight and pushing our agenda…however ego patterns also include the need to censor, striving to be perfect, holding back our authentic power, or hiding/disappearing when we feel vulnerable.


The ego’s commitment to survival and protection has served a purpose in our evolution, however we must let go of those mechanisms in order to release and reveal the Truth.  This upcoming passage and new cycle requires us to walk the planet with an open heart, which takes courage, relentless commitment, and the highest devotion of mindfulness.  We must become warriors within our Selves by noticing the times we get triggered, the times we shut down, disconnect, or pull back.  We must learn how to remain open instead of contracting, even when our deepest wounds get triggered.  It takes courage to be so aware of our inner mechanism of survival and fear, and to choose Love unconditionally as our default setting.  We’ve been conditioned to guard our hearts, and yet our hearts are the very source of vitality, clarity, and power that’s needed on the planet right now.

The deepest core wound that has the power to shut us down also holds within it the power to awaken and refine personal mastery.  The poison is the cure, once we transcend the fear of being hurt, and learn to soften within ourselves, as the source of compassion.  We give our power away when we shut down, we allow the trigger to carry more weight than our authentic Truth.  That pattern is being corrected in this Mars retrograde/ Chiron retrograde journey, and we’re unleashing new creative potential in the process.  Instead of disconnecting, shutting down, or blowing up from reactionary impulses that trigger primal patterns, imagine accessing the power to remain open, as a conscious creator of what comes next.  Instead of leaking power, or blowing up and striking back, what if we could harness that energy and consciously redirect it, from the heart?  That’s the open portal of pure potential, where new thoughts generate new actions, pioneering new unprecedented results for ourselves and others.


Here’s the slippery part…we can be very justified and right in our reactions, especially when triggered by deep emotional wounds.  If we defend our position of being right, we’re actually defending our wounded consciousness, and we’re calibrating that story even deeper within our cellular memory.  We affirm ourselves as the embodiment of hurt or angry feelings, and nothing changes.  We keep attracting scenarios to repeat the story, over and over again, until we wake up and realize the power is within us.  We’ve held the power all the time.


We have the power to drop the attachment to the story, the hurt feelings, and the entire pattern that gets triggered by primal emotions, most notably anger and rage.  As soon as we drop the attachments, we can allow ourselves to experience the volume of activated energy within our skin, and consciously harness that into new action, from an open heart.  It requires courage to be so open, and to suspend ourselves midstream from the triggered response and the gravitational pull of primal energy.  When we harness that energy as pure creative potential and consciously write a new story, we alter the vibrational imprints within our physical body.  Instead of feeling angered by a situation, then shutting down and stewing internally for days (or years or lifetimes), we can learn to feel the feelings, awaken through the triggers, and choose from the heart what matters most.  It’s a midstream gear shift that consciously interrupts the conditioned patterns and motivation of action, and redirects the energy from a higher lens.  We become generators of new beginnings instead of victims to the same old story.  And we unleash the power within to change the game, forever.  It’s like catching an unexpected curveball in midair, and pivoting in a new direction.


Surrendering the attachments to our core wounds allows us to transcend our suffering, then harness that active energy into a new expression, transmuting any situation through Love.  And most importantly, our hearts remain open, instead of closing off and stopping the flow of our own vital life force energy.  The more open we are, the more vibrant and healthy our energy system is, including our immune system.  And our commitment to remaining open allows our authentic Light to shine, unconditionally….just like the Sun.  We literally become attractive, magnetic, and vibrant…generously in service and contribution to All.  Walking the planet with an open heart takes courage and practice, as well as forgiveness, compassion and grace…and that’s the journey we’re being initiated into, now.


The week begins on Monday 8/17 with a Black Moon Chiron communion, Mercury Mars manifestation, Mercury Eris manifestation, Sun Mercury new cycle, Mars Eris conjunction (1st of 3), Mercury Chariklo great eliminator, Vesta Quaoar great eliminator, and Mercury Haumea resource.  There’s a lot of energy being activated today and this entire week, and the Mars Eris conjunction is at the heart of it all.  The body is an indicator, a messenger, and also a record keeper.  If we’re not fully awake and aware, we might confuse the messages and impulses that get activated or triggered through our physical body sensations.  There are times when a fight/flight response is necessary if we’re physically in danger and need to move quickly, however more often than not, the indicators of fear, trauma, and resistance come from past memories that create unconscious triggers.  Those triggers can be pivotal moments of awakening, if we’re willing to remain open and conscious.  When we’re running on automatic pilot, those triggers can be the source of unconscious reactions that repeat historic patterns, that aren’t in alignment with the truth of our heart.  Learning to observe, listen, and learn from the body’s messaging system can support in a greater awakening that untangles the primal patterning and frees us up to engage and create in a new way.  This Mars Eris conjunction is the 1st of 3, and is a major theme in the upcoming Mars retrograde, as well as tomorrow’s New Moon event.


On Tuesday 8/18, the Sun forms a great eliminator with Chariklo, followed by a Mercury Saturn great eliminator, Black Moon Salacia communion, Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge, Sun Haumea resource, Uranus Albion conjunction, Mercury Galactic Center manifestation, Venus Uranus resource, Mercury North Node (Soul Star Chakra) resource, Mercury South Node (Earth Star Chakra) manifestation, Mercury Ixion manifestation, and then the New Moon occurs at 27 Leo at 10:41pm ET.  Another super full day of active energy leading up to the powerful New Moon in Leo.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Leo is a fire sign that represents emotional Love, the courage of the lion to keep the heart unconditionally open, as a beacon of Light that serves All.  Oftentimes we think it takes courage to fight like a warrior, to step into the fire and slay the dragon.  However true courage is the willingness to stand in the center of the fire with an open heart, and not shrink back.  Leo highlights the aspect of our Light that needs to be seen, it needs permission to take center stage, to be in the spotlight, as the spotlight.  That aspect of ourselves is the awakened heart.  There’s nothing more powerful, and there’s nothing more importantly needed on the planet right now.


The 5D essence of Leo is authentic contribution and leadership from the heart, the expression of our true nature.  If we have to force or pretend, it’s not authentic.  As we surrender the layers of ego attachments, and set aside the mechanisms of protection that we’ve worn so well to guard our heart, we find the most vulnerable precious purity of ourselves that is the cure, the answer, the solution, and the gift.  Our authentic expression of Love is what we came to offer.  It’s more than enough to light up the entire universe.


A new moon is always a new beginning, and this particular new beginning is in a new cycle with Mercury, also manifesting with the Mars/Eris conjunction, and forming a Finger of God with Saturn and the Black Moon (exact degree activates on Sunday).  This lunar event is a potent initiation event that will continue to unveil as time goes on.  It’s an invitation to walk the planet with an open heart, and for those that respond with a whole hearted “yes”, we can trust that every step along the way will uncover and reveal more and more.  Every event is a facilitator and our teacher.  When we receive the great unfolding of life’s events as our greatest lessons and blessings, we walk with reverence, gratitude, and ever expanding capacity to open to all that is available.   When we resist, refuse, or rebel, we’re only resisting ourselves and our greatest unveiling.  Humble gratitude is essential along the path, and the reward is our greatest awakening and self realization through Unconditional Love.


Wednesday 8/19 is a Sun Saturn great eliminator, Neptune Juno great eliminator, Mercury Sedna stepping stone, Venus Orcus resource, Sun Galactic Center manifestation, Sun North Node (Soul Star) resource, Sun South Node (Earth Star) manifestation, then Mercury enters Virgo, and the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Quaoar.  The Sun repeats Mercury’s footsteps from yesterday, calibrating the messages with universal Love.  As Mercury enters Virgo, our inner operating system gains access to the refinement of holistic integration and alignment with the heart.  Virgo consciousness runs on a unique frequency that filters and distills our experiences into the highest wisdom.  When we extract the wisdom from every moment, we can quickly and swiftly elevate to higher ground by making good use of where we’ve been.  It’s important to let go of any judgment or criticism so that we can fully digest the wholeness of every situation.   That’s the only way to metabolize and integrate our experiences.  This kind of efficiency and purity is necessary for our inner messenger and operating system to process our moments of awakening as we learn from our active triggers and find alignment with our heart.


On Thursday 8/20, the Sun manifests with Ixion, followed by a Black Moon Mercury great eliminator, Vesta Varuna new cycle, and Venus Pallas bridge.  Ixion is the aspect of our 5D blueprint, and as the Sun activates that potential, Vesta and Varuna spark a new cycle of our devotion to the highest lens of vision.  If we truly want to manifest our soul’s purpose and promise for being here in this lifetime, we must become committed to seeing with new eyes, from the universal lens of higher vision.  That lens is only available through the heart, and it opens the portal to universal wisdom.  The heart holds the blueprint, the roadmap, the divine truth, and the keys to the unlock the mysteries of the universe.  We carry it all within, we just need to remember where to look, and which lens to look through.


Friday 8/21 is a Sun Sedna stepping stone, Mercury Quaoar manifestation, and Mars Chariklo stepping stone.  The active energies from this week start to stabilize a bit, and we have access to the cosmic records and the limitlessness of the cosmos within our own mind.  The more expansive we become, the more important it is to stabilize our frequency.  Not for grounding per se, because the current ground below our feet is in a state of flux.  But the atmosphere within our skin can stabilize, providing clarity and peace, regardless of what’s occurring around us.


On Saturday 8/22, the Black Moon retrogrades into Pisces, then Venus forms a great eliminator with the Great Attractor, followed by a Black Moon Sun great eliminator just before the Sun enters Virgo, then a Mercury Salacia great eliminator, and Black Moon Sedna resource.  The Sun in Virgo offers alignment and integration for all of the activations of energy that we’ve just experienced.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is an earth sign, expressed as sand, which is shiftable, adaptable…able to reshape and recalibrate in alignment with the heart, moment to moment.  We may not always have certainty or solid ground below our feet, but we can always find our alignment within, especially as we unpack and integrate from our experiences and lessons.  In fact, the more and more that we learn to ride the waves of change, expanding through the old social norms into the fluid freedom of limitlessness, it’s crucial to find our alignment within, as an internal rudder while swimming in the ocean of infinite possibilities.  We don’t need to know the answers, but if we know our alignment, we can surrender to the current and trust in our inner mechanism for discernment and filtration.   Honoring the heart has never been more important.


And Sunday 8/23 is a Black Moon Ixion stepping stone, Mercury Ceres Light Bridge, Mars Haumea Light Bridge, and the Black Moon intersects the Nodes, also revealing a Finger of God aspect from the 8/18 New Moon, Saturn, and now unveiled by the Black Moon.  These light bridges offer an amazing perspective, delivering clarity and wholeness, as we begin to witness the unveiling of a Finger of God aspect from Tuesday’s New Moon.  The Black Moon holds a still point, an observation point requiring equanimity and unconditional Love in order to see the revelations that initiated on Tuesday.  Finding the still point from an elevated suspended state of Love will allow for new vision to emerge, and the truth is illuminated.   This is an important time to learn to see beyond the surface level appearances and see into the empty space, and then see behind the screen into the projections and distortions.   Remember to keep a neutral lens of nonattachment and nonjudgment, everything that is revealed is useful to digest and metabolize higher volumes of wisdom.  As we begin to see the whole picture – through a multidimensional lens of wholeness – we become empowered to navigate consciously with an open heart.


The practice this week is openness.  Find time each day to sit for at least 10 minutes, find your breath, and scan through the body.  Notice any physical sensations of tension, tightness, or contraction, and just breathe.  Imagine inhaling through the contraction, feel the opening as you soften and stretch out the edges of tightness in order to expand.  Allow the exhale to facilitate the release, letting go of attachments, triggers, and patterns of limitation.  Let go of any judgment, and just observe your current physical sensations.   Let each breath deliver unconditional Love and undivided attention, as you practice opening, stretching, expanding, and letting go.  Throughout the day, notice when your body gets triggered, tight, or contracted, and consciously inhale through the tightness in order to gently expand and open.  Stay present with yourself, tune in and listen to your physical body, and practice equanimity, staying open to receive every moment and each divine unfolding.


“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”
― Ramana Maharshi  


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