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For the week of August 10 – 17, 2020

The week ahead sparks the beginning of a massive journey of awakening, through a process that shatters the outdated ego identity and allows for new growth, from the heart.  Now’s the time to awaken to the highest version of our inner blueprint, the soul’s purpose and our authentic nature.  As we do, we shatter the matrix of false illusions and mistruths, shedding the old skin and revealing the multidimensional patterns of our inner sacred geometry.  Awakening the Light within, and embodying that Light, unconditionally.


The great irony is that as we put our masks on during this global pandemic, on behalf of All, we’re simultaneously undergoing a journey of dissolving the masks of our ego identity, laying down the costumes and character descriptions we’ve dressed ourselves up in.  When we’re brought to our knees at the sacredness and impermanence of Life in every oscillating moment, there’s an organic alignment with the heart, and a release of anything excess.  That’s the opening where new life begins.


In these recent 5 months of social distancing, we’ve each had an opportunity to cocoon ourselves in a bubble, removing the reflections, projections, and attachments to current social norms.  That bubble has cultivated a clean space to see ourselves, without interference, in order to awaken and recalibrate our inner nature and biorhythms.  Social consciousness creates a mirrored effect that shows us how we “should” look, think, act, and behave, and highlights how well we fit (or don’t fit) in relationship with the collective “norms”.  It takes courage to see beyond the mirror of status quo and unchallenged projections, and see through the matrix that the collective is operating within.  Sometimes the best way to see through the illusions is to recalibrate in isolation, and then bring fresh eyes back into the social story.  It’s amazing what we can see!

The overarching theme of this year is calibrating 2020 vision…awakening the higher lens of truth from the heart.   Once that higher lens of truth is awakened, there is a reconciliation process that occurs as we resolve outdated or incorrect assumptions and attachments, and find our right alignment with Truth – not with expectations or a standardized status quo.  As we begin to see clearly from an awakened lens, we must be responsible for taking right action, being accountable for what we see, and what we do with that information.  As the eyes of the heart open and expand, we can’t pretend to ignore what matters most.  Which means we can’t ignore the messages from the heart.  The heart leads the way, the heart holds the roadmap, and the heart is calibrated to Universal Truth.


For anytime that we’ve bypassed the heart in order to push ahead on an agenda or goal sheet, driven by bottom line results or convenience instead of honoring the truth within, we must make those alignments and corrections now.  When we ignore the messages of our heart, eventually the body (and our physical results) will indicate incongruence.  The body is a messenger, and the heart is the calibrator of Truth.  When we bypass our inner messaging system in order to push forward on our own agenda, we fragment ourselves, splitting our energy into conflict, ego vs heart.


The ego is attuned to hear what it wants to hear, continuing ahead in the habitual grooves of repetition, pushing harder and harder to move forward.  It’s important to recognize that the survival mechanism of our ego patterns is arrogance – an insistence on a fixed or limited perspective, and the unwillingness to soften or loosen up our grip.  That can include patterns of control, entitlement, and bullying that force an outcome, as well as patterns of attachment to fears, doubts, and insecurities that keep us stuck.  The actual patterns become stubborn, resistant to change, and resistant to hearing anything alternative that might challenge the ego’s status quo.  When we elevate up to see through the ego’s matrix, the sophisticated patterns of distraction and illusion, we can see the smoke screen stories that the ego thrives on.  It’s the structural gravity of those stories – the smokescreen – that’s shattering now, through the upcoming Uranus and Mars retrogrades, along with Chiron and Ceres retrogrades.  We’re not being shattered, the inner webbing of patterns that limits our realization of Truth is being shattered.  The invisible membrane of distortion, the invisible blind spot, is dissolving from our lens of consciousness.


We’re being delivered to our divine nature, awakening to the truth of who we really are, and surrendering the masks we’ve worn, the patterns we’ve identified as for so long.  When we surrender to the heart, and listen, we can see clearly.  That process of awakening changes everything, and requires a reorientation to the Truth.  When the structures of the matrix – the mathematical code we’ve been operating within – suddenly shift to a higher frequency and an elevated version, we must learn to walk again (or fly), as the new authentic expression of ourselves.


We can spend a lifetime of healing work getting to the root of our core issues, clearing the unresolved inherited patterns from our ancestral lineage, releasing the trauma and PTSD we’ve accumulated within.  However, a blind spot that’s not so easy to see is the actual absorption rate of our social consciousness through the mirror, and the effect it has on our personal expression and orientation.  It takes a village to raise a child, and that child also accumulates and receives the downloads of every projected thought, expectation, and judgment from the village and beyond, as an unconscious measurement of “normal”.  If the lens of the social mirror is distorted in any way, the messages being received (oftentimes the subtle unspoken messages and inferences) can distort the water and become embedded in the cellular memory, affecting the individual’s lens.


Now is the time to recalibrate the mirror by recalibrating our own lens of higher vision.   As we do, everything changes, and we birth a new world.  Instead of receiving what others are projecting through the mirror, we become the awakened generators of Light, recalibrating the lens of Oneness to Truth and Love.  That lens also purifies any reflections through a higher filter of Love, like an awakened ripple effect of elevated clarity that infinitely expands.


The week begins on Monday 8/10 with a Mercury Uranus stepping stone, Mercury Albion stepping stone, and Venus Quaoar Light Bridge.   Mercury is the Messenger, and the week starts off with powerful communication that shakes us out of the status quo, wide awake.  The communication of lightning and thunder create an unmistakable alertness within, and from that seat of presence, we have access to the Venus Quaoar Light Bridge.  The heart reveals our limitless nature, the infinite potential within our own soul.  The only limitations we experience are the ones created, inherited, or believed within the structure of our own minds.   As lightning and thunder shake us out of the repetitive grooves and patterns within our own inner operating system, we have access to our true infinite nature, and the consciousness of that Light Bridge can be reflected and received into our inner operating system as new code, or an upgrade to the old version.


On Tuesday 8/11, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Pluto, followed by a Sun Jupiter great eliminator, then Vesta moves into Leo, and the Black Moon communes with Mars.  The Black Moon is patiently unveiling our greatest metamorphosis, the shedding of old skin and old identities, the manifestation of old outdated limitations within our own minds.  As we release that skin, we unveil a higher version of Truth, our authentic frequency of Light that expands and radiates with infinite potential.  When that Light shines bright, we become torch bearers, light houses, and shining stars, emerging through darkness, illuminating the path for All.  Our greatest service and contribution to humanity is in the Light that we shine, and that Light comes from the authentic activation of the fire within our own hearts.  As we embody our awakened heart, we become the embodiment of Light…as timeless as the stars.


Wednesday 8/12 is a Mercury Pallas great eliminator, then Albion stations retrograde, Mercury manifests with the Great Attractor, the Sun forms a great eliminator with Neptune, and the Black Moon manifests with the Sun.  Albion’s retrograde is in tandem with the upcoming Uranus retrograde station, as the two are traveling together, almost exactly conjunct around 10 Taurus.   Albion bridges the tangible world with the invisible unmanifested potential.  As we awaken to our infinite truth, we simultaneously awaken the unmanifested potential, and harness it into form like lightning rods channeling Light into the Earth for grounding.  There’s a lot of light and sound waves available to harness the power of creation, and the clearer our lens of vision, the more precisely and swiftly we can manifest through thin air.  The key is clarity from the lens of Love.  When our frequency is calibrated to equanimity, which is neutrality through the lens of Unconditional Love, we can see clearly.  When that frequency is elevated from the heart as Awakened Divine Love, we can see into the empty space of pure potential, and manifest that into form, in the blink of an eye.  Reaching beyond the veil and calling it forth, like pulling a rabbit out of  the void of an empty hat because we see that potential.  Our relationship with what we can’t physically see is just as important – if not more so – than our relationship with current tangible results.  What we can’t physically see that’s right in front of us is the pure potential waiting to appear.  The one who can see it all has the power to call it forth and ground in tangible form.


On Thursday 8/13, Mars and Pluto form a stepping stone, followed by a Venus MakeMake stepping stone, Venus Salacia stepping stone, Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, and Black Moon Juno bridge.  There’s so much transformation occurring, from the highest alignment of the heart.  The heart sparks our remembrance of the limitless ocean of infinite possibilities through the frequency of Unconditional Love and the higher lens of Oneness.  When we remember that ocean, and that all things are birthed from that consciousness, we unveil our greatest expansion.  No matter what is occurring or what the circumstances are moment to moment, we can always elevate to higher ground by remembering our connection to the limitless ocean.  That’s our spiritual work, the daily practice of that remembrance.  It has the power to alter our consciousness and shift the story when we remember we have the power to birth the next chapter.


Friday 8/14 is a Black Moon Mercury manifestation, Jupiter Juno stepping stone, Mercury Jupiter great eliminator, and Mercury Juno resource.  The Messenger is busy today, manifesting revelations, eliminating old threads of limitation, and supporting the reflection of Oneness through the mirror.  As we recognize our own limitless nature, it’s important to reflect that back to others.  We can expand and alter social consciousness by breaking through the barriers of separation and smallness that we’ve historically subscribed to.  As we liberate and unleash our own greatness, we empower others to do the same.  The power of the mirror can activate social change towards greatness.


On Saturday 8/15, there’s a Mercury Neptune great eliminator, Sun Pluto great eliminator, then Uranus stations retrograde, and the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Pallas.  The Uranus station today initiates the journey of awakening, in partnership with Albion’s station earlier this week.  When we surrender what we think we know, in order to see what we’ve never considered before in the empty space between, we awaken a whole new dimension of consciousness, communing with the unmanifested potential as powerful nourishment equal to our tangible resources in physical form.  Everything contains empty space, and within that empty space, there are miracles, works of art, expressions of Love, life changing inventions and solutions that bring us to new ground.  Discovering a whole new world that already exists, right in front of us, we begin shedding the attachments to what we’ve identified with that have limited our ability to commune with the invisible realms.  This passage of awakening is also a period of radical expansion and rebirth.  The ego clings to what it can see, touch, and feel in physical tangible form, seeking solid ground in 3D reality.  As we shatter that lens of vision, we re-orient ourselves to something greater, more than what the physical eyes can see.  For so long, we’ve searched for meaning, something greater than what the social norms and status quo reflect to us.  This is the moment to awaken and reinvent, with meaning and wholeness.  As we unify yin/yang wholeness of heart/mind, we simultaneously experience an awakening of wholeness of tangible/intangible…physical/spiritual.  That realization rocks our perception of the world and inspires new creation and manifestation.  We just have to get out of our own way.


And Sunday 8/16 is a Venus Ceres manifestation, Black Moon Orcus great eliminator, Mercury Pluto great eliminator, Sun Mars manifestation, Sun Eris manifestation, Venus Chiron stepping stone, and Black Moon Venus stepping stone.   Today ignites massive actions that initiate an inner awakening.  Usually it’s our inner awakening that inspires action, but today the actions witnessed are the source of inner awakening.  When we realize the cause and effect of our actions and reactions, we can see clearly the pricetags, the potential, and the purpose of conscious creation.  When we’re responsible with our thoughts and actions, we generate right action.  When our thoughts come from the lens of a grateful heart, we can see the potential of every moment, and we spark actions that align with that potential.  When our hearts are closed and our minds react with judgment or limitation, our actions reflect that contraction, and we limit ourselves and our outcomes.  It’s important to take a neutral observer’s seat within ourselves and the world as we witness it all.  Our inner awakenings and self realizations are the key to personal mastery.  Breakdowns hold potential for life altering transformation, if we have the presence to observe the wholeness of the situation, and learn from every experience.  The heart gives patience, compassion, and grace through it all.


The practice this week is to interrupt familiar routines and challenge yourself to awaken new dimensions of presence.  Or invent new ways of bringing yourself to your ongoing solid practices.  Shake something up to awaken your orientation points, firing new neural pathways, and softening any ego attachments to the familiar routines.  If you normally brush your teeth with your right hand, switch hands, or try brushing your teeth while balancing in Tree Pose on one foot.  Shift up the old routine, and challenge yourself to be present and awake in new ways.  Bow in reverence to your yoga mat before you begin your practice, or start the day on your knees in child’s pose in humble gratitude as you wake up, connecting your heart with the Earth before your feet even start moving forward.  Dance as you cook your food.  Sing to your plants as you water them.  Find new innovative ways to interrupt the familiarity of your practices, and bring your undivided attention to the newness and the sparks of magic in each moment.


“Awakening is not a thing. It is not a goal, not a concept. It is not something to be attained. It is a metamorphosis. If the caterpillar thinks about the butterfly it is to become, saying ‘And then I shall have wings and antennae,’ there will never be a butterfly. The caterpillar must accept its own disappearance in its transformation. When the marvelous butterfly takes wing, nothing of the caterpillar remains.”
― Alejandro Jodorowsky


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