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For the week of August 3 – 9, 2020

When a week starts off with an Aquarian Full Moon, expect the unexpected.  We’re being awakened to higher Love, shaking up the status quo, and ushering in the most cutting edge innovative qualities of humanitarian consciousness that have the potential to alter the planet.  Get ready for a week that challenges the social norms and comfort zones in order to initiate something new, something we’ve never considered, that truly takes us All to higher ground.


It’s important to remember that the consciousness that created our current status quo is already obsolete.  Evolution requires elevation, awakening to what we don’t currently have access to, in the moment.  The minute we get attached to how well we know the game on the ground, or how masterful we feel we’ve become, we stagnate ourselves from the ever present newness that infinitely unfolds through the universe in every breath.  We are living on the cutting edge, every moment is brand new.  When we free ourselves up to be fully present to every new breath, awakening from the heart, we unify with the universal breath of manifestation, the deliverance of sheer magnificence, moment to moment.


The universe doesn’t get stale, fixed, or stuck.  Similarly, our cells are constantly regenerating, reincarnating – sloughing off the old manifestation in order to stay current, in the present.  Muscle memory reminds us of where we’ve been, highlighting the familiar grooves, but the only way to remain current and unconditionally open is to be fully present in the Now moment.  Aquarian consciousness brings us into the current, and the electricity that pulsates through current, as we awaken new consciousness, literally through thin air.  Like a lightning bolt of awareness, we can’t ignore the awakening, and once we’re fully awake, we never fall back asleep.

We’re invited to remain on the edge of our seat, letting go of the attachments to our well thought out plans and agendas, to allow something greater to awaken.  When lightning strikes, it shakes us up, and there’s no way to predict where lightning will strike or how big the flash will be.  So we remain unconditionally open, receptive, and available to that divine spark of magic.  Aquarian consciousness is of the highest frequency of Divine Love.  That frequency of energy is electric, a force of nature, with the power to radically interrupt the status quo and deliver the most potent consciousness in a flash.  Universal by nature, this kind of Love doesn’t get attached, it’s not personal…it operates on behalf of All.  Love isn’t an action, it’s a frequency that has the power to electrify the atmosphere and elevate molecules into a higher vibrational state of activity.  This kind of Love is the ultimate game changer, and when applied through science, arts, and humanities, it can rock the world and ignite revolutionary movement for social change.


When we continue to repeat what we’ve known, whether it works or not, we carve out deep grooves that eventually hold the embedded residue of gravity.  Those grooves can suck us into unconscious repetition that don’t require our full attention.  Eventually, we’re on automatic pilot, not even bringing our full selves to the table.  In our slumbered state of repetition, we let go of the wheel and trust the automated systems to do the driving for us.  Until an unexpected curve ball appears, lightning strikes, and we wake up….both hands on the wheel, fully present and attentive.  That awakened state is where new consciousness enters, new possibilities emerge, and innovation is born.  If we resist the wake up calls, refuse to be inconvenienced by the jolts of lightning, we remain asleep at the wheel, and nothing changes.


The Aquarian Age is the awakening of Divine Love, as a frequency of consciousness that electrifies the atmosphere to inspire radical transformation.   The awakening of Love is unapologetic, unpredictable, and unattached.  Oftentimes, the message of awakening is overlooked or ignored due to the inconvenience of the implications of necessary change that would be required to follow through.   Transformation – much like the journey of enlightenment – is an uncomfortable, inconvenient process, not for the faint of heart.  It requires courage to remain open to Love, open to the awakenings of higher Love that have the power to alter our lives and our universe.


That frequency of Love has the power to initiate divine manifestation, alchemy, and shapeshifting, in an instant.  When we awaken higher Love, and then hold deep presence and sacred space of Love from an open heart, the environment is ripe for precipitation and manifestation of a higher vision.   When we collectively calibrate the atmosphere to Divine Love, we harness the power to manifest visionary qualities of consciousness that have never been seen or done before.  The universe opens unconditionally in response, and the intimate connection of Oneness allows anything and everything to spontaneously generate as a love offering to humanity.


The Full Moon in Aquarius is disposed by Uranus – The Great Awakener – who is currently in Taurus, the sign of Conscious Love and the mental obedience to mind the heart.  Taurus holds sacred space with deep presence and sustainable roots.  Our root system is being awakened, with Love….circulating that altered frequency through the atmosphere and underground, sparking an underground movement of higher Love.  As above, so below….the atmosphere of our silent underground roots hold equal power to manifest new consciousness.  We are universally connected through the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the Earth we stand upon…and the current of Light that initiates and moves through all of the elements as electricity, divine inspiration, and vital life force energy.


Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio are the 4 Love signs in Cosmic Consciousness, the gateway to awakening and manifesting higher Love, the electrical currency that has the power to resuscitate, restore, and rebirth our planet by elevating the frequency to Love.  The Moon in Aquarius, the Sun in Leo, Uranus in Taurus, and an opening for unexpected divine manifestation and alchemy to occur…the manifestation of the highest vision, in physical form.


This week also ushers the powerful portal of the Lion’s Gate, and the 8/8 activation of awakened consciousness, downloads of Light, and the initiation of cosmic light codes through our DNA.  As we open unconditionally through the heart, we allow ourselves to receive these activations of Divine Love, and our bodies become lightning rods and receivers, gateways of embodied unification of heaven and earth.  There is so much Love, everywhere….and the power to manifest from that frequency of Love is off the charts!


The week begins on Monday 8/3 with a Mercury Chariklo bridge, Pallas Juno stepping stone, Mercury Vesta new cycle, Uranus Ceres resource, Venus Chariklo great eliminator, Mercury Galactic Center great eliminator, the Full Moon at 12 Aquarius at 11:58am ET, Mercury Saturn bridge, and the Black Moon turns retrograde at 29 Aries.  We’re still very much in the active Grand Power Cross from last week, which amplifies the Aquarian Full Moon, and the grounded still point of Uranus as the intersecting midpoint.  This energy is off the charts!  Thankfully, Chariklo offers some stabilizing traction to help ground, as even our roots are channeling electricity of awakened Love.  We truly are elevating to higher ground through the frequency of higher Love.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is the sign of Divine Love, the frequency that alters the atmosphere and precipitates lightning, awakening new consciousness, visionary insights, and innovative ideas.  The spark of imagination that delivers cutting edge solutions before we’ve ever experienced anything like it before.  All things new, future oriented, and forward thinking come from this aspect of our consciousness.   Breakthroughs in science, inventions that alter our planet, and movements of social change that deliver unification, equality, and oneness.  When it’s time to wake up, when there doesn’t appear to be anything new or viable in our current list of available options, we look upward to the sky for inspiration.  Aquarian consciousness evokes intimacy, which requires us to be unconditionally open, available, and receptive.  When we’re open to divine inspiration, it appears.   When we’re open to Love, it appears.  The universe already contains everything, in infinite possibility.  As we open ourselves and awaken to Divine Love, we awaken the oneness of the universe within ourselves, and recognize the intimate connection of all things.  Love is the frequency that manifests…just as Love is the frequency that answers prayers.  Love is the currency and the language of the universe.  When we speak the cosmic language, and ask All of ourselves, on behalf of All, we unlock the mystery of Love.


On Tuesday 8/4, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Ixion, followed by Mercury South Node (karmic) great eliminator, Mercury Sedna resource, Venus Galactic Center bridge, Mars Jupiter stepping stone, Venus Saturn great eliminator, Vesta Galactic Center great eliminator, and Mercury enters Leo.  Mercury is the Messenger, and similar to the Awakener, is unattached and neutral.  When the messenger delivers the message, it’s not personal.  The mechanism of deliverance awakens higher consciousness.  The events that cause us to wake up aren’t personal, they’re necessary facilitators in the deliverance of higher consciousness.  As we allow the Messenger to eliminate any karmic distractions and uncover our higher blueprint, we calibrate to the highest records of truth, uncovering the highest version of our cosmic story.  As we receive that update, we’re free to align with and manifest from that version of our inner operating system.   As Mercury enters Leo, our inner operating system and communications calibrates gratitude, Love, and infinite Light.   We become the messenger of Light, allowing light codes to communicate through our system.  As we upgrade to the language of Light, we synch all of our systems with the frequency of Love, which expands our capacity to communicate through our cellular body.


Wednesday 8/5 sparks a Venus North Node (Soul Star) new cycle, in a bridge with Ixion, followed by a Saturn Vesta bridge, Black Moon Venus resource, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, and Black Moon South Node (Earth Star Chakra) manifestation, and Black Moon North Node (Soul Star Chakra) resource.  The Black Moon is busy unveiling our higher blueprint, unearthing our karmic patterns, and showing the way to our dharmic evolution.  Each time we revisit these activations, we peel another layer back and start to see a little more clearly what’s always been right in front of us, and within us.  The heart holds the truth, and the heart holds the roadmap.  As we bring our undivided attention into the heart space, we uncover the divine record keeper and the portal to universal Truth.


On Thursday 8/6, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Vesta, Sun manifests with the Great Attractor, then the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Saturn, followed by a Mercury Quaoar great eliminator, Sun Pallas great eliminator, and Mercury Varuna new cycle.  When the Leo Sun manifests with the Great Attractor, we access unlimited power to create.  With Mercury and Varuna calibrating a new cycle, we activate the cosmic lens of universal vision, the eye of God.  When we can see wholeness through that lens of divine Love, we manifest abundant Light everywhere.  The more we see, the more amplified our response of Love is, manifesting as Light.  Our contribution is the Love we bring to the lens we’re looking through, and the Light that generates unconditionally as a result.


Friday 8/7 is a Vesta Ixion great eliminator, Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge, then Venus enters Cancer, and Mercury forms a resource with MakeMake.   As Venus enters Cancer, our hearts come home to our core foundation, our root system of what matters most.  Venus in Cancer brings nourishment, compassion, grace, and acceptance to ourselves and others, as we take good care of our home.  Our hearts are our home, our bodies are our home, our planet is our home.  When All are welcome, we are home.  And when Love is present, All are nurtured, fed, and cared for.


Saturday 8/8 is the full activation of the Lion’s Gate, with a Mercury Salacia manifestation and Vesta Sedna resource.  The potential for sustainable energy through awakened Love is truly amazing today.  The number “8” so beautifully illustrates the potential for sustainability when we allow 2 forces of energy, yin and yang, to unify as 1 through the mirror, experiencing balance and equality, through the active still point of an open heart.  Two circles that flow into each other through the opening at the center, the heart.  As above, so below…..as within, so without.  When there is unconditional openness, the sustainable current of Love can move freely, uninhibited, universally animating and communicating the infinite potential of the universe.  When we embody the figure 8 pattern, we embody our cosmic self,  our universal oneness, and the continuous ebb and flow of dynamic exchange by equally giving and receiving.  In this embodied practice, especially in the Lion’s Gate portal, we access and awaken our highest records, spiritual DNA, and the sustainable frequency of Love.  In a world that’s based on flux and uncertainty, continuous change and reinvention, the constant is always Love.  The way to keep Love sustainable is to allow it to move, to flow freely through the yin/yang pattern of wholeness, where it always returns.  We are the embodiment of universal Love, returning again, fully awakened.


And Sunday 8/9 is a Black Moon Eris communion, followed by Sun Juno resource, Mercury Chiron manifestation, and Mercury Ceres great eliminator.   Sparks fly as we awaken from within, remembering our shared oneness and connection through Love.  The Messenger supports the deliverance of Self Awakening, as we clear the layers of distraction, confusion, and denial…finding the wholeness within ourselves, revealing our Truth.   When we’ve seen ourselves, inside and out, we can respond to the highest callings of the heart.


The practice this week is to celebrate the newness of every breath.  Every inhale is brand new, innovative, cutting edge, holding unseen potential and infinite possibilities.   Anything can happen in the blink of an eye, moment to moment.  When we celebrate the uncertainty and spontaneity of each moment, we bring ourselves fully open, awake, and available to the magic of Love.


“The heart is a thousand stringed instrument that can only be tuned by Love.”  ~ Hafiz 


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