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For the week of July 27 – August 2, 2020

Get ready for an active week filled with revelations, insights, and radical awakenings that shift the game forever.  The best place to be is within the unified mind/heart, activating the higher lens of universal vision, seeing with new eyes what’s been there all along.  Like peeling the layers of an onion, our lens of truth is getting clearer, and we can see beyond the original blind spots.  What matters most is remaining open, unconditionally, with a heart of gratitude.


When we remain unconditionally open to all that is occurring, our higher lens of vision remains activated and expansive.  When we contract, react, or judge anything that is occurring, we collapse our lens of vision, creating distortions and limitations.  The way to take care of our new x-ray vision is to practice being the unconditional response of Love, embracing all that we see as Love.


More and more is revealed when we remain open to seeing it all.  The frequency of Love and the attitude of gratitude opens the space, inviting more truth to be seen and expressed.  When the opening is present, information presents itself.  When the opening is calibrated to equanimity, that opening is an invitation for clearing, awakening, and transformation.


This week, the Black Moon travels from 0 Aries to 29 Aries, covering a lot of ground as the Great Unveiler communes with almost every archetype this week.  None of these are new activations, but the fact that they’ve been repeated and revisited, over and over again, sparks some dynamic realizations that have been in the making for quite some time.  Oftentimes, we know things before it’s time, or before we realize we know something.  And once it’s validated or confirmed, we’re not surprised at all.  That moment of realization is powerful.  Any moment of self realization is powerful, as more and more is revealed within about ourselves, our purpose, and our spiritual blueprint.  Once we see clearly, we never forget.  And once we awaken, we don’t fall back asleep.  We can’t pretend we don’t know.

Beyond all of the global upheaval and uncertainty, the primary theme of the times right now is Self Awakening.  When we undergo the process of awakening within ourselves, similar to an initiation or a rite of passage, we step into our most powerful version of potential, and manifest from that seat of consciousness.  The world needs awakened leaders, awakened healers, awakened visionaries, now more than ever.  This period of massive revelations, shake ups, and uncertainty is the catalyst that produces the next wave of leaders.


Essentially, we’re all leaders, anytime we live according to our spiritual blueprint, as the embodiment of our heart, in alignment with our higher truth.    We are powerful beyond measure when we activate the lens of Universal Love, witnessing the events within us and around us through a higher scope of vision.  How we choose to see the world matters.  The interpretations and thoughts we make up about the world and ourselves, matters.  The time we invest in contemplating our own inner conversations, attitudes, and beliefs, matters.  If we invest in lower vibrational thoughts, judgments, or criticisms about ourselves or the world around us, we drain our energy and create an environment of scarcity, fear, and doubt.  When we invest in communications that arise from the awakened lens of universal Love, we elevate the conversation, which facilitates transparency, healing, and transformation.


Last week, Mercury recovered his retrograde shadow, and this week, Venus recovers her retrograde shadow.   Mind and heart will both be in uncharted territory, new ground.  The new orientation of this mind/heart activation is available to all of us.  We’re seeing with new eyes, allowing new perspectives to be revealed that have been there all the time, right in front of us.  This integration requires courage and an open mind – open heart.


If we insist we know everything, we’ll miss the revelations available right in front of us.  When we soften our minds, and open with equanimity, we can witness everything in high definition, awakening through the unfolding of each experience.  It takes courage to soften and open to the possibility of newness…it can feel vulnerable, and it activates sensitivity.  And that’s exactly what’s required right now.  Multidimensional extra sensory reception.  Listening beyond the normal frequencies and channels, opening through our blind spots.


This week is extremely active, and it’s important to distill the static interference and distractions while listening from the quiet stillness of the heart.  If we get caught up in the busy stimulation around us – even though it might feel good to be busy, as an activation of energy – we may find ourselves living inside of a well constructed pin ball machine instead of witnessing the wholeness of the moment from an awakened lens.   Moment to moment there are transmissions of clarity being revealed, and this week holds the potential for massive life altering awakening.


The week begins on Monday 7/27 with a Black Moon Varuna manifestation, Pluto Vesta bridge, Jupiter Neptune resource, Juno Great Attractor resource, Sun MakeMake resource, Venus Jupiter great eliminator, Venus Neptune stepping stone, Mercury Mars stepping stone, and Black Moon MakeMake Light Bridge.  Right off the bat, the blind spots are being unveiled and removed from our scope of vision, prepping us for the week ahead.  With freshly awakened eyes to see, we’re ready to see into the heart of the matter and expand through enlightened vision.  Enlightenment simply means seeing the truth, and living from that lens every day, even when it’s not comfortable or convenient.  That lens of truth aligns us with divine law and order, and we begin to see the higher laws of nature activated within all things.


Tuesday 7/28 is a Black Moon Sun manifestation, Black Moon Salacia communion,  Mercury Pallas bridge, Sun Salacia manifestation, and Mars Pallas stepping stone.  The Leo Sun is amplified even more than usual.  The Light we generate from our open heart becomes a powerful spotlight that illuminates and uncovers all that we need to see around us.  Sometimes the fear is that an open heart is vulnerable, naïve, or gullible…however, the opposite is true.  The power of an open heart is the activation of a spotlight of Truth that shines through all things and reveals with clarity.  It’s our courageous confidence that makes it so powerful.  As we shine the light all around us, wisdom is revealed and we gain insights needed for right action.


On Wednesday 7/29, Venus leaves her retrograde shadow, the Black Moon communes with Chiron, followed by a Black Moon Orcus great eliminator and a Vesta Eris stepping stone.   We’re on the path of personal awakening, self realization, and the mastery that comes when we know ourselves inside and out.  The heart holds the truth, and all we have to do is consciously live from that space.  When we do, we unify with our timeless, infinite qualities of consciousness, the fully awakened heart.


Thursday 7/30 is a Black Moon Juno bridge, Mercury Jupiter bridge, Mercury Neptune manifestation, Black Moon Pallas stepping stone, Black Moon Mars communion, and Venus Pluto great eliminator.  Remember, a bridge is the unification of 2 polar opposite points.  We can either get caught up in the experience of polarization, or we can focus on the elevated universal thread that unites and connects everything.   When we look for unity, we’ll find it.  When we look for contrast, we’ll find it.  Wherever the mind goes, there’s infinite potential to expand.  The context matters, the intention and the lens that we’re looking through matters.  When our lens is calibrated to Universal Love, we can see the diversity and the union in all things, and we can see the elevated wholeness of everything.  When we’re looking for opposition, looking for an argument or a debate, we will find it…anywhere we look.  When our lens is calibrated to doubt, fear, or worry, we will see that everywhere we look, no matter how hard we try to see something different.  Our lens of consciousness determines the experiences we have, which motivates our actions (or non actions), and our interpretations of each moment.


On Friday 7/31, the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Jupiter, followed by a Sun Chiron manifestation, and Black Moon Mercury stepping stone.  Today is a powerful initiation of self realization through generous service.  When we allow our brightest light to shine – not by trying or forcing, but by allowing and expanding – we can see the power of our individual presence.  We came here to shine, to contribute the light that is inherent within us.  When we experience that occurrence, we awaken to the purpose of our being here.  We can see the difference we make, and the potential to elevate our contribution.


Saturday 8/1 is the first day of August, an “8” vibration month of sustainable power and energy, ushering a Black Moon Pluto stepping stone, Mercury Pluto bridge, Venus Eris resource, Black Moon Eris communion, Black Moon Venus resource, Black Moon Vesta stepping stone, Black Moon Haumea Light Bridge, Vesta Haumea stepping stone, Black Moon Chariklo stepping stone, and Mercury Eris stepping stone.  The aspects today are incredibly active and potent.  In terms of sustainable energy, anytime something is revealed that was previously hidden or suppressed, there is an active release of energy.   As much revelation that’s occurring right now, there’s a lot of free energy potential available holistically.  When we elevate to the lens of wholeness, we can see where the energy is shifting, and how to stabilize that energy for sustainability and power.  Energy in motion nourishes our circulatory system, active energy can be harnessed and used, on behalf of All.


And Sunday 8/2 activates a Sun Uranus stepping stone, followed by a Black Moon Saturn stepping stone, Sun Ceres great eliminator, Black Moon Ixion manifestation, Mercury Haumea stepping stone, Venus Haumea manifestation, Black Moon Earth Star Chakra manifestation, Black Moon Soul Star Chakra resource, and Vesta Chariklo Light Bridge.  Another very active day, setting the foundation for tomorrow’s Aquarian Full Moon.  Expect the unexpected, and continue to elevate with an open heart of gratitude.  As the atmosphere gets super charged with electricity, allow those light particles to awaken clarity and purpose within your cells.  It’s important to find mechanisms for grounding all of that abundant energy.  The more light we channel, the greater the need to ground and discharge any excess, maintaining that infinity loop exchange of energy above and below.


The practice this week is find the still point of equanimity within the open heart.  No matter what is occurring, find equality and stillness within each breath.  Practice inhaling for 4 counts, holding the still point of fullness for 4 counts, exhaling for 4 counts, and holding the still point of emptiness for 4 counts.  Allow yourself to calibrate to wholeness, being fully present to each phase of the breath.  With each phase of the breath, connect with gratitude.  Grateful for the expansion of receiving, grateful for the experience of fullness, grateful for the release and contribution of energy, and grateful for the emptiness and nothingness.  All 4 phases of breath are necessary, valuable, and required for optimum abundance and sustainable energy.  Gratitude is the fuel that keeps the wheel moving and the heart open.


“The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh    


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