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For the week of July 20 – 26, 2020

Get ready for an incredible week of wake up calls, gear shifts, and the integration of higher wisdom through an awakened lens of gratitude.  The key to navigating this week is to surrender and take good care of Self with every step, breath, and heartbeat.  The epic wormhole passage has deactivated, and we’re delivered to a brand new beginning, an important launching point that has the power to alter everything.


Everything has changed, even though we might witness particular scenarios that appear like nothing has.  Although we aren’t fully aware yet of what has been recalibrated and reconfigured within our collective consciousness, we can be sure that there is dynamic change occuring….from the inside out, through the roots, from the ground up.  Nobody lives through the kind of global and local events that have recently taken place on our planet, without being deeply affected at the core, even if only though the collective nervous system.  Remember, experiential situations initiate a response, and our hindsight lens of cause and effect gives us access to higher realms of universal wisdom.  When the unveiled higher wisdom is digested, absorbed, and integrated, we rise up from past patterns of blindspots and elevate to higher ground.  Without awakened wisdom, we remain in the loop of repetitive cycles of the never-ending story of 3D survival.  Wisdom is the key to change.


Wisdom initiates action.  When we integrate the wisdom from our karmic lessons, we engage in new actions that generate new results.  As we improve our metaphorical digestive tract through our own experiential learning, we gain the power to transform our reality with new awareness.  All of our experiences contain the potential for awakening.   Experiences that are painful contain just as much potential as experiences of pleasure and joy.  If we tune out and distract ourselves when things get uncomfortable, we miss the ripe opportunity for awakening, wisdom, and new growth.


Practicing gratitude for each breath – whether our circumstances are easy or hard, pretty or messy, comfortable or challenging – allows us to be unconditionally open with ourselves in each and every moment.   Practicing gratitude for the wholeness of our experience – not just the pieces and parts that we agree with, like, or support – creates an atmosphere of humble surrender that softens the ego and allows our hearts to be full.  As we collectively soften humanity’s ego, we shed any entitled attachments to comfort and perfection….in order to open to what’s available, right here, now.  What’s available is divine awakening.  Remembering what matters most, why we’re here, and the uniqueness of our divine god spark of Light that we came to manifest as.

Unearthing the gravity from the ego’s core attachments to being right, being comfortable, and seeking perfection can literally shatter and dissolve the barriers, hiding spots, and blind spots that keep us from our true selves.  We didn’t come here to wear the pretty costume of the ego’s design, we came here to shed the old karmic skin and realize our truth, once and for all.  We came to wake up, to remember what matters most.  We came here in this moment, in this lifetime, to take good care of our home, our planet, and the beautiful abundance that is so precious and breathtaking.  Nature is in jeopardy…not just our environment and the quality of sustainable life, but our inner nature, our ability to connect with ourselves as a part of nature.  The uncensored, unedited and uninhibited aspect of our heart that longs to live, be, and express freely.


When human ego and agenda overrides nature, there are karmic pricetags.  Eventually, the laws of nature override the ego of mankind, restoring harmony and alignment, whatever the cost.  Nature will always correct the imbalance.  Not out of anger, retaliation, or keeping score.   Nature resolves conflict by shifting the story, through the elements.  The lens of nature is the lens of 5D wholeness, the lens of unity that sees every piece, particle, vibration, and empty space as a reflection of the whole.   Nothing is separate, so when something is out of balance, the whole shifts in harmony to take care, as an act of Love…similar to our own immune system.


Our ego pretends that when something is out of balance, we can just remove it and toss it away.   We cut out or ignore what we don’t like, don’t agree with, or don’t respect.  We throw away what’s no longer necessary, without giving thought to where it goes, what happens next, or the long term price tag.  We relate as things, as if any ‘thing’ can just be removed or replaced.  But the patterns that we ignore continue to play out, resurfacing, reemerging again and again until we resolve the pattern and shift the expression of energy.  We must be responsible for what we create, what we set into motion, and especially for our mechanism of completion, which is always a new beginning.


The week begins with the Cancer New Moon, at the master degree – the 2nd Cancer New Moon that gives us a second look to go deep within ourselves and try again until we reach mastery.  Cancer is the sign of the Mother, and through compassion, grace, patience, and Love she empowers personal growth, responsibility, and accountability.   Love is resilient, multidimensional and multifaceted.   When patience is taken for granted, when compassion is disrespected or stepped on, there can be an emergence of tough Love that feels uncomfortable, that calls forth maturity to navigate tough lessons.   The mastery of Cancer will not enable anyone or carry anyone across the line.  We are in a moment of awakening, a rite of passage that each must walk alone, although fully supported and championed along the way.


Our capacity to appreciate, to find reverence, and to honor sacred ground is important, in whatever ways we individually practice that.  When we don’t cherish the sacredness of life, we end up living in a world of entitled arrogance that leads to irresponsible behavior that deteriorates the core values of nature.  It’s time to wake up, and take care of ourselves, each other, and the planet as sacred space, cherished land with irreplaceable value.  Collectively, we’ve forgotten how to take good care of ourselves, and our home.  We’ve forgotten why it matters to do so, and the pricetags when we don’t.  It’s time to shift…into appreciation, gratitude, and receptivity to nature, to spirit, and to Love.


The week begins on Monday 7/20 with an Ixion Sedna great eliminator, followed by the New Moon at 29 Cancer at 1:33pm ET.  The Sun forms a great eliminator with Ixion,  followed by a Sun Sedna resource, then Eris stations retrograde, and the Sun forms an exact bridge with Saturn.   Today’s aspects alone herald the beginning of a whole new world, or at least the opportunity to fully step in.  The wormhole eclipse passage that began on May 22nd is officially closed, and our landing point is also the launch point of a once in a lifetime transition.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Cancer is a water sign that represents emotional power, the power of the Mother, and the root system of the heart.  When we consider the qualities of consciousness of Mother Earth, the resilience, abundance, sustainable force of nature, through the opening of the heart.  Mother Earth doesn’t operate on spreadsheets and agendas, she runs on her own timeline and divine flow.  When we retreat in nature, we realign with ourselves, we find our truth, and recalibrate our system.  Similarly, this New Moon at the master degree of Cancer has the power to realign us, at the core, and at the heart.  When we come home to our true nature, when we come home to our heart, there is resilient power, without pushing.  When we unify our mind and heart as one, we activate the ascension point that gives us access to a higher lens of vision, and a higher lens of wisdom.


This New Moon in Cancer is in an exact bridge with Saturn, aligning us from crown to root with our inner mechanism of power and authority, and our willingness to learn our lessons and elevate to higher ground.  We must be good students and good stewards with all of our experiences, including the people, places, and things involved in our lessons.  Saturn is manifesting with Sedna, which gives us an unprecedented opportunity to recalibrate in accordance to our cosmic remembrance of truth, reinventing ourselves from the karmic version of the story that we’ve been playing out for so long.  When we shift the story within ourselves, simply by choosing to take good care of our bodies, our planet, and each other, unconditionally, the karmic roots start to unravel and the divine remembrance initiates.  We are not bound to the stories that we’ve been born into on this planet…however, it is our responsibility to resolve those patterns, within ourselves, as we remember who we are and manifest consciously from our awakened spiritual identity.  We have the power to rewrite the story here, but that power requires great responsibility, integrity, and conscious leadership…as well as gentleness, patience, compassion, and grace.  We must embody the healthy masculine and feminine aspects of power in order to facilitate sustainable change and new growth.


Tuesday 7/21 is a Sun South Node (Earth Star Chakra) great eliminator, Neptune Vesta manifestation, and Mercury Chiron stepping stone.  The Sun Earth Star Chakra great eliminator is a powerful opportunity to release any karmic roots of separation that we’ve historically tried to disconnect from instead of resolve.   In order to end the game of suffering, we must have the patience to stand in the center of the fire and not flinch.  If we detach, disconnect, or ignore, we can’t access the higher wisdom.   Every ending contains a portal to a new beginning, and that portal requires us to be awake for the integration of wisdom.  Remember, wisdom is key to sustainable change.  If we miss the wisdom, we repeat the cycle, blind to what we’re unwilling to see.


On Wednesday 7/22, the Black Moon stations direct at 0 Aries, the Sun enters Leo, Jupiter forms a bridge with Vesta, followed by a Mercury Uranus resource, Saturn Sedna manifestation, and Mercury Orcus resource.  As the Sun enters Leo, our consciousness shifts to gratitude, humility, service, and the abundance that comes from an open heart.  When we close off from our experiences, we limit the flow of energy available to us and to All.  We are all divine instruments, and when we remain open, unconditionally, with a heart of gratitude, we expand our capacity to receive which also expands our capacity to generate, radiate, and contribute.  It’s important to remember, the more abundant the flow of incoming energy, the greater the expansion required to express and release that volume of Light.  If we shut down, hide, or resist any experience, we’re denying the divine flow of universal Love that is present in every breath.  It takes courage to remain unconditionally open, and the Sun in Leo reminds us to be courageous with our hearts, and lead with Love.  When we do, we’re humbled by the blessings, miracles, and magic that manifest out of thin air, through our wide open courageous hearts.  When we keep our hearts locked up and private, nobody wins, and we actually limit the flow of Love from our collective circulatory system.  Walking the world with an open heart is the greatest gift we can offer humanity.


Thursday 7/23 is a Uranus Orcus manifestation, Sun Black Moon manifestation, and Mars Great Attractor manifestation.  There’s a lot of harmonious and creative manifestation energy on tap, awakened from our infinite timeless consciousness and unveiled from the Black Moon.  When we feel like we’ve run out of vital life force energy, all we have to do is remember our connection to infinite Source energy, and remember the nature of manifestation and recycling.   As we let go of blockages, stagnancies, and limitations, we recycle that energy and harness the power of new creation.


Friday 7/24 is a Mercury Ceres manifestation, followed by a Venus Pallas great eliminator.   Deliverance of communication, from the heart.  The heart speaks clearly, and messages of the heart carry universal wisdom that lead to higher ground.  The heart is a powerful navigator, and if we engage in lower vibrational conversations that feed our old historic limiting thoughts or beliefs, we might miss the available wisdom being delivered.  When we nourish ourselves with high vibrational dialogues, we’re supported in conversations of the heart.


Saturday 7/25, Mars enters his shadow phase at 15 Aries, followed by a Sun Quaoar great eliminator Mercury Juno stepping stone, and a Sun Varuna new cycle.  Mars will soon begin his retrograde journey on September 9th through November 12th, in his home sign of Aries.  Anything that occurs within this shadow phase will be revisited during the retrograde season.  The Sun Varuna new cycle activates a higher lens of cosmic vision through the attitude of gratitude.  When we open unconditionally to all that is occurring, we can see so much more than if we resist or push back.  When we open with gratitude, we calibrate Love through that lens, shining light on all that we see.  This certainly is a powerful lens to support in navigating the upcoming Mars retrograde cycle.


On Sunday 7/26, Mercury forms a great eliminator with the Great Attractor before exiting his retrograde shadow at 14 Cancer, followed by a Black Moon Quaoar stepping stone.  Just as Mars entered his retrograde shadow yesterday, Mercury is now recovering his shadow today, conjunct the fixed star Sirius.  Our mental body operating system and inner messenger traveled this entire retrograde journey infused with the consciousness of the Awakened Masters and the God Star.  Now that we’re emerging from the shadow, we can start to see and appreciate what’s available from within our own system.  Downloads of the highest divine order have been received, and now we get to experience what it all means.  With Mercury still in Cancer, it’s best to go with the flow and surrender to the heart for optimum messaging.  The need to know it all now will only slow us down.


The practice this week is gratitude.   It’s easy to practice gratitude for the obvious things we’re happy about, the events that deliver exactly what we wanted in a way that feels good.  This week, practice gratitude for the unpleasant, unexpected, and even challenging moments.  Stretch your heart out to appreciate the grace that can’t be seen, but can be felt.  When we strengthen our capacity to open unconditionally, with a grateful heart for whatever arises, we free ourselves up to fully live in the current moment without attachment or circumstance.  We shed any patterns of entitlement as we soften through compassion and humility, which activates true gratitude, from the heart.  It takes courage to walk the world with an open heart, especially in times that are so uncertain, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable.   Be gentle, find grace, and be Love.


“If the only prayer you said was ‘Thank You’, that would be enough.”  ~ Meister Eckhart 



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  1. Christine wow again amazing clarity. Allowing me to expand and broaden my wholeness with this unprecedented moment of unfoldment. Your words weaving and dancing thru my foundational shift expanding and integrating conscious creation perceptions. Opening horizons you do.
    Always to grateful for you and your gifts. With love. Lisa

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