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For the week of 10/29 – 11/4

The week ahead is pivotal as our awakening heart becomes the rudder that shifts the current of the water, generating movement from a common vision of Unity.  Any experience of extreme polarity is an opportunity to elevate, choosing to calibrate our lens with Love,  owning our power to be the catalyst for conscious evolution.

It’s time to restore sacred space for All, and awaken the highest vision for our planet.  Never before has it been more important to be fully conscious, present, and intentional with our thoughts, words, and actions as we witness the unfolding of current events.  As light workers and visionary leaders, we’re holding the template for what’s possible, believing in the unseen intangible potential before we can see any evidence that it’s taking root.  Faith, resilience, and consistency are needed, now more than ever.  And our commitment to the emergence of truth and transparency from a space of deep compassion comes alive by our willingness to be fully seen, participating as pillars of light grounded into the Earth.


Last week literally felt like a deep tissue massage through the mental body landscape, stretching into a new way of thinking, from the heart…restoring fresh circulation of awakened consciousness through the roots of our own mental body operating system into our newly expanded and upgraded belief system.  As with any deep tissue massage, there can be temporary aftermath of discomfort, headaches, dehydration, and fatigue as the old toxins flush out.  Those toxins come from the old status quo holding patterns of our collective paradigm.


This has to be a conscious release, so we can witness where we’ve been, and be in relationship with the wholeness of our evolutionary journey and why it matters that we continue to move forward with commitment.  If we’re unwilling to look at where we are and where we’ve been, and the foundations we’ve been accustomed to operating from as our default mechanism, we can’t possibly elevate to a higher perspective and create new sustainable structures that support our evolutionary expansion.  Equanimity is required, and an awakened heart is the catalyst for sustainable radical change.


Imagine the rudder of a boat in deep water.  A rudder that only penetrates through the shallow surface of water might be able to manifest quick changes at high speeds, yet is affected by every slight shift and uncertainty, and doesn’t gain much traction….however, the boat with a deep, wide rudder creates dynamic velocity and movement that actually shifts the deeper current of the water as well as the direction of the boat.   The potential is to alter the collective current through our willingness to make contact deep below the surface.  We may not always see the obvious impact of our rudder in the larger body of water, but we can trust the ripple effects are far and wide.


This week ahead is an invitation to dive deep, and expand wide through the current movements that awaken the heart.  Trust the heart to lead the way moving forward, with divine power and authority as the master healer/teacher to alter the current and manifest a new vision.


The week begins on Monday 10/29 with a Black Moon Varuna bridge, Mercury Jupiter conjunction, Pallas Sedna manifestation, Black Moon Saturn intimacy, Pallas stepping stone with the Galactic Center, Black Moon MakeMake stepping stone, and a Mercury Chiron manifestation.  What’s been historically suppressed deep below the surface is coming to the light, in plain sight.  We’re seeing things emerge that have been buried within the current foundation of our social consciousness, and the release of toxicity needs to occur so we can see what we’re dealing with, and expand our hearts for healing, wholing, forgiveness, and unity.


The current symptom isn’t the issue, it’s a reflection of suppressed energy pattens, and an invitation to heal and forgive ancient stories that haven’t been fully tended to yet in our consciousness, on a personal and global level.  Appropriateness and surface level condolences don’t actually heal the wounds of generational abuse, violation, and loss of lives or betrayal of trust.  It’s time to honor the sacredness of all beings, and the profound privilege it is to be here on the planet at this exact moment in time, in collaboration with Life.


In Unity Consciousness, there is no separation in communication.  Private thoughts are manifested just as powerfully as spoken words.  How I think about myself and others is projected onto All.  Any thread of self judgment, self loathing, self hate, or self resignation can be just as destructive as violence, racism, and hate crimes.  The vibration of universal language doesn’t differentiate between I, we, them, or All.  Vibration of thought is universal and felt by all through the unified field.  By consciously infusing Love through our thoughts, we have the power to elevate the quality of sacredness circulating in our common root system and environmental atmosphere.  Climate change actually begins within our own thoughts.


On Tuesday 10/30, a Mercury Juno bridge, Venus intersects the Moon’s Nodes (Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras), Black Moon Sun stepping stone, and Venus Quaoar resource.   This is the bridge of communication through Unity Consciousness.  I am you, you are me, we are All…and All is Divine Love.  The consciousness of the awakened heart holds the merging point of our karmic story and our dharmic evolution.  Through equanimity, we can rewrite the story by expanding our own belief system.  We are all divine creators by the free will to chose an original thought, with Love.


Wednesday 10/31, Mercury enters Sagittarius, Venus forms an exact bridge with Uranus, Mercury and Uranus are in a great eliminator, then Venus retrogrades into Libra, Mercury manifests with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra), and the Black Moon is in a great eliminator with Orcus.  Today calibrates the full blown awakened heart calibration from last Wednesday’s Full Moon in Taurus, as our hearts move into the consciousness of the mirrored self through relationship.  By being the unconditional response of Love, we’re reflecting massive volumes of Light to each other and circulating that frequency through the consciousness of humanity.  The frequency of Love is our communication, the universal language that reveals truth.  The higher the frequency, the less density there is to hide or suppress.  Our work is shifting, instead of focusing on clearing the density, it’s time to focus on amplifying and nourishing the volume of Light on this planet.  By nature, any density is revealed, transmuted, and liberated in the presence of Light.  The truth always sets us free, and the truth is transparent and crystal clear.


On Thursday 11/1, Mercury manifests with Salacia, Jupiter manifests with Chiron, Chiron and Pallas are in a bridge, Jupiter and Pallas are in a resource, Ceres is conjunct Haumea in the Light Bridge, and the Black Moon is in an intimacy with Neptune.  Today brings us into the “11” vibration of mastery through alignment with the mirror of oneness, and our experiences have the capacity to deliver us to a quantum leap in consciousness, if we’re ready.  We each have the power to heal, whole, and transcend our core wounds, if we can learn to digest the wholeness of our experiences.  We can metabolize any pain or discomfort and extract the wisdom of the experience, breaking down the heavy particles that have been hard to process, converting that energy into pure awakened Light, the vital nourishment that restores power instantly, and refines personal mastery.  As we convert the density of our collective pain and trauma into sustainable fuel, we embody the consciousness from the infinite realm of Unconditional Love.  Our evolution depends upon our upgraded metabolic function, which allows us to fully digest our current reality, transmuting the density by remembering that there is nothing to fear, there is only Love.


Friday 11/2 is a Pallas Juno manifestation, Ceres Ixion resource, Mercury Varuna manifestation, Jupiter Juno bridge, and Varuna stations retrograde.  Our wisdom manifests through Unity as shared resources for All.  As one person awakens, All awaken.  As one sees through the universal lens with Love, that scope of vision expands through our social consciousness.  Unity is the lens, the bridge, the vision, and the universal truth that sets us free.  As Varuna stations retrograde, we calibrate that lens of cosmic vision and begin a journey of deep reflection and review, where nothing is hidden or held back, everything is in plain sight for all to see.  Now more than ever, it’s important to be the embodiment of Unconditional Love as we witness and hold sacred space with equanimity, compassion, and reverence for all that we witness.


On Saturday 11/3, a Black Moon Vesta intimacy aspect, Sun Orcus resource, Venus Juno great eliminator, Venus Chiron great eliminator, Black Moon Pluto intimacy, and Chiron Juno resource.   There’s a deepening of devotion to reveal the truth, to get to the heart of the matter, and to shine light on what does matter, once and for all.  More and more, we’re surrendering old patterns of fear in order to call forth truth, and our willingness to dive deep cultivates rich strength of integrity, excellence, and mastery.  It takes courage to say yes to the path of mastery, and it’s time.


And on Sunday 11/4, Saturn and MakeMake form a stepping stone, Mercury is in a resource with MakeMake, Pallas enters Libra, and Ceres is in a great eliminator with Sedna.   Our relationship with power and authority is being upgraded to Divine Power and the higher universal laws of nature, the law of One Love.  Our universal language is Love, and resonates crystal clear beyond boundaries or borders.  We’re being delivered to the truth of universal Oneness.  On behalf of humanity and all that is sacred on this planet and in this universe, it’s time to awaken and remember the power and wisdom we came to embody as Love.


The practice this week is to kneel and kiss the Earth with equanimity.  Dedicate some time each morning, and before starting your busy day, bring your full awareness and your heart to the Earth, and on your knees, kiss the Earth.  With reverence, respect, and compassion for all of life on this planet – those currently living, our ancestors, and our future generations – find the common thread that connects us all in physical form, the root system of the tree of life.  Honor our shared root system of Unity as sacred.  Honor your roots, your karmic story, the pain as much as the bliss, the light as much as the dark, and infuse Love through it All.  May our shared practice restore sacred space on our planet from this day moving forward, with Divine Awakened Love.


“If I want to live my ability to be fully present and compassionate, my ability to be with it all—the joy and the sorrow—I must find the ways, the people, the places, the practices that support me in being all I truly am. I must cultivate ways of being that let me feel the warmth of encouragement against my heart when it is weary.” 
― Oriah Mountain Dreamer         

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