Virgo Wormhole Event, 5 part Lunar Calibration Series: Session 2 Aries Full Moon

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This is session 2 of a 5 part Lunar Calibration Series, Virgo Wormhole Event.

While Virgo always invites holistic integration and purification, this particular invitation is for a higher octave of Soul Integration – Soul to Cell fine tuning. Awakening Self as a divine instrument as the vehicle for refined service, devotion, and personal mastery. When we honor the alignment of Self as Soul and as Source, we unleash our highest potential through refined expression. Any of the misqualified or misaligned expressions become filtered through our greater crystalline grid system for purification and refined mastery. The elimination process is part of the greater awakening. Accessing the courage to release and let go of anything that doesn’t align or serve the higher Self and divine expression of personal mastery. Our inner alignment with heart and soul facilitates our greatest expression of service, which honors and benefits All with extraordinary grace, efficiency, and excellence.

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