2018 Winter Solstice Calibration mp3

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Winter Solstice LIVE Calibration Event/Full Moon in Cancer

Held Saturday 12/22 from 11am-noon ET
Join Christine for a special live event, calibrating the still point of completion that is the portal to new beginnings and divine manifestation. This past season has delivered vast downloads through the mind/heart unification, and as we awaken through wholeness, we’re liberated from the matrix of illusion...elevating to a brand new dimension of possibility. This is the threshold of new creation. Conscious manifestation from an expanded multidimensional lens of Love that transcends the limitations of our historic structures, filters, and beliefs. It’s a whole new world.
Experience this Live Calibration Event and fine tune your instrument - the lower 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) with the frequency of Love.
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