Pisces Full Moon – LIVE Lunar Calibration Event

  • Pisces Full Moon Lunar Event 8.30.23
     August 30, 2023
     9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

The Pisces Full Moon on August 30th  is a very rare and special Blue Moon… and it’s the last lunar event before the upcoming Virgo New Moon initiates the fall wormhole passage on 9/14.    Experience the magic of this rare and beautiful event… journey beyond old ideas and imaginings, and find your most magnificent reflection as the Infinite Universe of unconditional Love.  It’s time to surrender and release any limiting thoughts, doubts, or insecurities about who we are and what’s possible in this world.  As we attune through the Heart, dream the highest vision, it’s time to allow that vision to fully integrate, take shape, and manifest.  Anything is possible as we swim in the infinite realm of Divine Love and Universal Oneness.

“Everything in the Universe is within You.  Ask All from Your SELF.”  ~ Rumi

Join Christine for this very special LIVE Lunar Calibration Event and experience a deep tissue massage of the mind (Mercury is currently retrograding through Virgo).  A conscious release from the lower mind allows for epic expansion of the inner belief system while evoking evolutionary imagination through the universal frequency of Unconditional Love, tapping into the creative potential of the invisible realm, beyond time and space.  Our belief system manifests as the fabric of our current reality and our current lens of vision.  When we elevate and expand our belief system through the universal realm of infinite possibilities, we expand the creative potential that flows freely within that fabric of reality.  Anything is possible.  Spontaneous healings, miraculous blessings, abundant possibilities awakened through the frequency of Divine Love.

This Pisces Full Moon conjunct Saturn activates a finger of God pointing to the Virgo Sun (healing/wholing/alignment), and activates great eliminators with Varuna/Juno in Leo, and MakeMake/Mars in Libra.  Old narratives and fixed labels are dissolving and shedding as we discover a new possibility, the highest vision.  Our divine nature is being revealed within our own cellular expression, from the invisible spaces within.  The Virgo Sun is also manifesting with Quaoar, giving us all access to the universal mind, which transcends any limitations perceived by the personal/local mind, revealing our true limitless potential through the diamond mind.  As we integrate that lens of limitlessness through our scope of vision, anything is possible.  We begin to truly live into the idea of possibility, instead of just dreaming about it and hoping for it.  The mind/body connection takes on a whole new expression…if we can imagine it, we remember that we already are that.  What we believe, we embody.  As our imagination expands, our realization of Self also expands.  Our awakened empowerment calls forth the universe within, and we begin to step fully into our Self, as an expression of Universal Love.

The Virgo Sun activates an opposing Finger of God with the Full Moon and Saturn in Pisces, Chariklo in Aquarius, and Salacia in Aries.  The attunement that restores integrity and discernment.  As we expand beyond the old default settings, transcending old barriers, stepping outside the box, it’s important to find our inner attunement of discernment and integrity, distilling our available options through the highest alignment with our authentic Self, authentic blueprint, and divine Service.   Just because we live in an abundant limitless realm, doesn’t mean every available option is in our highest alignment and compatibility.  Discernment matters, excellence matters, and fine tuned precision matters.

Click here to register for this FREE event.   The LIVE Zoom offering is Wednesday 8/30/2023 at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET.  Live participation is not required, but strongly encouraged.  Recordings will be sent within 24 hours.

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