Live Calibration Event: Honoring the Divine Wisdom of the Heart

In honor of the eclipse/wormhole passage completion, please enjoy this free event. All are welcome.
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This summer’s epic eclipse wormhole passage is winding down and coming to completion.  As with any period of massive change or transformation, it’s important to intentionally create the necessary space for integration…the practical implementation that births a new reality.

Every ending reveals a new beginning, the merging point of letting go and starting again requires pureness of heart to navigate with clarity.  Our ability to cultivate wisdom, integrate systemically, and birth the next moment from an ultra refined holistic lens is our key to navigating the terrain while unlocking infinite potential.  It’s the difference between survival and mastery.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the sign of the Pure Heart of Emotional Wisdom, the Divine Mother that births Christ Consciousness. Virgo represents wholeness, alignment, integrity, and purification…through discernment and the most refined wisdom of the heart. The heart leads, and from refined wisdom, we are born again, returning to the innocence and purity of new creation, from a blank slate, rich with vibration. Virgo holds the potential for personal mastery…when we honor the heart and follow through with consistency and integrity, all the pieces and parts are free to move, shift, adjust, and recalibrate…delivering a new expression of divinity.

In this live event, allow your holistic Self a sacred pause to reflect and unpack the entire summer passage, from June 13th to September 9th.

  • Integrate the wisdom of this significant “rite of passage” we’ve just walked through.
  • Calibrate the most refined wisdom and Love at the cellular level, supporting overall holistic alignment and integration, from the heart.
  • It’s a brand new Earth…nothing is exactly as it was before.

Newness requires innocence, a beginner’s mind, and the refined wisdom of the heart leading the way.

Live Calibration Event Saturday 9/8 at noon EST.  

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Live participation not required.

Anyone registered will receive an MP3 recording of the free event.


  • Live Calibration Event: Honoring the Divine Wisdom of the Heart
    September 8, 2018
    1:00 pm
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