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For the week of September 11 – 17, 2017:

As the wormhole is winding down and birthing us from the intense portal of eclipse calibrations, we still have 9 more days to go.  Our hearts are finalizing the transmutation phase this week, bringing us home to Love.  Whatever has occurred over these past 8 weeks, the underlying theme has been awakening Unity and Love, and calibrating our lower 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) with clarity and truth.  This is the space from which we create the new.  The sacred space of the wide open heart, merged with the crystal clear mind, becomes the new blank canvass for creation in the New Earth.

Through times of extreme polarization, crisis, turbulence and devastation, one thing becomes crystal clear – what matters most, from the heart.  When all else falls away, when there’s nothing solid to rely on or return to, where do we find vital nourishment and what do we recognize as home?  Without the attachments to physical belongings, clothes, structures, and historical operating mechanisms, how do we recognize who we are, how do we see our selves clearly, and how do we access the motivation, desire, and courage to rebuild and reinvent, without going back to exactly the way it was before, pretending that nothing has happened?


If we’ve not been connected or even aware of what matters most, beyond the physical dimension, this is the time to allow the heart to speak, loud and clear.  Oftentimes we can’t access that depth of truth when we’re comfortably living in our status quo or automatic pilot.  It takes an extreme polarity or a sudden shift of our reality to awaken the heart.  Once the heart is awake, it never forgets.


Tension and chaos are necessary to activate the movement and momentum of birth and manifestation into the physical.  Birth is not a cerebral process, and creative potential doesn’t expand inside a scattered or dulled down mind.  If we’ve been afraid to unleash or reveal our deepest truth or creative potential, that energy is being called forth and awakened now.  The Earth is requesting our full participation, our whole hearted contribution, and our undivided attention to our collective home, our planet, and our community…with Love.  We’re upgrading, redesigning, and shifting the context of how we live together on this planet, and the new design requires the activation of all of our unique blueprints and creative gifts.  We’re being asked to give generously, to love deeply, and to live freely from the authentic space within our hearts, in union with spirit.  We each contain a blueprint within that activates our unique gifts.


If we’ve ever doubted our path or questioned any aspect of our existence or expression, now is the time to let go and honor our deepest truth.  Wherever we are now, be fully present, engaged, and awake.  Whatever we naturally have to offer, whatever flows through our hearts organically, give that freely and generously.   It’s time to allow our light to shine bright and allow ourselves to be seen.  When we do, we open the valve that creates movement of energy, allowing for a greater circulation of universal Love to move though us, connecting us All.  That universal flow moves through our cells with every heart beat and breath, calibrating and awakening our soul’s higher blueprint, and literally moving us into alignment with our path.  There is a greater orchestration occurring, from within and without.  It requires surrender, letting go of what we think we know or think we want.  And it requires a fierce commitment to Love, and an unattached surrender to what anything looks like on the surface.


When we stand in Love, we trust that all is occurring to elevate the whole and support our greatest expansion.  When we stand in Love, we are moved, touched, and inspired by the divine beauty that flows through All.  When we stand in Love, we allow our light to emerge, without attachment or condition.  When we stand in Love, we are equanimous, available and open to all that is unfolding in every moment.


This week ahead is expanding our hearts’ capacity to generate the highest frequency of Universal Love, as a way of being, in contribution to All.  This is the week that transmutes our hearts by unraveling the restrictions and defense mechanisms from old wounds, clearing the confusion, and allowing the truth to shine bright from within.  Our hearts are being calibrated by Light, merging as One, and awakening to a higher manifestation that is birthing collectively.


Monday 9/11 is a quiet still point, an opportunity to reflect and open to what matters most within the heart, with gratitude, reverence, and depth.


On Tuesday 9/12, Venus and Saturn are in a manifestation at the end of the day.  The heart expresses with clarity, authenticity, and authority, in a way that creates harmonious definition, birthing a new structure regarding something that has previously been confusing, uncertain, or vague.  When the heart is clear, we use our power to manifest effortlessly, in high definition resolution and resonance.


Wednesday 9/13 is a Sun Saturn Stepping Stone.  Our awakened consciousness encourages us to intentionally step forward into a new way of being, accessing our inner power, leadership, and authority.  When we have the courage to trust ourselves and step up into action, we make a difference in the world around us.  If we’re waiting for someone else to give us permission, or lead the way, or initiate first, we dull our own light with stagnancy and hesitation.  It’s time to take a risk, trust, and leap.


Thursday 9/14 is a huge day, with Venus making 4 significant aspects to 5D planets, following Mercury’s footsteps from last week.  This is the ultimate transmutation of Light, straight to the heart.  Venus is in a resource with Haumea, then Venus manifests with Eris, then with Ixion, and finally conjuncts the North Node (Soul Star Chakra) for a new cycle.   The path of the heart begins with a calibration to wholeness, then awakens the debris that’s covered up the original blueprint, freeing up the heart to start a brand new cycle, in relationship with the Soul Star Chakra, the dharmic purpose.  This is what we’ve all been anticipating…the unveiling of the heart, the true purpose and navigation system of the heart’s template in this lifetime.  We’ve been feeling the irritation and the anticipation of a shift on the path, this is that moment of recalibration.  Our most important work to do now is to allow, listen, and honor that path as it emerges.  This is not the time to force or control by assuming we know what’s next.   We have no idea, and even if we do, we can’t move forward with any attachments or assumptions.  When our hearts are in synch with unity consciousness, we gain access to the 5D Light Bridge, the highway to our soul’s purpose.


On Friday 9/15, Chiron is in a resource with Sedna, Ceres is manifesting with Chiron, and then Venus is in a resource with Jupiter, who is at 24 Libra, conjunct Spica and Arcturus all week) activating the Light Bridge with Haumea.  Chiron is the ruler of Virgo, the master healer/teacher who evokes personal mastery from our deepest source of wounded experience.  Sedna reminds us of that mastery by synching us up with the greater cosmic records, the truth of who we are, without any shadow of a doubt.  Every wound is designed to evoke our mastery.  If we’ve not been able to see or recognize that yet, Sedna will tell us the story of our soul through the reflection of our truth.  Ceres then midwifes that story as we birth ourselves into that mastery.  Interestingly, Jupiter has been sitting at 24 Libra conjunct Spica and Arcturus all week, expanding our consciousness to the highest frequency crystalline healing, wholeness, and alignment through our newly calibrated light bodies.  Venus in a resource with Jupiter brings the awakened heart into the Light Bridge of crystalline energy, and we begin to see that true healing begins with a heart attuned to wholeness and unconditional Love.


Saturday 9/16, the Sun is in a great eliminator with Eris, in a stepping stone with Ixion, and Mercury and Mars finally conjunct to start a brand new cycle at 8 Virgo.  We are consciously stepping into the blueprint of our soul, and as we do, we receive the brand new mind/body system, upgraded and unprecedented.  Virgo gives us the capacity to integrate and holistically understand the new features and characteristics of this amazing game changer.  When the mind is operating at a crystalline frequency of unconditional Love, the physical body is truly limitless.  Anything can heal, align, balance, restore, transmute, or redesign in the presence of divinity and the consciousness of Love, which is the essence of Christ Consciousness.


And Sunday 9/17, Venus is in a great eliminator with Chiron, in a stepping stone with Sedna, and Mercury is in a new cycle with Orcus.  Our hearts have a choice between love and fear, between the old patterns and perspectives of wounded vulnerability or personal mastery, and as we step powerfully into the truth of who we are, the great messenger connects with the promise we made to be here, in this body, in this lifetime.  Our crystalline operating systems start a new cycle with that promise, and we’re ready to move foreword in a whole new world.


Never before has there been such an exciting moment to be alive, in a physical body, and in the holistic experience of life on Earth.  Everything is changing, consciousness is awakening, and miracles abound.   Get ready to be amazed, especially by the potential emerging from your own heart and soul.  We’re meeting ourselves and each other for the first time, through the authentic frequency of our Light.   Nothing is more exquisite than coming home to Love and Wholeness!!!


The practice this week is to surrender attachments to any assumptions of limitations, and allow yourself to open to the infinite realm of possibility that is un-manifested.  So often, we make assumptions, project those into reality, and convince our hearts that there’s a limitation, thereby reinforcing the wounded patterns and defenses that keep us from stepping into our personal mastery.  If we believe in a limitation, it will exist.  If we move beyond the limitation and follow our hearts, we move into uncharted territory where miracles exist.  As you surrender attachments and limitations, take a risk this week that makes your heart explode with Love.  Leap for something that matters, even if the odds are stacked against you.  Take a chance, follow your heart, and go for it, without attachments.  The process will calibrate you to the greater universal flow of Love, and something new will emerge.  At the end of the day, what matters most is a life well lived, from the heart, with no regrets.  There’s nothing to hold back, nothing to fear.  There’s only Love, and there’s only Now.


“The heart is a
Thousand-stringed instrument
That can only be tuned with
Love.”   ~Hafiz


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