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For the week of September 4 – 10, 2017:

Get ready for another massive week inside the wormhole, one that shifts our global perspective to Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness.  If ever there was a doubt that we’re all connected, breathing the same breath and feeling the same vibrational resonance of emotions and thoughts, that doubt is about to be shattered.  Not only are we All in this together, connected as One, but we’re also collectively responsible for what we’re generating with our thoughts, and how we’re reacting or responding to the events that are occurring around us.  The only way to change the game completely is to elevate to a higher octave of consciousness, and choose to operate with Love, responsibility, and leadership.



There is nothing outside of us.  As cliche as that statement might sound, it’s time to truly understand what that means, and how to be the source of a new possibility by taking ownership from within.   The only place to stand in full power and authority is within ourselves, completely present and awake.  We give our power away when we struggle for a position of strength outside of ourselves, or when we react in fear from what others are doing or not doing, saying or not saying, believing or not believing.  When we look outside of ourselves for Love, protection, power, comfort, meaning, or validation, we deny the limitlessness of our Self, which is always in Unity with All.


The biggest illusion is that there is anything at all that needs to change “out there”.  True transformation and sustainable change occurs from within, regardless of what’s happening “out there”.  In the Mind/Body connection, the physical body is a mirror, a feedback mechanism, revealing what our thoughts have been generating, and how we’ve been navigating our emotions.  Similarly, our physical reality is the mirrored feedback mechanism revealing what our collective thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors have been co-creating.  Our individual perspective and state of consciousness determines our personal experience of that reality, which is why 100 people can witness the same event and be impacted 100 different ways.


The opportunity for awakening is to realize that no individual “out there” has the power to make anything happen without our awakened consent and co-creative support.  We’ve been asleep to the infinite power we each hold in our mental body and our free will to spark a thought that ultimately manifests our reality.  The greatest wasted potential is the power we each hold within our consciousness to choose the vibration we’re contributing on the planet.


When we look at anything in our physical reality and react with judgment or harsh criticism, we are contributing to the negativity on the planet.  Whether we speak that thought or keep it to ourselves, the energetic vibration is already in motion.  When we consciously discipline our minds to think loving thoughts, to come from a place of unconditional Love, we become the generators of a huge shift in consciousness.  When we look in the mirror and judge, disown, or annihilate any part of ourselves, we’re sparking resistance, inflammation, opposition, and hate in the collective consciousness.


The way to end polarization, resistance, and hatred on the planet is to begin owning and loving all aspects of ourselves, including the shadows, unconditionally.  When we do, we infuse our physical cells with the higher consciousness of Love.  We become the walking embodiments of a higher frequency, just from that one shift in consciousness, in our relationship with our own Self.  Take that to the next level, and begin infusing your physical space at home, at work, and in your community to Unconditional Love, and without saying a word, elevate your consciousness and commit to being the spark of Love through your thoughts, and notice the shifts.


Oftentimes we look for the bigger impact we can make, a bigger role to lead, to serve, to step into the spotlight and make a huge difference.  Billions of us on the planet can elevate the collective vibration right now, in one moment, simply by choosing to elevate our consciousness to Love, and practice with ourselves, in our closest relationships, and even with our personal triggers or hot spots.  Whatever we tend to get triggered by within our own environment now becomes the active live wire to consciously elevate the vibration of energy we’re generating.  By choosing Love, we’re starting a ripple effect of transformation, effortlessly.  Every time we consciously connect with ourselves or another through Love, we’re amplifying that vibration into the collective consciousness.


When our minds are spinning in worry, fear, or doubt, expecting the worst to happen at any moment, we’re generating a vibration of fear based energy, and dumping it into the collective field.  It’s toxic, and it pollutes the environment.  As we begin to be mindful of what our thoughts are creating, we become the powerful source of conscious evolution, just by our presence.


When I fully own the powerful presence that I am, I embody the presence of Unity Consciousness.  Unity Consciousness is the Pisces essence of our energy field that is limitless, infinite, and unconditional.  Pisces is Spiritual Wisdom, the Divine Conscious Presence of Unconditional Love.  This week’s Full Moon in Pisces reminds us All to own the limitlessness of our own consciousness, and to choose our thoughts and our contributions from that space.  This is how we create Heaven on Earth, now.


The week begins on Monday 9/4 with no major aspects, although the reverberation of Mercury and Mars conjoining the day before, at the exact degree of the Solar Eclipse, is enough to settle into and integrate deeply.  This is the new Mind/Body relationship taking root in our operating system and in our cells.  It may take a while to realize the full impact and vastness, but we are definitely waking up, and there’s no going back.


On Tuesday 9/5, the Sun bridges with Neptune (the ruler of the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces), Mars enters Virgo, Mercury stations at the super charged 29 Leo of the Solar Eclipse, and Venus is in a Great Eliminator with Neptune.   All of the lower 4 body rulers are engaged and activated today, making for a holistically powerful alignment and calibration of the Pisces Full Moon event that’s already activated.  Mars in Virgo brings the physical body into the realm of emotional wisdom, and opportunities for healing and wholing become instantaneous under the Pisces Full Moon, which also holds the essence of Christ Consciousness.  With Mercury stationing at 29 Leo, we begin to see the new light that’s generated from our awakened minds, and the power to be in service through our thoughts as generators of Love.  Our hearts have a choice to make and the path becomes crystal clear when we choose from Love.


Wednesday 9/6 is the beautiful Pisces Full Moon, conjunct Neptune.  This conjunction is the new beginning of a very dignified relationship between the Moon and Neptune, the ruler of Pisces.  Neptune offers the possibility for enlightenment, if we can elevate our perspective to see beyond the veils of illusion and confusion.  The moon is a generator of light that reflects our consciousness, and this full moon (also a Harvest Moon) is an opportunity to look at ourselves in the mirror and see clearly, beyond the illusions, the truth of what we’ve been harvesting, up until now.   The moon is a mirror, a reflector of light, showing us our current state of consciousness, and what we’re sowing from that state of consciousness.  We can choose to shift, and sometimes the slightest subtle shift can change the entire experience of reality.  The Sun is in Virgo, which gives us access to precision, focus, and clarity for right alignment and adjustment.  Pisces is the limitless ocean, and we become enlightened as we realize that we are limitless, we have access to All through our infinite connection through the wisdom of our conscious spirit.  This is truly a magical event and a timely reminder that there is nothing outside of us, we are beautiful, infinite beings with access to every imaginable possibility.


On Thursday 9/7, Jupiter conjoins with Haumea, which is the first time they’ve exactly connected together.  When Jupiter went retrograde, they were within a degree, but didn’t actually conjoin.  This is THE new beginning, the start of a brand new relationship between the expansiveness of our social consciousness and our 5D wisdom of wholeness, and this relationship re-activates the Light Bridge with Eris.


Friday 9/8 has no major aspects, but again, the reverberations from the previous day are breathtaking.


Saturday 9/9 is a Jupiter Eris bridge, Venus in Great Eliminator with Pluto, the Sun manifesting with Pluto, and Mercury enters Virgo.  The Light Bridge is fully activated, allowing All of us to walk across the High Road of Unity Consciousness, no matter where we’re standing or how uncomfortable the scenario is.  Our hearts are making an empowered choice to let go of the past stories and interpretations in order to resurrect and transform, and our awakened consciousness shines brightly on the new path as it manifests below our feet.  Mercury is moving forward now, recovering his shadow, and bringing our operating systems into Virgo for alignment and integration of the entire retrograde journey, including the massive Solar Eclipse downloads.


And Sunday 9/10 has no major aspects.  Another day of integration, practice, and conscious discipline to elevate our thoughts to Love.


The practice this week is to look in the mirror each day and meditate with the consciousness of Love.  Inhale your reflection, and exhale Love.  No matter what you notice in the mirror, or what your experience awakens or reveals, breathe it all in, be in an intimate relationship with it all, and generate the response of Unconditional Love.  All that you see is lovable and divine – shadows, wrinkles, flaws and all.  In the presence of Love, anything is possible, anything can heal, transform, elevate, or whole.  Practice with yourself in the mirror each day for 10 minutes, and then practice as you walk through your day, seeing the world as your reflection, and be the response of Love to all you see.


“For the first time in my life I saw the truth as it is set into song by so many poets, proclaimed as the final wisdom by so many thinkers. The truth – that Love is the ultimate and highest goal to which man can aspire. Then I grasped the meaning of the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: The salvation of man is through love and in love.” 
― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning



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