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For the week of August 28 – September 3, 2017:

Get ready for one of the most unusual weeks we’ve had in a very long time.  We’re still in the wormhole, until September 20.   Anything goes, and nothing is as it appears right now.  We’re still integrating the effects of last week’s Full Solar Eclipse, and because Mercury is retrograde, we won’t be able to fully wrap our heads around it all just yet.  As we let go of the need to understand or the need to know, we’re preparing for a gigantic Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune next week on 9/6, a major turning point of the eclipse passage, just on the heals of Mercury’s station, which is the exact degree of the Solar Eclipse.  Through uncertainty, there is clarity, if we can be present with all that is unfolding now.


Nothing is what it seems on the surface, and yet everything contains everything, so even the shallow slippery surface contains and reveals the deepest element of truth.  The key is not being attached, triggered, or distracted by appearances.  When we’re fully awake, nothing can ever be hidden.  When we’re not fully awake, events can become distorted by our mind’s attachments to the physical dimension, and those distortions are confirmed as we react and create subsequent dramas, engaging in relationship with illusions and distractions.


When we see something we can’t fully understand or comprehend, our minds can easily separate into logic, which is a function of the lower mind, trying to define and categorize based on our own historic understandings and experiences.  Once our lower mind connects with a historical image or concept, we activate emotions related to that experience, even if it’s not the current truth, we act as if it were occurring now.  We bring the past into the current moment from our “need to understand” something that may not resonate yet in our current mental operating system.  This is why it’s so important to remain neutral in times of radical change, and allow the new frequencies to resonate deeply into all levels of our being before engaging and moving ahead.   Otherwise we find ourselves spinning off prematurely, reacting from a limited version of reality, without expanding through the edges of possibility.


The only way to fully experience “now” is to be fully present with the unknown, unattached and equanimous.  If we can let go of what we think we know, just for now, and surrender the knee jerk reactions to analyze or figure out what’s coming ahead, we can ease into this unknown space and sink in deeper and deeper, while elevating and expanding our consciousness.  The truth is, we don’t know yet where we are, we’ve never been exactly “here” before.  And we don’t have the fully integrated capacity to see clearly, yet.  Anything we make up now will be a distorted or fragmented version, so it’s best to trust, allow, have faith, and listen deeply from the heart.


In a Shamanic Trance Dance Ritual, participants are blindfolded through a journey of movement and dance.  By removing the sense of sight, we release attachments to the physical dimension, which mirrors our projections and beliefs.  Without those attachments and filters, we’re free to move beyond time and space, beyond the limitations of the physical realm, into relationship with our deepest truth and our infinite potential, guided by the vibration and presence of spirit.  One of the most powerful benefits of Trance Dance is the strengthening of one’s capacity to navigate the unknown darkness, beyond the illusions and distractions, which is where transformation occurs.  Finding strength and courage to move freely, while trusting, within darkness.


“Like all vibrant elements of nature, human beings grow in the light and transform in the dark” ~ Wilbert Alix, www.TranceDance.com.   So often, we fear the unknown, we grab on for safety, or try to quickly asses our reference points so we have solid footing and maintain our sense of bearings.  There’s no way to explore the mysterious unknown space of anything new if we’re clinging onto our old bearings as navigation tools.  We’re in a completely new world, integrating new frequencies of energy.  Everything is brand new and undiscovered.


The week begins with 3 entire days of no major aspects.  This is a giant pause or free fall of empty space to let go, settle in, and allow ourselves to sense and feel what’s occurring within and around us from a different perspective.  It’s important to remain in the moment, and allow the moment to deliver us, or dance us, to a deeper awareness of what’s awakening and unraveling at the core.  Let go of the need to make quick assumptions or assessments of what’s occurring, and see what’s below the surface, behind the veil, and underneath the conversation.


On Thursday 8/31, Mars is in a stepping stone with Sedna and Mercury retrogrades back into Leo.  Our physical bodies and the physical earth hold the vibrational records of the highest cosmic truth, we just have to step up in consciousness to access deeper truth within our experiences.  As we do, our mental body operating system moves back into the sign of Emotional Love, approaching the degree of the Solar Eclipse.  We’re reviewing and reflecting, leaning in to get a closer look at those light activations and downloads that so powerfully rebooted our systems last week.


Friday 9/1 is the first day of September and we move forward into a “9” vibration of wholeness, completion, and wisdom.  It’s important to note, we’re moving through our Virgo energy, which is all about alignment, purification, holistic integration, and wholeness, through emotional wisdom.  Mars is in a great eliminator with Chiron, the ruler of Virgo.  Our physical bodies are purging and clearing anything out of alignment with our highest potential.  We’re releasing any old patterns or beliefs associated with our historic wounds, so that we can purify ourselves and rise up into our personal mastery.


On Saturday 9/2, Mars is manifesting with Uranus.  The purification yesterday prepares for a massive awakening that creates new potential.  When we surrender the old attachments, and let go of what we previously expected, assumed, or anticipated, we can be fully surprised and shocked by what’s available to us.  If we continue to cling to the old habitual patterns and assumptions, we will be awakened from our resistance and denial by whatever means necessary.   The point is that we begin manifesting new potential in a whole new way, to create the New Earth.  Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, the awakener of the future, the great wake up call for humanity to live in accordance with Divine Love as unconditional Self Love.


Sunday 9/3, Mars is manifesting with Quaoar, Mars conjuncts Mercury retrograde at 28 Leo, the degree of the Solar eclipse, and Mercury retrograde manifests with Quaoar.  This is a huge day of rebooting and upgrading our mind/body connection with the new paradigm that was downloaded in the recent Solar Eclipse.  We must start to see the physical dimension with new eyes, to remove the distortions and illusions, and experience Truth with clarity.  We’re heading towards a Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune next week, and this calibration prepares us to meet the turning point with grace.


The practice this week is to let go of attachments and assumptions.  In each moment, ask yourself if there’s another option, another way, or another meaning that you may not have considered, and then open with curiosity to receive a new perspective, or better yet, remain open in the unknown and simply find your balance.  We’re consciously untangling our own projections of the physical reality so we can wipe the slate clean, start from a blank canvass, and see something that we’ve never imagined before.  The truth is always right in front of our noses, but usually we’re expecting to see it in another form or expression, and we miss what’s there in plain sight.  As we take ownership of our assumptions, we can surrender into the unknown, and become truly awakened by what we observe.


“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment, and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.”  ~ “Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist”



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