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For the week of August 21 – 27, 2017:

Get ready for one of the most anticipated weeks in human history…the tipping point of the awakening process, the moment of reboot that recalibrates our planet to the light of Unconditional Love.  We interrupt our daily programming to hit the temporary pause button, the still point that brings us all to the resting state of yin energy, before we power back up to our fully awakened state.  We’re rebooting our rest/awake balance point, calibrated to the newly emerged and empowered Divine Feminine energy.  This changes everything!


For many years, and longer, we’ve been operating with an imbalance of our yin/yang pendulum of energy, collectively trending more toward masculine (yang) to fuel our power, creative potential, and motivation.  We’ve learned over time to push hard within ourselves, to make things happen and force ourselves into action.  We’ve learned how to defy barriers or conditions, to breakthrough limitations, even extreme exhaustion and physical symptoms, to push ahead to get what we want.  ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way’, and ‘no pain no gain’ have become our mantras.


Our nervous systems have been running on overdrive for so long, ramping up higher and higher to stay in competition with the status quo, and as a result, our neutral still point, our natural balance point that restores harmony and grace, has been compromised to the point of depletion and burnout.


Our bodies, (our whole lower 4 body system – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) were meant to be in harmonious relationship with the full spectrum of yin and yang energies, feminine and masculine.  Our nervous systems are designed to operate and function in a sustainable balance of parasympathetic and sympathetic, resting and waking states.  In rest mode, we have the inherent capacity to heal, to realign, self correct, replenish, and restore.  When we override our basic need for rest, our primal need for feminine energy and receptivity, we over exaggerate, over exhaust (and over value) the masculine energy that drives us forward, and eventually our systems crash. Society tends to judge stillness as laziness, passivity, or indifference, and so we’ve adjusted our own systems accordingly.


Imagine a pendulum of sustainable energy that is set into motion from the yin feminine source point.  All creation begins from the feminine, the receptive point.  We must be open, available, and empty in order to receive the inflow of energy, divine inspiration, and new possibilities.  Many of us have been experiencing extreme fatigue over these past few weeks leading up to the Solar Eclipse.  We’ve been emptied out so that we can be completely available for a full charge up.  Once we become fully charged, like a battery, we can be moved effortlessly into action, from the heart.


When we’re in rest mode, it’s important to be holistically at rest.  Mind, body, heart, and soul.  If the body is resting but the mind is racing, we haven’t truly connected with our yin energy, not enough to reboot our systems and activate the full capacity of our parasympathetic nervous system.  When the lower 4 body system powers down to rest, our quality of sleep is much greater, and we require less of it to refuel and restore, making the necessary shifts and alignments to bring us back to homeostasis.


The Solar Eclipse on Monday is an opportunity to bring ourselves fully into rest mode, into relationship with our newly reclaimed and empowered Divine Feminine yin energy.  As we unplug momentarily from the preexisting paradigm of how we generate, harness, and receive power and light, we are ready to reboot and upgrade to the new operating system and the new paradigm.  This reboot will reset our inner pendulum to the universal frequency of Unconditional Love, allowing us to manifest from an entirely new dimension.  The divine unity of yin and yang has already been downloaded in each of us by the recent light bridge activations that so beautifully created the Star of David this summer.  We’re ready for this, we’ve been preparing for so long, and this week is the reboot that brings us home, into alignment within ourselves and with the divine.



The week boldly begins on Monday 8/21 as Mercury retrograde conjoins Orcus for the 2nd of 3 times, the Sun manifests with Uranus, and then the Total Solar Eclipse occurs at 2:30pm ET.   Mercury’s connection with Orcus brings our operating system in alignment with our soul’s promise to be here in this lifetime.  We must be in alignment with our true reason for being here, otherwise we become challenged to withstand the intense discomfort of this period of rapid change and transformation.  As the Sun manifests with Uranus, expect the unexpected.  Every jolt is meant to awaken our higher consciousness and bring us into alignment with our true nature and the Truth.  The Total Solar Eclipse will be visible over the US from coast to coast, providing a very dramatic and palpable reboot to our collective operating system, plugging us into the newly awakened and empowered Divine Feminine yin source of energy.


This IS the beginning of a whole new manifestation of life on earth.  We manifest and create from the unification of female/male energy.  All of life on this planet contains yin/yang energy.  When one is awakened and fully empowered, the whole is calibrated to reflect that new expression, and everything that’s new is created from this shift.  This is the template for Unity Consciousness, and our mechanism for creating and manifesting on this planet is forever shifting in harmony with the universal frequencies of Unconditional Love.


The Solar Eclipse is the 2nd new moon in Leo, which is an opportunity to plant new seeds for the new Earth, nourished by the light of service, abundance, generosity, and gratitude.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Leo is the sign of Emotional Love, in a bridge with Divine Love, which is the new consciousness of the Aquarian Age being ushered into the planet now.  This new moon/ total solar eclipse event is a pivotal turning point in the hearts of humanity as the consciousness of Love is awakening.  The process isn’t easy, and it’s not instant…there will be integration and adjusting that needs to occur.  But the time is now, and Love is awakening.


On Tuesday 8/22, Mars is manifesting with Saturn and the Sun enters Virgo.  Saturn is about to turn direct, and the old structures and definitions are dissolving and collapsing.  This is such an exciting time to be alive, as we get to have a vote in choosing the new structures and establishing the new integrity and framework.  The Sun enters Virgo, which in Cosmic Consciousness, is the sign of Emotional Wisdom, holistic integration, alignment, and healing/wholeness.  This is the aspect of our consciousness that zooms in and fine tunes the subtle shifts and alignments that need to take place to bring the Whole into clarity, purification, and union.  Virgo is the pure heart that births Christ Consciousness, which is the frequency of Unconditional Love.  Now that the sun has moved into Virgo, we can collectively begin integrating the shifts from yesterday’s Solar Eclipse.


Wednesday 8/23 is a quiet day with no major aspects.


On Thursday 8/24, Venus is manifesting with Chiron, Venus is in a stepping stone with Uranus, and Venus is in a Great Eliminator with Quaoar.  This is a huge day of heart activity.  Our hearts manifest from a place of personal mastery, having overcome and resurrected from our historic wounds and triggers.  We step up, from the heart, to take the high road through any unexpected events, accessing the new paradigm of Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness.  This is a day to walk our talk and let the heart lead the way, into the unknown, beyond our comfort zones.


Friday 8/25, Mars is in a resource with Haumea and Saturn stations direct at 21 Sagittarius.  Mars and Haumea bring us to the wisdom of wholeness and connectedness through our physicality, which is important because historically our physicality has been the source of separation consciousness.  As Saturn stations direct, we’re getting ready to step forward in a whole new way, owning our power, our inner authority in tact, standing as authentic leaders in our own authentic way.  We are truly writing the script moving forward, and now that we’re wide awake, there’s no turning back.  We will never fall asleep again, and we will never pretend to not know what’s occurring in the world around us, whether that’s in our family, community, or global consciousness.


Saturday 8/26 is a fiery day as Venus enters Leo, Mars is manifesting with both Eris and Ixion, creating a Grand Fire Manifestation.  Also, Mercury comes together with the Sun in an inferior conjunction, marking the halfway point of Mercury’s retrograde journey.   Our hearts are in the sign of Emotional Love, illuminated with light, gratitude, and moved to serve All.  It’s as if the sun is shining brightly from within our hearts, and our hearts are transparent generators of Love.  The grand fire manifestation is a physical expression that awakens us to our soul’s blueprint and purpose for this lifetime, and it’s quite explosive and brilliant.  There’s no denying our light when we shine, and that light is infusing into our operating system, forever etched in our inner communications and inner navigation system.


And Sunday 8/27 is a new cycle between Mars and the North Node (Soul Star Chakra), and also Jupiter is in a resource with Saturn.   After yesterday’s brilliant fire manifestation with Mars, we now begin a brand new cycle with our dharma, our soul’s evolutionary path.  If we’re here in physical form, we’re awake and aligned with a deeper purpose and calling to evolve.  The old karmic attachments have all been cleared with the eclipse, and we’re evolving, onward and upward.  Social consciousness is expanding quickly, and there’s no turning back.


The practice this week is to stay grounded in your body, and consciously unify your lower 4 body system into rest mode each day.  Take some time in meditation each day to breathe into your physical body, connecting to your physical sensations, and allow your body to surrender into physical support and stillness.  Breathe into your emotional body, which mirrors the element of water, and allow your emotions to come to a peaceful resting point, like a still body of clear water.  Breathe into your mental body, and bring your mind to a resting still point, grounded in partnership with your heart inside your chest.  And breathe into your spiritual body, connecting your spirit with the universal frequencies of Unconditional Love.  Every inhale is nourishment and replenishment, every exhale is surrender, as you release and let go, resting deeper and deeper at peace.  Practice this each evening before you fall asleep to ensure your rest mode is holistic and replenishing.  Watch the tendency to force or push your energy throughout the day, instead take a deep breath and soften, opening to allow for something more expansive to move through you with grace and ease.  We’re opening to new ways of operating, new ways of being within ourselves, and in relationship with power and energy.  The goal is sustainability, endurance, efficiency, and grace.  This new flow of energy will create new results and unprecedented possibilities otherwise unavailable.



“Beyond even any teaching, though, the aspect of spiritual life that is the most profound is the element of grace. Grace is something that comes to us when we somehow find ourselves completely available, when we become openhearted and open-minded, and are willing to entertain the possibility that we may not know what we think we know. In this gap of not knowing, in the suspension of any conclusion, a whole other element of life and reality can rush in. This is what I call grace. It’s that moment of “ah-ha!”—a moment of recognition when we realize something that previously we never could quite imagine.” 
~Adyashanti, Falling Into Grace  

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  1. Dear Christine. Your column serves as my guidance for the week and your meditations are always spot-on. However, this week, the patters you have outlined and the correlation with my life events are truly magical. They come at such a necessary time. Thank you for reaching out and touching the hearts of people you have never even met, infusing their weeks with a sense of divinity and trust and receptivity. Heartfelt Blessings to you and may your life reflect the abundant love that you so warmly share with the universe.

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