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For the week of August 7 – 13, 2017:

Get ready to step boldly into the future, into our awakened hearts, and through the Lion’s Gate.  This is the much anticipated week of the Aquarian Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse, followed by the second Leo New Moon and the Full Solar Eclipse in 2 weeks on August 21.  Anything can happen, especially with Aquarian energy, so expect the unexpected.  We’re being baptized by fire as lightning strikes the heart, awakening the new…now.

This summer is heating up in more ways than one, and our hearts hold the blueprint for liberation, unity, and freedom as we begin to see the full blown reflection of our future, front and center.   The Aquarian Full Moon is illuminating the future, in a bright neon sign.  We can’t pretend we don’t see what’s coming.


The Aquarian Full Moon Eclipse is ruled by Uranus, who just turned retrograde last week, and brings an element of surprise through the unexpected jolts.  Interestingly, we’ve known for a while that this moment was coming, although we didn’t quite know how or when it would all unfold.  Whether the surprise comes through the deliverance of much awaited good news or the manifestation of something unprecedented, or the letting go of something that has been keeping us stuck in a familiar pattern of stagnancy or discord that finally needs to shift to reveal a more divine expression or purpose.


Aquarian energy is all about Divine Unconditional Love, the awakened consciousness that delivers us to a higher state of being, a more unified global consciousness that serves and unites All, through Love.  This vision for humanity must be congruent within ourselves, all relationships, partnerships, communities, and organizations in order for it to be sustainable.  Aquarius energy also invites us into intimacy, to have the courage to be transparent, revealed, and uncensored, surrendering the need to hide.


We are creating our world and our reality with our thoughts.  Uranus in Aries for the past 7 years has been bringing our attention to the power that we hold within us to consciously discipline our minds, focusing on the highest vision of Love.   When we are empowered, we generate a world of Love.  When we are disempowered, or when we are mindlessly spinning, overcommitted, exhausted, distracted or disconnected, we are abusing our greatest power, our most precious resource, and we are giving away our vote.


If we don’t like what we’re seeing reflected in the Aquarian Full Moon, now is the time to wake up and create a shift in consciousness to reflect a new possibility.   If we’ve been refusing to take action, or refusing to love ourselves, our relationships, or our planet, now is the time to wake up and choose again.  It’s not too late to reinvent the now and create a better future.  The worst is knowing, being fully awake, while doing nothing about it.  We can no longer pretend to ignore what’s occurring within us and around us.  What matters is that we stand responsible and empowered, with an open heart.


The only way to stand fully empowered as a conscious creator on this planet is to be fully present, awake, and in our body.  The greatest disservice we could possibly offer is being unconscious, unavailable, distracted, burned out, or disinterested.   Our undivided attention within our own current experience is important, and it’s being requested from each and every one of us.


Imagine a computer with several open tabs that hasn’t powered down or rebooted in a while.  Imagine the volume of heat ramping through the system, depleting the energy source, and potentially damaging the physical structure.  That computer will generate several warning signs or wake up calls before the system crashes, melts, or burns out.  Our bodies operate in the same way.  We continuously receive feedback or warning signs from our physical bodies, physical structures, bank accounts, relationships, cars, etc when maintenance or attention is required.  Those messages are wake up calls to get our attention and get us back in our bodies, fully present, warning us to pay attention.  Only then can we generate the power we need to regulate, to resume balance, homeostasis, and sustainability.   This is the energy required to restore balance, healing, and wholeness.


The week begins on Monday 8/7 with Venus in a resource with Orcus, followed by the Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse at 15 Aquarius at 2:11pm ET.  Just before the eclipse, the heart is reminded of what matters most and why we’re here in physical form, in our bodies, on this journey.


On Tuesday 8/8, we officially enter the Lion’s Gate, right on the heels of the eclipse. The fact that the entire Lion’s Gate passage occurs while inside the two eclipses, amplifies the transmutational energy even more, aligned with Sirius and the Ascended Masters. As we access the courage of the Lion, we fully activate the deepest truth of our hearts, and anything is possible in that realm of consciousness.


Wednesday 8/9 is a Sun Pluto Great Eliminator.  We make an empowered choice that propels us into a significant transformation, and there’s no turning back.  Anything that gets eliminated as an available option while inside this eclipse passage is for our highest and best good.  We may not fully understand it now, but the path that opens as a result is where our energy is meant to flow.


On Thursday 8/10, Mercury and Venus are in a resource together, balancing the new masculine and feminine archetypes together through the mind/heart relationship, just as Mercury is stationing and preparing to turn retrograde, which is hugely important. Mercury’s retrograde journey will calibrate the new wholeness of yin/yang balance into our operating systems for a brand new alignment of unified energy, allowing us to manifest and create in a completely new way as we create the new world.


Friday 8/11 is a Mercury Vesta conjunction (new cycle) at 12 Virgo. Again, this is super important as Mercury stations to turn retrograde, and the yang energy of our mental operating system begins a new relationship with the inner fire of devotion. This allows us to manifest what matters most, from the heart, through our disciplined, unified, and calibrated mind/heart relationship.


On Saturday 8/12, Venus and Neptune are manifesting, Ceres and Neptune are manifesting, then Venus and Ceres are starting a brand new chapter conjunct the fixed star Sirius at 14 Cancer.   Then Mercury stations retrograde at 12 Virgo. Venus and Ceres are the two most powerful female archetypes, and the fact that they’re sparking a whole new dynamic just as Mercury turns retrograde is extremely important. The divine feminine is fully awakened, unified, restored, and empowered, standing together in powerful partnership for a brand new possibility of enlightened manifestation. This is the enlightened yin energy that is calibrating our operating system through Mercury’s retrograde period. We’ve never known anything so powerful before, and the future is truly breathtaking.


And Sunday 8/13 is a Sun Saturn manifestation. We are manifesting the new definitions and structures through our awakened consciousness, and through our willingness to be responsible leaders and torchbearers. Our focused discipline matters, and our personal integrity is essential. We are blazing a new trail, setting the context of the new Earth, and elevating the standard of excellence on our planet.


The practice for this week is to consciously bring ourselves into balance with yin and yang, heart and mind, body and soul. For every intentional action (yang), find a way to soften and receive or let go (yin). For every inhale, consciously practice releasing the full exhale.  Notice where your energy tends to exaggerate, or where you tend to favor, and bring yourself into balance this week.  If your right leg is stronger than your left, shift into the less dominate one.  If you normally brush your teeth with your right hand, shift to the left this week.  Anytime we bring balance to yin and yang, we develop our vulnerability, and soften our edge.  We’re unifying ourselves into wholeness, activating the still point between mind/heart, body/soul, preparing for the most exciting transformation of our lives!


“My invitation, my challenge to you here, is to journey into a deeper intimacy with the world and your life without any promise of safety or guarantee of reward beyond the intrinsic value of full participation.”  ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer


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