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For the week of June 26 – July 2, 2017:

Get ready for a deeply profound week ahead that shifts our perspective and invites life altering transformation in the blink of an eye.  We’re transitioning from the month of June, a “6″ vibration of the feminine, receptive, nurturing, and compassionate energy to July, the “7″ vibration of spirituality, the esoteric hidden meanings, the truth beyond illusions.  The month of June opened our hearts to receive the truth, and we’re ready now to see things with fresh eyes, from the heart, in our quest for higher purpose, alignment, healing, and transformation.


Not only is the world brand new, but the pieces and patterns that used to fit, holding our tapestry of reality together seamlessly, no longer fit exactly the same way.  We’re unraveling it all, and seeing clearly how we’ve been manufacturing our reality from our old beliefs and historic conditioning.  Our willingness to surrender and let go of our attachments as the threads change form and meaning is so important right now.  Nothing is wrong, nothing is broken, our frequencies are simply shifting as we move into alignment with the truth of who we are, who we’ve always been, at the core.  There’s nothing to apologize for, and nothing to fix or make better.  All is occurring organically as we become calibrated to our higher divine blueprint, awakening to our highest vision, and manifesting the new chapter.


As we open ourselves to receive the truth of anything, we must remember that truth is not personal.  Truth doesn’t need to be softened, prettied up, or justified.  We can’t say we want to live in a world of bold truth and radical honesty in some scenarios while preferring to ignore the truth in others.   How we do anything is how we do everything, and navigating the world with eyes and heart wide open requires courage, vulnerability, forgiveness, and a commitment to the equanimity and the practice of unconditional Love, for Self and All.


Our practice through this important period of change and transition is to love, accept, and forgive all that emerges in our space, and to allow authentic expression to show up, even when it doesn’t feel good or look pretty, especially if it’s not at all what we expected.  If we want to hold space for authenticity to emerge, we must begin to honor all that’s revealed, without judgment, comparison, or assessment.  By surrendering and accepting, without resistance, we can begin to see clearly, and we actually stand empowered to receive messages of divine communication which lead to personal mastery.


We are all connected, sharing the same unified experience…and, we are also each having a very personal experience, determined by our original light code and blueprint.  If we neglect or disconnect from our original template in order to focus on another, we lose the essence of our unique contribution.  Our highest collective vision is achieved when we all claim who we are, stand empowered and awake within our own nature and authenticity, and move from the heart, from the consciousness of One Love and Unity Consciousness.  I can’t own my power if I’m hiding my truth or fragmenting myself in order to give to another.  I am empowered when I offer all of who I am, unapologetically, to All, like a brilliant star generating light through the cosmos.


The week begins on Monday 6/26 with a Mars Neptune manifestation.  Mars is still out of bounds, and Neptune just recently turned retrograde, so anything goes as the veils are lifting and we’re traveling through uncharted territory and unprecedented physical expression.  Let go of any expectations or assumptions, and allow the truth to manifest in physical form, right before our very eyes.  It’s important that our eyes are wide open with a soft gaze of acceptance and forgiveness, while our hearts remain open as the sacred space for Unconditional Love.


On Tuesday 6/27, Ceres and Ixion activate the Light Bridge, while Mercury and Jupiter form a stepping stone, Mercury and Neptune are manifesting, and Mercury is conjunct Sirius.  The Ceres Ixion Light Bridge delivers us to our original blueprint.  The bridge is the birth canal that we pass through, and any events today are triggering the labor and delivery of this sacred rite of passage.  Mercury is the Messenger and the communicator, and the conjunction with Sirius offers a whole new beginning with the higher realms of communication with the Ascended Masters.  We’re stepping up to expanded consciousness while manifesting messages from the invisible realms of enlightened communications, far beyond what we can see or know in the physical dimension.


Wednesday 6/28 is a Sun Orcus resource, Mercury Mars conjunction (new beginning), and Venus Great Eliminator with Saturn (retrograde).  This new cycle of the Mind/Body relationship is a pivotal event that restores personal power and authority.  Both Mercury and Mars are currently traveling out of bounds, and the new dynamic of this relationship is unprecedented.


On Thursday 6/29, Ceres is in a resource with the North Node and manifesting with the South Node while Mercury is in a bridge with Pluto and Venus is in a Great Eliminator with Ixion.   When we dial in to ourselves, we can receive life altering communication from the invisible realms, and those messages empower our heart to make choices that align us with our higher purpose and soul’s blueprint.  If we’re distracted or not in tune with ourselves, we miss the communication.  It’s so important to tune into ourselves and listen deeply, from the heart.


Friday 6/30, Venus is intersecting the Moon’s Nodes, forming a T- Square.  Our hearts become the powerful still point between our karma and dharma, balancing and unifying both in a powerful choice point.  Instead of choosing one or the other, we can now choose to elevate up through an awakened heart, transcending duality completely.


On Saturday 7/1 we shift into the “7” vibration of esoteric spirituality just in time for the Chiron Station at 29 Pisces at 3:09am EST.  29 degrees is the degree of Mastery, and 29 Pisces is mastery of the infinite realm, the infinite ocean of limitless potential.  As Chiron stations over this very powerful and sensitive degree, we have access to the limitlessness of our core wounds, for the purpose of developing personal mastery and refined power.  “The wound is where the light enters “ (Rumi), and the deeper the wound, the deeper the entry point for awakened mastery, wisdom, enlightenment, and conscious evolution.   We transform through the darkness and confusion of our suffering and from the temporary discomfort of our perceived limitations.  Pisces brings us to the limitlessness of our own human potential for suffering, which evolves as our limitless potential for awakened consciousness and refined mastery.


By the time Chiron recovers his shadow at the end of this retrograde cycle (March 2018), we will each have access to anything and everything required to heal any wound or core issue.  Christ Consciousness, which is the consciousness of Love and Unity, is the consciousness that heals all perceived wounds, restores peace, and elevates the frequency of everything to divine perfection.  The miraculous healings facilitated by Jesus were facilitated through the Pisces realm of Christ Consciousness.  Mastering this realm of consciousness is the key to transcending any and all wounds that require healing.  In Christ Consciousness, which is 5D Consciousness, there is nothing to heal.  As we whole ourselves with Unconditional Love, any imbalances or misqualified energy is aligned and purified, restoring divinity.  There is nothing to heal once we shift our consciousness to Love, and sustainably live in that realm of limitless possibility.


Also on 7/1, Mercury and Haumea are in a stepping stone, and Venus conjuncts Sedna for a new cycle.  Our ability to communicate holistically gives us a higher perspective, and our hearts partner up with the Cosmic Record Keeper for a beautiful new chapter of intuitive heart wisdom from the highest source.


On Sunday 7/2, Mercury is in a Great Eliminator with Saturn (retrograde), Mars is in a bridge with Pluto, Mercury is in a stepping stone with Eris, and Mercury is intersecting the Light Bridge.   Communications identify and clear something that has limited us in the past, allowing for a newly defined structure to manifest.  The Mars Pluto bridge transforms and shape shifts something tangible into an unprecedented version.  When we relinquish our attachments to what was, and allow the old version to “die”, we can manifest something brand new that transcends all we’ve ever known before.  Mercury’s intersection at the Light Bridge is awakening brand new potential through our higher minds that can only manifest through an ending of sorts.  There is no death in 5D, only expansion and wholeness.  Every perceived ending or death is a doorway of awakening and rebirth.


The practice this week is heart centered meditation with compassion and equanimity.  Take some time each day to get centered in your heart, and open with Love, acceptance, and grace.  Inhale the fullness of every experience, even the uncomfortable moments that you tend to want to resist or detach from.  Without any judgment or criticism, exhale the frequency of Love as your conscious response.  No matter what is happening, we can choose to embrace it all, without needing to fix it, change it, judge it, or fight it.  When we surrender and let go of any attachments, we soften our hearts to hold compassionate through awareness and acceptance, and we can elevate ourselves to a higher frequency of Unconditional Love, which is the realm of Christ Consciousness.  From this space, peace is restored, and all is transmuted by the higher vibration of Love.  This is our practice of personal mastery through personal transformation.  And this is the realm of healing/wholing through Love, through Christ Consciousness.


“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest. To live fully is to be always in no-man’s-land, to experience each moment as completely new and fresh. To live is to be willing to die over and over again.”  

~Pema Chodron



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  1. Stephanie, I just have to thank you for all you do. Your messages are always so right on and such a beautiful expression of what’s going on within and around me — it would be impossible for me to try to capture in words. This week’s message really landed in a big way for me as I’ve been looking to birth my business called The Vitality Code, not knowing what it wanted to be but knowing a higher message was seeking to emerge. Today’s passage has given me the inspiration I need to truly create it from my heart. It’s about calibrating the body-mind connection ot that higher divine blueprint so that we can receive the higher messages we’ve been given (and have probably missed) on how our souls want to express & manifest the next chapter. So many beautiful concepts you’ve shared here — allowance, forgiveness, non-judgment, unity, wholeness, personal mastery and ascension to Christ Consciousness where Unconditional Love and non-duality dwell. Feeling so inspired and blessed by your message. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

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