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For the week of June 5 – 11, 2017:

We’re embarking on another epic week of transformation and change.  We’ve never experienced anything quite like this, and it just keeps getting more and more intense and multidimensionally brilliant.  We’re headed towards the ultimate awakening, the return to Love, and the remembrance of our divine blueprint, never again to be forgotten or distorted.


Enough of the collective karmic fabric has begun unraveling, like a single thread that snags, releases and de-manifests the entire tapestry.  While it can feel like a fast moving runaway train at times, it’s important to remember that the original template of the universe is infinite light, everlasting.  That Light is emerging beneath the illusions of chaos.  When the dust settles, in the silent empty space, Truth remains, loud and clear.


The structure and vision of the New Earth are already in tact, fully present, and is emerging now as the distractions and drama unravel.  There are extreme glaring examples of both light and dark, and it matters where we hold our current state of consciousness.  Our committed action needs to be aligned with vision and truth, from the heart, rooted in Love…not reactionary impulses of primal instincts triggered by attachments to the old fabric that’s deteriorating.   Where we place our attention is critical because we’re transforming our reality in each moment, with every thought, Now.  The choice is ours, always has been.  Now more than ever, we’re seeing that illustrated in high definition.


So much is changing, moment to moment, and even the motivation behind our personal operating system and daily choices are shifting.  It’s important to get deeply present within ourselves, and not assume the old patterns and instincts out of habit.  In the blink of an eye, we’re evolving, aligning with our higher values and truths.  Every choice defines and establishes the new framework of our new reality, creating the structure of integrity that we embody.  We don’t need to choose from our minds, rather allow ourselves to be completely present in each moment as we honor the authenticity that emerges powerfully and clearly from within, even if it’s a brand new way of being that we’ve never known before.


Now is not the time to push ahead and do what we’ve always done merely out of principal or a commitment to old ideals.   Remember, Mars is still out of bounds, and we’re moving through brand new territory and unprecedented domains.   We can’t do what we’ve always done, because we’ve never been here before, ever.  We don’t even fully realize yet where we are yet.  To hold onto the old patterns would only recreate the old reality, and we’re ready for something unprecedented and brand new.


Never before has there been so much light activated in such a dynamic and profound way.  All of the personal planets are changing signs currently as the 2 mega light bridges are fully in tact, and the moon’s nodes are activating a breathtaking Star of David, reflecting all that is occurring as the highest template of light is being activated.  There is divine order occurring through the uncertainty and unknown.  Chaos and confusion always precede transformation, and this global awakening is affecting us All in a very profound way.  There is no way to be a participant on the planet right now and NOT be undergoing massive change and transmutation of some kind.  This truly is the pivotal moment that shifts the forward movement of the evolution of humanity.


On Monday 6/5, Uranus manifests with the North Node (Soul Star), Saturn is conjunct Ixion for the 2nd of 3 times as a major activation to the Light Bridge, and the Sun is conjunct Ceres.  The moon’s nodes are the gateways to our evolution, from the entry point of defined condition to the exit point of liberation.  In 5D, we don’t choose one point or the other, we activate and awaken both points simultaneously for wholeness, whereby we access All possibilities along the full spectrum of the bridge, and transcend the need to limit, condition, or judge either extreme polarity.  That upward spiral of consciousness is our ultimate evolution.  When we’re not resisting any options, but fully seeing the potential of the whole bridge, we are truly free.


Saturn and Ixion are redefining our structure of integrity of this incarnation to align with the original blueprint of our soul’s purpose and true nature.  As the Sun conjuncts Ceres, our awakened consciousness is ushering us through the birthing canal, midwifing us to rise up and start again from a higher dimension of consciousness, with integrity to the highest template of truth.


Tuesday 6/6, Mercury is in a resource with Varuna, Venus enters Taurus and then manifests with Quaoar.  Then Mercury is in a Great Eliminator with Quaoar just as Quaoar reenters Sagittarius (retrograde) and Mercury enters Gemini.  Mercury just started a brand new cycle with Sedna on Sunday 6/4, and is channeling the highest consciousness of cosmic communications, in a resource with the highest observer’s perspective of enlightened vision.  Our source of communications gets fine tuned as we eliminate the channels that aren’t serving us, especially the communications that are altered, distorted, or misinformed.  As soon as we make that choice of clarity, Mercury moves into his dignified home of Gemini, and Quaoar retrogrades into the ultimate truth seeking position of Sagittarius.  We’re aligned, rebooted, and crystal clear, ready for the truth and nothing but the truth.


On Wednesday 6/7, Mars is in a stepping stone with MakeMake, as we step into action aligned with divine order through authentic leadership, and Jupiter is stationing (although he doesn’t actually turn direct until Friday 6/9).  Jupiter is the dispositor of the upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius, and is amplifying the energy of expansion for Friday.


Thursday 6/8, Venus is in a Great Eliminator with MakeMake.  We’re making important choices from the heart that deliver us to a higher octave of integrity within ourselves, which impacts our contribution to All.


Friday 6/9 is the Full Moon at 19 Sagittarius at 9:09am EST.  Jupiter goes direct an hour later at 13 Libra at 10:03am EST, and Venus is in a resource with Mars at 11:41am EST.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius is physical wisdom, the final opportunity to finish the game, clear the decks, and wipe the slate clean.  Sagittarius is a fire sign that transmutes energy to start again, dismantling and disintegrating the old physical structures, establishments, flesh and bones in order to liberate the truth, which is pure spirit, infinite Light, and Universal Love.  Sagittarius is the point where we release our attachments to the physical reality and return home to pure spirit, unified together as One.


The Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Full Moon are illuminating the second major Light Bridge between Mars, Ixion, Saturn, and Quaoar, allowing us all to unify with the truth of who we are, as we shed to the fire all of the games, dramas, illusions, and distractions that we’ve been hiding behind.  Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and the archetype of expansion of consciousness.  As Jupiter goes direct, we begin to move forward with this newly activated awareness of conscious truth and wisdom, ready to start a whole new cycle.  This is a highly dignified moment of victory for those who are ready to step forward into the new world as truth seekers and leaders.  The fact that Venus and Mars are in a resource shortly after indicates the unification of the Divine Feminine taking shape from the space of truth and victory, empowered, whole, and ready to lead the way.


On Saturday 6/10, Mercury is in a stepping stone with Orcus.  Our newly activated and highly dignified crystal clear communications step up to the promise we made to ourselves in this lifetime to resurrect, to start anew, and to remember the importance of why we’re here.  This is a day for clarity of purpose and remembrance of that promise.


And Sunday 6/11 is a quiet day to reflect, digest, and integrate all of the truth that has been revealed this week.


The practice this week is to find the merging point between yin and yang, death and re-birth, body and spirit…through the breath.  Practice mindful breathing each day for at least 10 minutes.   Inhale for 4 counts, hold the sensation of fullness for 4 counts, exhale for 4 counts, and hold the sensation of emptiness for 4 counts.  And repeat the cycle of breath, paying equal attention to all of the transitions and merging points in each “now” moment.  Notice the connection between emptiness and the opportunity for new inspiration.  And notice the connection between fullness and the opportunity to let go.  Be equanimous as you remain deeply present to each stage of the wholeness of breath, as each breath represents the cycle of life and death.  Physical matter is constantly changing and transforming, while the universal breath is the infinite constant that unifies us All.


“And I found that I can do it if I choose to – I can stay awake and let the sorrows of the world tear me apart and then allow the joys to put me back together different from before but whole once again.”   ― Oriah Mountain Dreamer


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  1. I feel like within this lifetime I have held the highest powerpoint of light taking this light to the Max with every step with powerful intention. Now feel a release and this powerpoint of light is holding me in all ways.

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