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For the week of May 22 – 28, 2017:

Get ready for another epic game-changing week ahead!  So much is being revealed as we’re moving rapidly towards our greatest remembrance and wholeness.   What feels unknown and uncharted is actually delivering us to our most original divine blueprint that we’ve carried within all along.  We’re awakening to our deepest truth, the original template of light that has been held within our hearts since the beginning of time.  That temple of light is the New Earth, and it’s manifesting Now.




We’ve been existing in a physical dimension of experiential duality and polarization, and it’s important to remember that our wholeness includes all extremes and all possibilities.   Our newly upgraded operating system gives us access to the realm of limitless potential, which means that we’re operating in a world where literally anything can happen, in the blink of an eye.   In order to see and Know our full potential, we must learn how to navigate in such a fluid and expansive reality.  Instead of driving on a flat surface in a linear fashion with an accelerator and brake, we’re now moving through multiple dimensions and timelines, simultaneously, ebbing and flowing in all directions at once.  Our feedback mechanism is much quicker if we can learn to keep our foot off the brakes, and keep moving “forward” as we make choices from a blank slate of possibility in the current moment.   There are no mistakes, every choice and every breath brings us to a new opportunity to start again.


Fear has kept us living in the past, repeating our safe familiar routines and cycles.   These repetitive loops have dulled down the remembrance of our wholeness, and as a result, created deep grooves that we’ve settled into over many lifetimes.  It feels risky to jump track and fly outside of the lines, but fortunately the collective grooves are starting to diminish and break down.  Our historic karmic “traction” is lessening, which is creating the new sensation of fluidity and freedom to move into uncharted territory, beyond the typical gravitation pull.


It’s almost impossible to remain asleep right now.  We have no idea where we’re going, we’re breaking out of the box of familiar terrain, and so we must keep our eyes, ears, minds and hearts wide open.  Our relationship with our senses is important right now, to receive and process feedback moment to moment as a multidimensional navigation system.  Messages come through physical sensations, allergic reactions, emotional sensitivity, sound sensitivity, food sensitivity, vivid dreams, intuitive insights, and deep visceral gut responses.  If we ignore the messages, they get louder, fast.  When we receive and honor the messages, and respond with right action, we navigate smoothly and efficiently.


Mars is currently out of bounds, traveling through uncharted unknown territory.  As the ruler of the physical body and physical dimension, and also the dispositor of the Light Bridge (and currently Uranus, Eris, and Venus), Mars is extremely important right now.  Our physical reality is transforming quickly as we ascend from carbon to Light, from fear to Love, and from 3D to 5D.  Everything is changing.  The misconception about the physical dimension (and physical body) is that it’s limited or defined by the historic circumstances or story; that it’s fixed, stuck, or immovable.  And the truth is, the physical dimension is a blank canvass, reflecting the wholeness of our thoughts, beliefs, attachments, assumptions, judgments, and fears…all of which are determined by us, moment to moment.


As a collective, we’ve been resisting the parts of our reality that we don’t like, and as a result, creating more and more judgment and distortion, which limits and defines what we perceive even more.  When we soften our minds and hearts, and allow for all possibilities to co-exist simultaneously, including the unimaginable, we ultimately relinquish the white-knuckled grip of judgment, and surrender to our infinite wholeness.   From that space, we can see our truth.  From that space, we can manifest anything at all.  And from that space, we can remember and awaken to our original blueprint of our soul’s purpose.   We can’t consciously return home to our infinite source of light from a limited or judgmental paradigm.  The eye of the needle that we must pass through is the unconditional acceptance of all that exists.  From there, we choose to be fully present, wide awake, and the conscious participants of what we’re creating moment to moment.


The week begins on Monday 5/22 as the Sun manifests with MakeMake.  We’re manifesting higher divine law and order through our awakened consciousness.  No matter what is occurring around us, it’s important to stay tuned and awake.


Tuesday 5/23 is quiet day with no major aspects, and an extra day to elevate our attention and our consciousness.


On Wednesday 5/24, Mars manifests with Haumea, which plugs us into the Light Bridge at a very personal and physical level.  Haumea is a 5D archetype that can only be realized from higher consciousness, and reflects our multidimensional wholeness, which is fractal and can be witnessed through each individual cell of our physicality.  Our bodies are being calibrated and attuned by the Light Bridge, awakening our most expansive and holistic nature at the cellular level.   Even the collective unconscious is a part of our wholeness, it’s the part that has been unawakened or unrealized.  Through our connection to the Light Bridge, we can powerfully awaken those parts of the Whole within our own cells.


Thursday 5/25 is a Venus Pluto stepping stone followed by the New Moon in Gemini.  Venus, who recently infused with the Light Bridge and is newly free from her retrograde shadow, brings new Light activations to Pluto.  Our hearts are empowered as we step up, transformed and fully resurrected, ready to plant seeds of new potential with Gemini’s New Moon.  Gemini is disposed by Mercury, The Messenger and Great Communicator, and the new Masculine energy archetype.  Later this weekend, Mercury is involved in a very beautiful Finger of God activation with Neptune and Jupiter that amplifies the Gemini New Moon with a crescendo of divine communication.  We’re planting seeds of conscious communication, from the newly awakened and resurrected heart.


Gemini holds the potential for union between heart and mind, yin and yang, and the power of communication from a universal language of Unconditional Love that’s crystal clear.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini is Conscious Wisdom which generates Love in Action, from the heart.   This New Moon sparks a very powerful movement of enlightened consciousness and heart based communication that inspires right action on our planet.


Later on Thursday, Mars is in a resource with Eris, which infuses him yet again with the Light Bridge energy…awakening us at the very personal level through discord and discontentment.   We can no longer remain the same, we can no longer move blindly though our lives and through this world pretending to be asleep and unresponsive.  Now is the time to wake up and remember our truth, remember our wholeness, and remember our purpose.

Friday 5/26 is another quiet day with no major aspects.  With no distractions, it’s time to tune into ourselves and listen deeply.


On Saturday 5/27, Mercury is in a great eliminator with Jupiter, followed by a Mercury Neptune resource on Sunday 5/28, creating a Giant Finger of God for 12 hours with Mercury and Neptune pointing to Jupiter, the original activator of the Light Bridge.  The Messenger eliminates any residue that has been limiting or blocking the expansion of our consciousness, including any karmic stories, conditionings, outdated beliefs, or distorted judgmental perceptions.  As we attune ourselves to the light of Truth, the illusions literally diminish, and what’s left is expansion, freedom, and wholeness.


Later on Sunday 5/28, Mars is in a bridge with Ixion.  This ignites a brand new Light Bridge that ultimately unifies and restores our physicality with our divine original blueprint.  Mars will also bridge with Saturn and Quaoar in the following week, which illuminates the redesign and redefinition of our physical reality with the limitless potential of the New Earth.


The practice this week is conscious communication.  Be mindful of all thoughts, words and actions this week, and notice if your communications are coming from the heart.  Take the time to be deeply present and engaged in every conversation and interaction, especially when the tendency is automatic pilot or multitasking.  Remember, anything can happen in the blink of an eye, so be mindful of what you’re generating, internally and externally.  Check in with your physical sensations throughout the day to receive important messages and feedback.  Notice if you get stuck defending limitations or judgments, and notice how that feels in your body.  Shift accordingly.  Remember, anything is possible, moment to moment.  We’re planting seeds and manifesting the threads of our new reality through every thought, whether conscious or unconscious, spoken or unspoken.  Now is the time to be fully awake and fully empowered, as conscious participants and creators.


“My invitation, my challenge to you here, is to journey into a deeper intimacy with the world and your life without any promise of safety or guarantee of reward beyond the intrinsic value of full participation.”   ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer


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