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For the week of May 8 – 14, 2017:

Get ready for an intense week of alchemy, shapeshifting, and transformation as illusions break down and truth comes to life.  All of the personal planets are in transition, as Mercury and Venus are still recovering their shadows, and Mars is preparing to move out of bounds soon.  The moon’s nodes are changing signs this week, and the Light Bridge is highly active and awake.  We’re in a period of life altering change, and the Full Moon in Scorpio promises to take us to the depths of our extreme polarization and into the unknown this week.  Transformation happens in the blink of an eye, and anything is possible.


Last week, the fixed star Antares shifted by a degree, changing from 10 degrees to 11 degrees Sagittarius.  This intense shift is profound because Antares holds the possibility of unification of light and shadow through extreme polarization and contrast.  Antares is often referred to as the “anti Mars”, and interestingly, Mars was in an exact bridge with Antares this weekend.   Since Antares has shifted by a degree, our relationship with the physical dimension and our perception of the relationship between light and dark is shifting.  11 is a master number, and also a number of balance, alignment, and proper mirrored perspective.   In Cosmic Consciousness, a bridge occurs when a perceived polarization of extremes unifies and creates a whole new possibility for our consciousness to travel across, activating all points of view along the same common thread.   From the unification of extremes, we experience wholeness.


It’s clear that our 3D physical dimension is composed of perceived polarities and duality, because our physical dimension is experienced through relationships.  Light can’t exist without casting a shadow in relationship to physical objects with height, and the negatives in any photograph create contrast, definition, and clarity.  If we try to separate light from shadow, or remove any shadows or opposing perceptions from our reality, we dissolve the meaning of that relationship, and detach from the wholeness of the experience, creating a flat version of reality, a mistruth or illusion.  If we push against or fight with our shadow, that fight is mirrored and perpetuated.  We can’t conquer our shadow from a 3D perspective of consciousness, in fact it’s silly and exhausting to try.


The fixed star Antares is a conscious point that merges light and dark, where the light of our consciousness holds space for all, and honors both the light and the shadow as facets of light.  The shadow only exists in relationship to a bright light.   With no light, there is no shadow…there is only the void, the unknown, darkness.   The void is the absence of light, which is the potential for creation.  When we bring our consciousness into the unknown, we shed light into darkness, awakening potential.


Yin and Yang together are whole.  Both are necessary to experience wholeness in the physical dimension.  Positive and Negative, light and dark, masculine and feminine, in and out, up and down.  They are relational, reference points from within the whole.  We can’t truly know Love until we’ve experienced the absence of Love.  The abundance and the lack are two sides of the same energy.  In the physical experience, everything is Love, and we are constantly experiencing the presence of Love or the absence of Love.


Shadows are popping up everywhere, bringing the light of our full awareness to the parts of ourselves and our collective world that we’d rather not see, or that we thought we had moved past.   If we resist the shadow in any way, we’re resisting our wholeness and fighting with our shadow.    Breakdowns are opportunities to transform, resurrect, and expand into new frontiers, new beginnings, and new expressions.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Scorpio is the essence of transformation – the breakdown, death and rebirth into our highest vision and highest manifestation, in physical form.   Scorpio is the sign of alchemy, shape shifting, and transmutation.  When we infuse anything physical with the vibration of Unconditional Love, there is transformation.  When we resist what we see, or push to change what we don’t like, we can force our reality to change, but that change only becomes sustainable and organic when it’s generated by the alchemy of Love.


The Full Moon in Scorpio this week invites us all to meet our shadows with Love instead of resistance, and to open and expand physically as the space holders for new possibilities to emerge.  When we can remain the physical conduits of love no matter what is occurring around us, we begin to elevate our vibration to a higher possibility, which manifests in physical form as a whole new expression and experience of reality.  We begin to shape shift our physical dimension through our willingness to love the unknown, love the darkness, love the shadow.  Love transmutes, awakens, and liberates our fullest expression into manifestation.


This week begins with a quiet Monday 5/8, no major aspects.  This is the quiet empty space from which massive transformation will occur this week.


Tuesday 5/9 is a Sun Pluto manifestation, and the Moon’s Nodes move into Aquarius and Leo.   The Sun represents the awakened light of our consciousness, and Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, the ruler of the Full Moon, and the archetype of transformation, death and rebirth.  Every ending and every journey into the darkness holds the promise of a new beginning, a resurrection and rebirth.  Our consciousness is manifesting through an experience of darkness to create a whole new expression of our highest potential.


In Cosmic Consciousness, the Moon’s Nodes represent our soul’s connection to the transpersonal chakras, our gateway to the Earth Star Chakra (South Node) and the Soul Star Chakra (North Node).  The polarity of Aquarius and Leo represents the wholeness of divine spiritual Love, One Love.  As we practice unconditional Self Love, we generate an expression of Love for ALL.  We become the Divine I AM Presence, Loving All, unconditionally, which generates a brilliant frequency of violet light that transmutes everything on our planet.


Wednesday 5/10 is a very important Mercury Uranus conjunction, the 3rd of 3, and the brand new cycle of the newly awakened mind and mental operating system.   Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and Mercury is the Messenger.   Now that the Moon’s Nodes are in the Aquarian/Leo Bridge, we’re beginning a brand new chapter of awakened communications that elevate and transcend the collective karma from our Earth Star Chakra.  As we bring our awakened minds in relationship with the dense shadow of our karmic energy, we elevate and transmute the entire collective energy, liberating and releasing all historic knots, entanglements, and conditioned stories so that we can All begin on a clean slate, as pure imaginal cells, and manifest as the highest vision through our Light Body’s DNA.


The Full Moon at 20 Scorpio on Wednesday evening is the facilitator of profound transformation, where we can literally relinquish our attachments to the karmic story of our DNA, our operating system, and our planet’s social thread of consciousness.  If we can truly let go and dive deep underwater into the unknown mystery of our darkest shadow, we can rise from the ashes as the shining light of infinite possibility and eternal love in physical form.   Diving into the darkness, we emerge liberated as eternal Light.


Thursday 5/11 is a Mars Neptune Stepping Stone and a Mercury Saturn Manifestation.  Our physical bodies and the physical dimension become enlightened after the Full Moon, and Neptune reveals our capacity to see through the  illusions and dramas in the physical world.  Nothing is what it seems on the surface, and only by experiencing death and rebirth, as fully awakened observers, can we truly begin to understand how to operate and manifest with authority.  This changes everything.


Friday 5/12 is a very powerful Mars Jupiter manifestation.   This significant connection brings Mars into the Light Bridge.   Even though Jupiter isn’t holding the same degree now, he was an original participant in the full blown activation, and he holds that activation, calibrating Mars into the full blown power of that super conscious 5D Light.  Get ready for some full blown physical transformation and expansion of consciousness moving forward, as Mars becomes infused with light.


Saturday 5/13 is another quiet day, but a super potent still point for activation and calibration.


And Sunday 5/14 is a Mercury Varuna Stepping Stone.  Our higher operating system, newly awakened and empowered, gains access to the highest cosmic vision through the lens of Varuna.  If we can elevate our mental body, we can be sure to receive massive downloads of super high consciousness, insight, and revelations.  The more we surrender this week, releasing our attachments and resistance, and dive into the depths of the unknown, the greater our capacity for brand new vision that takes us to a whole new level.


The practice this week is to soften and open through any triggers, conflicts, or resistance of a perceived polarization.   Anytime you feel your physical body contracting, or if you feel the desire to disconnect, check out, or judge a scenario or person, take a deep breath, soften your body, and open to hold space for something new.   Every trigger is an opportunity to open.   Notice where your edge is, notice the events or triggers that evoke resistance or polarization within you, and get intimate with that edge.   Settle in, make friends with it, and allow it to expand and open.   We’re transforming the old patterns and conditions, and that requires flexibility, conscious attention, and a curiosity to move into unknown territory within ourselves, without any fear.   The journey into the unknown will be transformational and life altering.  Let go and dive deep, and trust the process.   The only way out is through, and there is light on the other side of darkness.
“One thing that comes out in myths is that at the bottom of the abyss comes the voice of salvation. The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light.” 
― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

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  1. I believe I am the “official poster child of Leo” for the round of Leo/Aquarius Eclipses.
    I am a Sun conj Mars 11Leo,
    Venus conj Pluto 25 Virgo, Antares 9 Sag, Uranus 6 Lib, Mercury 6 Virgo.
    As a healer, I am going through my own health crisis. Every tool that I’ve learned is now being used. Your weekly reports have been “daily bread” to assist me + I can’t thank you enough.

  2. Hi, Christine! My ephemeris says full moon is at 20° 24′ of Scorpio. And yours says 3? What’s up with that? Do you use a different one? Thanks and much love to you!

    1. Post

      Thanks so much Sydney! That was a typo on my part. Blessings and Love to you! xo

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