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For the week of April 24 – 30, 2017:

With the Divine Feminine energy awakening in full force on our planet, there’s space now for a powerful emergence of the Divine Masculine to show up in dynamic action.  With Jupiter and Saturn retrograde, our social consciousness is being infused with the compelling truth of Science, as the irrefutable voice and structure of  higher Law and Order is arising, expanding our collective global awareness.   This week’s New Moon in Taurus is planting seeds of Conscious Love and attention deep within the Earth, and within the Earth Element of our cells, as a grass roots movement begins to grow.




Everything new is birthed from the Divine Feminine aspect of our energy field…universally and individually.  From the void, from the sacred pure empty space, comes the awakening, the spark of light, truth, and creative potential.  When the divine feminine awakens, there is space for truth to emerge.  When the divine feminine is empowered, the divine masculine shows up in partnership, to serve as the action and expression that honors and supports the divine purity and sacred space.

Science is emerging, as a powerful source of refined and examined truth that honors and protects the sacredness and divinity of our planet, our home.  Although the field of science is not new, the collective consciousness of the Earth is newly awakened, and the divine masculine qualities of Science now have an open invitation to elevate the collective conversation, to evoke a higher quality of action, responsibility, truth telling, and integrity.    This is the unification of yin and yang.  The Divine Feminine energy always leads the way, because new consciousness is birthed from feminine.  The more refined, clear and empowered the feminine vessel is, the more powerfully the masculine energy can step in and take action.  The intention leads, the action supports.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  When the heart is ready, new consciousness appears.  The Earth is ready, WE are ready, and the Truth is appearing.  Science is methodical, sustainable, observable, measurable, and also ushers in the future through innovative discoveries, explanations, and theories while putting them into action to observe new results that benefit humanity.  Science is the expression and modality of the Aquarian Age, a vehicle that bridges our social consciousness to spiritual consciousness, that explains unification, wholeness, cause/result, personal and collective responsibility, and equanimity.  Science, by nature, is neutral, unattached to results, unbiased, and unable to be bought, forced, or manipulated.


We’ve been operating as a collective consciousness from an historic masculine aggressive method of pushing and making things happen, creating our desired results through effort, force, dominance, and determination, to the point of manipulating our results to reflect what we want to see, sell or portray, instead of honoring the truth of what’s present, and allowing it to liberate, rise, and transform organically and sustainably.  We’ve been using our will and our personal power to make things happen instead of nurturing our roots properly, with integrity, compassion, and consistency, to allow our true nature to flourish dynamically.  When we properly tend to ourselves, our tribe, our businesses, and our planet with an awakened divine feminine force of nature, the divine masculine essence will emerge, and our results will be congruent, sustainable, and in alignment with higher truth.

As we awaken to the Truth of anything, we must also be willing to stand in responsible relationship with our current results to see how we’ve been operating, to clearly see the patterns that have created our current reality.  Our current results are the reflection of our commitment, values, and belief systems, and those results reveal to us what mattered most, where our attention has been focused or distracted, honored or forsaken, up until now.   Transformation of anything requires an honest intimate relationship with results, to see what we haven’t been able to see before.   As we awaken to our blind spots, we shed light on the karmic patterns of limitation or recurring misalignments that have delivered us here, and we empower ourselves through a new perspective of wholeness.

The only way to be in a healthy relationship with our results is to be equanimous – unattached, neutral, and compassionate, while embracing it all, unconditionally.   To be the empowered neutral observer, we become the “scientist”, holding all of our results as sacred information, without judgment or criticism.  Only then can we respond from our awakened hearts and a powerful vibration of Love.   Love honors, protects, serves, and takes action.  Love also nurtures, soothes, heals/wholes, and liberates.  If we’re taking bold action based on a judgmental trigger or righteous control, we will inflame the situation, creating blisters, irritation, war, and outrage.   When we are balanced within ourselves, coming from empowered, awakened, and responsible action, we can move mountains…unified together, as the universe supports our efforts.

This is such an amazing and important time to be alive on the planet, and every moment provides an opportunity to holistically awaken, elevate, and refine our own inner reactions, triggers, and responses as we become the fine tuned instruments of higher consciousness, the conduits of Love in Action, and the bodies that hold the light of Unconditional Love.   We are witnessing and co-creating the unification of yin and yang, and also the merging of science and spirituality.  Everything is everything, Spirit is everywhere, and Love is all there is.

On Monday 4/24, Venus manifests with Varuna and Mercury manifests with Saturn.  Varuna is the expansive cosmic vision that sees beyond the veils, through all dimensions and timelines, beyond illusion and separation.  When the heart sees with such powerful multidimensional clarity, there is beautiful alchemy, understanding, and wisdom.  Both Mercury and Saturn are retrograde, moving towards truth.  We’re communicating from the light of our innermost authority, the voice of our inner guru and teacher.  We’re crystal clear, almost electric, and magnetized by our visionary heart.

Tuesday 4/25 is a quiet day with no major aspects.  A great day to nurture and prepare sacred space for the New Moon ahead.

Wednesday 4/26 is the Taurus New Moon, occurring at 8:15am EST.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus represents Conscious Love, the sustainable obedience required to honor and hold sacred space through the mental body.   Taurus is also reflected as the sacred tree of life, deeply rooted, far reaching, balanced above and below, providing powerful presence and holding space.  Taurus is a blend of yin and yang, an Earth sign that grounds the Mental Body, and it’s ruler is Venus, the heart.   Interesting to note, the New Moon occurs at 6 Taurus, which is just a degree away from the recent Mercury Retrograde station.   Mercury is the new divine masculine ruler, and is the neutral witness, the observer, the great messenger and communicator.   Mercury also reflects our ability to be the equanimous meditator, to hold our seat as we observe the truth, clearing away distractions and interferences, diving deeper into the roots of our operating system to untangle the karmic knots and allow Love to take root and evoke a new result.

The New Moon in Taurus is an opportunity to clean out the roots of our old operating system, to dive deep within ourselves, into our own earth element and our relationship with our bodies, our environment, our structures and group dynamics, and consciously plant the new seeds of Love.  It’s important to carve out space within our operating system for the new seeds to take root.  We carve out space by noticing the ways we’ve been placing higher value on things other than truth and authenticity, or noticing where we’ve not been honoring and embracing transparent truth within ourselves or in our environment.  We’re planting the consciousness of Love within our mental body, within the earth, within our operating system of all that we do, with a commitment to practice nurturing that consciousness with obedience.  The seeds we plant today will emerge and bloom as the full blown expression of Physical Love, the reflection of our willingness to be obedient care takers and space holders with our own mind and heart.

On Thursday 4/27, Mercury is manifesting with Ixion.  Ixion is the blueprint of our soul’s potential in this lifetime, the possibility and the promise that we made to ourselves and the planet, to awaken to and step into.   When Mercury manifests with Ixion, our inner messenger and inner operating system speaks to us and others in a way that manifests that purpose, revealing who we are.  This is an important because Mercury is on his way back to the Light Bridge, and is bringing this new manifestation with him.

Friday 4/28 is a potent day!  Mercury conjuncts with Uranus in a new cycle, as Mercury connects back with the Light Bridge, just as Venus moves back into Aries, recovering her shadow.   This jolt of awakening is like a lightning bolt that has the power to literally flip the switch on forever to our higher 5D mind, and our ability to communicate and operate from that higher consciousness, channeling information, innovation, wisdom and insight from the Light Bridge, the super conscious 5D High Way.  This is where we begin to download revolutionary breakthroughs and life altering discoveries.

Saturday 4/29 is a Venus stepping stone with Quaoar.  The heart steps into the infinite realm of possibility, the space where all of our thoughts come from, and we see the profound potential in “thinking with our hearts” instead of our heads.  It’s a huge upgrade in the quality of our consciousness that we bring to the planet, and the infinite possibilities that flow from there.

And Sunday 4/30 is a quiet day, no major aspects.  A perfect day to nourish our roots and water the seeds of Love and Unity consciousness.

The practice this week is to take care of our bodies and the Earth with Love, Respect, Commitment, and Compassion.  Take some time each day to make conscious contact with your body, to nurture, care take, honor and celebrate the beauty, strength, power, and potential of your physical body.  And take some time each day to make conscious contact with the Earth, with nature.   Check in with the current condition of the Earth around you, whether it’s your own back yard, a nearby park, your community, or global condition, and find a way to nourish, contribute, care take, honor, and celebrate.  Find something each day that inspires you, takes your breath away, or moves you into action.  Initiate self care, responsibility, and commitment with your body and your environment.  See the mirrored reflection that your environment reveals about your body.  Let go of any judgment, criticism, or blame about the current condition of your body, the environment, and the Earth.  Practice equanimity, and simply sit with the truth of what is, let it open your heart to Unconditional Love, and honor whatever moves you or inspires you from that space.

“I want to know if you can see beauty even when it’s not pretty, 
every day, 
and if you can source your own life from its presence.”  ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer  


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  1. Your commentary on behalf of science has nothing to do with spirituality as you are confusing science with religion neither of which are infallible and often are based on unproven theories and speculation. Science is often misused for destructive purposes just like religion and creates legions of new infidels and skeptics who also venerate Mother Earth.

    1. I’ve always seen science as an expression of spirituality, in the same sense that
      I see art and music and architecture, etc as expressions of spirit. Can it be misinterpreted, distorted, or misused? Of course, but that doesn’t change the essence.

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