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For the week of February 6 – 12, 2017:

Get ready for another wild and crazy ride this week, where anything goes, everything can change on a dime, and the unexpected can move us into the greater flow that delivers divine opportunity and abundant blessings.  Let go of what you think you know or want, and simply allow.   This is a journey of patience, faith, and commitment as we expand rapidly into the uncharted unknown, on the fast track to Wholeness and Unification.

We are officially inside the wormhole passage, the timeless portal between 2 eclipse events.   The entrance actually opened with the Aquarian New Moon on January 27th, and we’re heading for the first eclipse this week on Friday with the Full Moon at 22 Leo, and the second eclipse occurring at the end of February with the New Moon at 8 Pisces.  Everything is brand new in 2017, and the first quarter of this year provides a rapid gear shift and realignment with the new vision, operating system, belief system, and heart.  In order to move forward into an unprecedented future, we must make these necessary attunements and adjustments, some of which feel unfamiliar and create temporary moments of disorientation and instability.


When everything we’ve held onto for familiarity and structure begins to shift, even by a slight hair, we can feel off balance and question whether we’ve somehow fallen backwards.  It’s important to remember that there’s no going backwards, every moment is brand new.  We bring our full selves to the present moment with each breath.  The only way to go backwards is to refuse to allow our new consciousness to guide the way.   Refusal to step forward when the heart calls us forth is the only way to stay locked in the past.   And even that is an illusion.   There is no such thing as time.  Past, present and future are all Now.  How we interface and respond to any and all events determines our experience of those events, and we can shift it all, Now.  Every perceived possibility, every unknown factor, every pendulum swing, and all the infinite space in between, are aspects of our wholeness, and within our wholeness we have access to everything.


The best way to navigate a wormhole passage is by being fully present, with heart and mind wide open, surrendered and unattached to any outcome or turbulence along the way.   Like riding in a fast moving vehicle through time and space, the scenery may change several times over, very quickly.   We’re not at the end of the ride until the doors open and we step out of the vehicle, so it’s best not to make any assumptions or judgments along the way.  The lower mind will want to assess, predict, and make meaning of all of it, and we can become distracted within our own head by the stories we weave, spinning an alternate reality parallel to the one we’re being delivered to, which only creates separation, disconnect, splitting migraines and compartmentalization.


100% commitment is what’s required now to live on the planet.   We must take ownership and responsibility for our selves, the thoughts we think, the ways we react and the conscious responses we generate from the heart.   If we’re not willing to be fully present and mindful with ourselves, we can’t fully align our lower 4 body system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) with our soul’s blueprint, which is being called forth and awakened now.  Our holistic integration requires presence, and presence requires commitment to being here, wherever we find ourselves in any given moment.   We all chose to be here in this incredibly profound and exciting period of radical transformation and awakening of consciousness on the planet.   Change of any kind produces a certain level of stress on the body.  Self care and personal responsibility are so important.  And one of the biggest ways we can elevate our self care is to be mindful of our emotional reactions to the events around us.


Every emotional reaction has an impact on the physical body, expressing as a vibrational pattern that moves through our organs, tissue, muscles, bones, and fluid systems.  The subconscious triggers can develop as chronic expressions of energy.  Judgment and criticism are quite possibly the harshest and most debilitating chronic vibrations to our nervous system.  Now more than ever, it’s important to clear any mindless tendencies to go into judgment over the events that are occurring around us, or to criticize, blame, or accuse.  Since the scenery is shifting so quickly during this wormhole passage, it’s best to take a deep breath and let go before being triggered into an fixed position of right or wrong defensiveness or separation.   Judgment separates.   Compassion and acceptance of diversity unifies, wholes, and expands.


When we declare “I am the consciousness creating and observing my reality”, we can begin to make the inner shifts necessary to open to new possibilities.  If we believe that our reality is imposed on us by an external authority that we’re in resistance to, we’re not owning our power to elevate in consciousness and rise up.  How we view the world is up to us, and the shifts we choose to manifest in the world are a reflection of our consciousness.  Evolution of consciousness is everything, and that’s where we access our infinite potential.


The week begins Monday 2/6 as Jupiter goes retrograde very early in the morning, refraining by 1 degree from Haumea.  Jupiter is a social planet that represents our expansion of consciousness, at the social collective level  A retrograde planet is traveling towards Source, gaining important attunements and adjustments that bring the archetype closer into alignment with higher truth and unity, before stationing and turning outward in expansion and holistic integration.  Our Social Consciousness is refraining from the new cycle with Haumea (wholeness), while traveling closer to Source for fine tuning and transformation.  The future of our social consciousness is being downloaded now and fine tuned from within, and the full blown new cycle of expression will come once Jupiter finally does conjunct with Hauema in September.  As we hear the collective calling for holistic unity and universal wholeness, we can also sense that we’re already responding at the cellular level, deep within our core.   In order to realize holistic integration (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) at the social level, we must begin to embody it individually, and then expand that consciousness outward through unification and inclusion of All.


On Tuesday 2/7, Mercury moves into Aquarius.  Mercury is The Messenger, and is exalted in Aquarius, which is disposed by Uranus, The Great Awakener.   It’s time, now more than ever, to pay attention to all messages and communications.  There are no accidents, and all wake up calls are divine messages of Spiritual Love.  The more interruptive and unexpected, the more potent the dose of Love, designed to get your attention with urgency because it matters, because YOU matter.  Ignoring a divine wake up call is ignoring your Self and your purpose on the planet.   It’s time to wake up, rise up into our greatness, and unite in Love with each other.   Any message of hate is an opportunity to Love, period…as if lives are at stake, because they are.   Love is the only response that corrects the misaligned expression of hate, no matter what the condition is.  Wake up calls demand our full attention and action, Now.  No snooze button, no procrastination.  It’s time to BE the fully awakened communication of Love, unconditionally, within ourselves, toward each other, and for the planet.


Also on Tuesday, Vesta is in a stepping stone with Jupiter (retrograde), followed by a stepping stone with Eris on Wednesday.  Vesta represents our devotion, the inner fire that moves us from the heart with unwavering commitment.  Our inner devotion is amplifying and ramping up in relationship to current social events and our own inner awakenings and responses.   Pay attention to what touches or triggers your heart this week, calling forth a passion for elevated devotion, attention and service.


On Wednesday 2/8, Venus is in a bridge with MakeMake, bringing the heart into alignment with higher divine law and cosmic order.   With the newly ignited flame of passionate devotion, we may find ourselves moved by the authority of our heart in an expression of leadership and service that benefits All.  This is a time to honor and mind the callings of the heart, and trust ourselves to step up when inspired to do so.


Thursday 2/9 is a Sun Uranus resource and a Mercury MakeMake manifestation.  This is especially powerful, with Mercury and the Sun both in Aquarius, disposed by Uranus.  There are some very important communications occurring today that will specifically manifest a divine plan of higher consciousness awakening on the planet.  Pay attention to the unexpected meetings, communications, and opportunities to connect.  Divine intervention will bring the right people together for collaboration in a very meaningful way.


Friday 2/10 is the powerful Lunar eclipse/ Full Moon at 22 Leo, the 1st of 2 activations of the intense wormhole portal.  Mercury and Venus are in a resource, and the Sun and Eris are also in a resource, which means we have a lot of extra support to navigate this incredible activation from the mind/heart balance and the awakened divine feminine consciousness.  Since every communication of fear or hate is a calling for Love, we can access the Leo energy of Emotional Love through our abundant vital life force energy and shine brightly in service.  Seeing the need and responding is empowering, and we can harness the light of inner gratitude through our contribution.


Love is always the answer.  It’s the highest frequency of energy available to us.  Love heals/wholes, unites, and liberates.  And when we offer this response freely to the universe, we shine brightly in service to All.  When we practice exhaling instead of holding our breath in the angst of unpleasant scenarios, our exhale of Love circulates through the atmosphere, becoming vital medicine awakening the collective consciousness for the entire planet.


On Saturday 2/11, the Sun and Jupiter (retrograde) manifest, literally in thin air.  Through every breath we have the opportunity to connect to the universal flow of infinite possibilities and allow those possibilities to manifest right before us.   All that’s required is our full presence, awake and revealed, and a commitment to unconditional Love for ourselves and all that we see in the mirror.  The activations of the eclipse Full Moon inside the wormhole opens doorways and portals that our minds can’t even comprehend.  Our willingness to expand through our own consciousness, moment to moment, manifests magic and miracles before our very eyes.


And on Sunday 2/12, the Sun manifests with Haumea, and Mercury forms a great eliminator with Orcus.  We experience wholeness through all of our choices.  Every conscious “no” is a choice of elimination that holds an empty space of possibility for what matters most, which materializes as the fabric that holds together our reality.  It’s important that we learn to say no to the distractions and dramas so that we can manifest what matters most in the empty space.  Everything we decline or resist reveals a deeper value and choice that we manifest into our space.  We are the creators of our reality, and moment to moment we are selecting what we focus on, which reveals the deepest layers of our selves and our operating system.  Like cleaning out a closet, we’re clearing out our choices and thoughts at the mental body level, clearing out space for then new operating system to truly begin taking root with efficiency and clarity.


The practice this week is to consciously be the response of unconditional Love, and mindfully observe the times when our reactions reflect a different consciousness.   In those moments, it’s important not to judge ourselves, simply to notice what took our attention, what mattered most, and what we chose instead of Love.   We’re practicing being in relationship with our own wholeness, unconditionally…noticing the shadow and the light.   Observing our choices, moment to moment, and loving all that we see as our unique expression of what matters most, based on current results.  Through awareness, we can see the patterns of limitation and choose to elevate our consciousness.  Without awareness, we can’t fully be in relationship with ourselves or universal wholeness.   Our actions and reactions determine and reveal our current operating system for manifesting our reality.  If we want to experience a new outer reality, we must expand into our holistic relationship with unity, and allow unconditional love to stretch the old comfort zones of familiar patterns.


“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.  The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.”  ~ C.G. Jung    


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