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For the week of November 21 – 27, 2016:

Welcome to the Neptune Station and the fully illuminated super bridge of higher consciousness!  The week ahead is all about unification through transcendence of polarities, like a multidimensional spiraled escalator ride to higher ground.  We are gaining access to a whole new dimension of consciousness that allows us to embrace oppositions and bridge the gap in every moment, seeing the interconnected fluidity of all things.

The Neptune Orcus super bridge, with Mercury conjunct Antares as the T Square intersection, activated our new ability to see in 5D, between possibilities, and beyond the density and illusion of physicality.   It requires a much higher perspective, elevating up as the awakened observer, (not a linear elevation, simply a frequency elevation) from where we can see clearly the unification between any 2 points of conflicting realities.   


Earlier in August, Mars conjoined with Antares in a new cycle, and now our observer minds can perceive it all with clarity.  Antares is the fixed star that unifies light and dark, and when we lighten up our karmic attachment to the density of earth and our physicality, we can see through anything physical, we can see the light (literally and metaphorically) in any situation.  We can see that nothing physical is fixed, everything is sacred geometry, created by moving particles of light.  Light can penetrate and move through any darkness or density, when we let go of the invisible shields that separate our thinking and our perception.   Those thin invisible shields are the veils we’ve installed to keep us secure in a 3D physical experience, compartmentalized and separate within ourselves.

The key to seeing in 5D, (seeing beyond the veils of physicality) is to use our consciousness to slice through our experiences from the vertical spiral.  In 5D, there is no time or space, everything is occurring simultaneously and within the same experience.  A bridge isn’t linear or flat, it’s multidimensional.  If we try to view it from a flat point of reference, we see the obstacles that block our field of vision, in opposition with each other.  Elevating up and zooming out gives a more holistic perspective.  We can see every possibility and subtle aspect, including every obstacle and every commonalty.  Our vision then begins to zoom in, fine tune, and slice through each experience, allowing us to connect physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually…via vibration and frequency.  The recent Virgo wormhole in September with Mercury retrograding also in Virgo gave us great capacity to integrate communications multidimensionally and to process higher frequencies through our lower 4 body system.

The fact that Mercury activated the T Square intersection with Antares last week is so significant.  Mars and Venus have already activated this same point in the last several weeks, which means our entire lower 4 body system is involved in this super bridge, and Mercury gives us the higher perspective to communicate through our holistic self, thereby establishing connection and relationship with each possibility along the spiral.  This upward spiral vision not only gives us the capability to slice through each moment for multiple perspectives, but it also gives us the capability to multi locate through each perspective that is available in every moment.  When our observer mind can perceive multiple dimensions simultaneously, and when we can process those experiences through our lower 4 body system and our physical senses, we can be in expansive intimate relationship with the infinite realm of possibility.  By staying grounded in our bodies, we can see, sense, feel, and hear through any dimension we choose, at will.  We can travel through time/space/dimension within our body, and instantly be in relationship with All.  There truly is no separation.

On Monday, Mars forms an intimate connection with Neptune, which is a stepping stone from where Mars was back in August with the Mars Saturn Antares conjunction.  The events that occurred on August 24 are proving to be the new ground we’re using now to access refined clarity and perspective.  Our willingness to dive deep into those shadows in August has transformed us, providing a brand new way of seeing the light within ourselves now.  When we can own our shadow and recognize the beauty, contrast, and purpose of both our light and our dark, we bring ourselves to deeper intimacy and understanding of our inherent light.  The Sun enters Sagittarius on Monday, shining the light on Truth, clearing away the residue of anything else.  Also on Monday, Ceres retrogrades to conjunct with Uranus (after joining up with Eris over the weekend).  An unexpected event delivers (or derails) us to our truth, one that we may not have seen coming.

On Tuesday, Mercury and Jupiter are resourceful, expanding our potential for elevated conversations and communications, opening the doors of possibility and social connections. On Wednesday, Mercury moves on to conjoin with Saturn in a new cycle, and our inner authority is exposed to new possibilities for social partnership and elevated relationships.   Our social consciousness is shifting from the old authority based system of leadership to the new expansion of leadership through dynamic partnership and personal relationship.  When we meet people where they are, with a willingness to see our differences while seeking our commonalities, we unify with respect and understanding, and we evolve from curiosity and diversity.

There is always a unifying connection to any relationship, always.   Even if the only point of connection is the breath.  When we operate from an outdated authoritative model, there is a hierarchy of power that asserts itself over another, creating imbalance.  Partnership is based on equal ground, unified, shoulder to shoulder for a common vision.  We’re beginning to discover and explore new potential for partnership-based leadership through our dialogues and social conversations.  Leadership requires relationship, and relationship requires communication.   As our communications elevate to a more conscious dialogue with a universal language, our social consciousness expands and evolves, creating new possibilities that we couldn’t even see or imagine before.

Thursday’s Jupiter Pluto stepping stone creates the opportunity to expand through a death or ending.  On Friday, Venus and Pluto conjunct to start a new cycle, the rebirth from Thursday’sending, and Venus is also in a stepping stone with Jupiter, stretching out the heart (increasing our capacity to receive and to give Love) for a powerful new beginning.  This new cycle is significant because this is the same degree that Mercury will begin his retrograde cycle in December.

On Saturday, Mercury manifests with Uranus, Eris, and Ceres.  Get ready for some massive awakenings delivered through unexpected communications…and that communication may be internal.  Pay close attention to all of the lower 4 body systems and the overall operating system that keeps them unified and integrated.  Lean into any messages that are unusual or uncomfortable to digest.  Everything matters because everything is supporting the bigger picture of awakening consciousness and elevating through Love.  Take the time to tune in, with loving attention, and respond accordingly.    On Sunday, the Sun is in sesquisquare with Uranus and Eris, which is a control aspect.  There’s a lot shaking up beyond our control, but we can always choose to focus our light on ourselves, which fine tunes our receptivity and response to whatever is occurring.

The practice this week is mindful communication.  Explore all channels of communication (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) and practice listening from multiple channels and perspectives to find the highest vibration of truth.  Don’t take anything at face value, listen through all of your senses, and then move up through the vertical spiral to explore various perspectives.  Meet people where they are in every conversation, no matter where they may be on the vertical spiral.   See what you can see before responding.  Be curious about what’s motivating the conversation, what’s being revealed in the moment, and even notice whats not being spoken, and receive that communication as well as the obvious.  Be responsible for your communication, and notice the sensations in your own body.  Notice how it feels when you speak freely from the heart vs holding back, or watering down, or omitting something significant.  Nothing is ever really hidden or held back, there’s just a lower vibrational experience of such. 


At the end of the day, everything is in clear sight, readily available to All who have ears to listen and eyes to see.   The more we awaken, the more we see, hear, and feel…and the more we realize just how connected we really are.



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  1. What a beautiful, expressive piece, Christine! Many thanks. It is so resonating with everything I’m experiencing right about now! Many thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Such a magnificent masterpiece Christine! As I read your your article I was touched by your deep wisdom that synthesized the power points of light into a meaningful context. Your brilliant words filled with the new frequencies of light flew straight into my heart. I felt the truth through my experience of your expression.

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