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For the week of November 14 – 20, 2016:

After a huge week of collective turbulence triggering multiple waves of shake ups and reactions, the most important opportunity now is to plant ourselves in the highest ground, positioned to access this week’s super conscious bridge of enlightened perspective that welcomes our past, present and future Selves into one holistic unified vibration of Love.  The Full Moon in Taurus grounds the week and provides reverberating stability and support as we gain traction and clarity in our upward spiral of evolution.

The blaring theme right now is the need for unification of extreme polarization, and nothing illustrates this better than the dynamic relationship between the Moon’s Nodes.   The opposition of an attachment to a karmic past repelled by a desire for movement towards evolution creates tension that sustains the illusion of separation and linear “either/or” opinions and conflicts.   This polarized relationship is held together like a tension rod, and as so, creates the possibility of a unified bridge to walk across for connection and wholeness.   Without that element of tension, both points of reference would unravel and spin off, out of orbit, releasing the opportunity for growth and shared existence in the physical dimension.
Opposition creates friction which is the possibility for growth, the potential for evolution and the recognition of wholeness, which either expands or contracts our view of ourselves and our home (where we belong and where we choose to plant ourselves).   Our South Node (Earth Star Chakra) is the karmic condition we enter this incarnation with, for the purpose of clearing.   It’s a point of reference in a soul’s journey, the doorway or starting point that delivers a soul to the Earth for this collective experience.  Because of that extreme predetermined condition, there is a motivation or a pull to move, to grow, in the opposite direction, (the way a tree grows up towards the sky) reaching towards the path of evolution, referred to as the North Node (Soul Star Chakra).   The North Node is the point of reference that marks the exit or ending point from a particular incarnation, and the doorway to return back to the infinite realm of Spirit.  The truth is, no point is more important than the other, they just produce the required tension to allow for a physical experience.
The Nodes are actually the same point, yet experienced in the physical dimension as 2 separate and opposing points or vortexes of energy, yin and yang.  Our souls enter and exit through the same door of the crown chakra, everything else that happens in between those 2 events of birth and death create the experiential dimension and our lower 4 body system, which is holographic.  In the 3D physical dimension, we tend to focus on left or right, yin or yang, female or male, karma or dharma, and we tend to focus on the assessment and comparison of either/or choices.  We get tripped up by events that seem to take us off track, or knock us off our projected linear agenda.  In 5D, the only real distinction of movement occurs up or down the vertical axis of consciousness, and that isn’t a physical move at all.   This week is a huge opportunity to elevate up, remember our true home, and plant ourselves there, while being here, now.  We came here to bring that higher consciousness to the Earth, and to operate as Love in action, here.
Every human being is a living expression of spiritual evolution, like a piece of abstract art, with a specific road map and blueprint.   To think that one map or journey, or one speed or rhythm is better or worse than the other is judgment.  The point is that we awaken, and this IS the theme for All of humanity now.  We awaken through the moments of discomfort, disruption and chaos that interrupt our normal programming, and the process itself usually isn’t pretty or kind.
It’s important to observe ourselves in these moments of disruption.  How do we respond when our “normal” feels threatened to fall apart?  Who are we being when shit hits the fan?  Do we judge ourselves or others in these moments, or can we love All unconditionally as we do what needs to be done with personal responsibility, integrity, and grace?  Each moment of uncertainty is an opportunity to continue awakening, spiraling up.  When we maintain our seat within our Selves, we can navigate each moment from the cockpit of our heart, moved and inspired by the tri fold flame of power, love, and wisdom.
As we shift our focus from either/or opposition to Unity Consciousness, we must learn how to navigate and flow through a new world, moving through the empty unknown spaces, instead of clinging to the familiar karmic debris for stability, reference, and validation of personal identification.  We are spinning off of the karmic treadmill into the infinite realms of unity consciousness, and it can feel scary to let go of all that we’ve once held onto and identified with so passionately.  We’re transcending the need to remain tethered to the drama that grounds humanity to the earth, and in the process, allowing for movement by grace instead of by force.  We find that when we let go, we are all held together as One.
The Full Moon in Taurus on Monday morning the 14th is revealing where our new “tethers” have rooted us and plugged us in for grounding.  These new roots are as deep as they are high – as above, so below.  The Taurus Moon is conjunct Sedna in a brand new cycle, and Sedna is the most elevated cosmic perspective we could possibly root ourselves to for grounding.  This is the ultimate expansion of consciousness along our vertical axis, as we truly become the bridge between heaven and earth…we become the source of unification of yin and yang, in the still point of our hearts, as our spines stretch vertically, and our open hearts stretch wide through our arms and hands horizontally, embracing All with a unified heart through relationship.  Equally left and right, equally above and below.
If unity is to occur now, it is because of our willingness to stretch ourselves far and wide as the Unified Heart and the consciousness of Love.  When we do, the world feels the healing/wholing power of our presence.  There’s nothing to resist, nothing to oppose…our hearts are the connecting points of All extremes, our hearts become whole, and our hearts become home for All.
On Tuesday the 15th, Mercury and Mars are in resource together, which is another unifying theme.   When mind and body are in opposition, there is the perception of disease.  The illusion is that mind and body could ever really be in opposition, because the body is the mirrored reflection of the mind, they are forever connected in relationship.  The conflict only occurs when the mind refuses to accept the current condition of the reflection.  There’s no body without the mind to perceive it, and there’s no mind without a body to live in.  They are interdependent reflections of each other, both are masculine in quality, however their position within the polarity produces different perspectives.   The mind is masculine in quality and masculine in perspective because it creates the physical through the creative spark of a thought.  And the body, while masculine in quality, is feminine in perspective because it receives and reflects the communication of the mind.  In order to sustainably shift or transform the body, we must first shift the mind to allow a new belief.  We have come a long way toward understanding this powerful unified and diverse relationship, and now we can use it as a resource to understand the inherent polarity in all relationships.
On Wednesday the 16th, the Moon is void most of the day with a Venus Mars intimacy connection.  This is another powerful example of unification through the wholeness of the divine feminine.  Wholeness of anything requires yin and yang.  In order to experience pure yin, there must also be the contrast of yang.  Mars is the white dot of yang inside the black yin half of the yin/yang symbol.  Together, they create the full expression of Divine Feminine.  If we can begin to see anything clearly this week, let us begin to see the necessity of diversity and contrast in order to experience purity.  If we’re looking for 100% agreement and same perspective, it will never occur in this physical dimension, until we realize that we are all connected, and our contrast by nature is the connecting point.
Friday the 18th is the exact Neptune Orcus Bridge with the Nodes in exact conjunctions, with a Mercury Neptune Stepping Stone, meaning Mercury is at the intersection of this super bridge.  A new cycle is at hand, the gates are wide open, the veils are lifted, our messenger is at the balance point, and our guide is there to usher us across.  Neptune belongs in Pisces, and we are reminded that enlightenment is our true nature, our home and our birthright, it’s where we originally came from.  The confusion is simply the karma that we came here to awaken from.  Our incarnation comes with a layer of fog that separates us from the memory of our connection to God and the higher realms.   This bridge reminds us that we’ve always known the way home.  Mercury’s intersection provides a step up to our higher mind and higher ground.  This bridge isn’t accessible or even visible to the slumbering ego mind.
On Saturday the 19th, Neptune stations – dignified and at home in Pisces, the sign of Christ Consciousness and spiritual wisdom – conjunct the Nodes, amplifying the existing bridge with Orcus.  Neptune and the South Node (karma) join together at 9 Pisces and Orcus and the North Node (dharma) also join together at 9 Virgo, in an exact multidimensional super bridge, activated and powerfully lit up by the Neptune station.  When we awaken to our true nature of enlightenment, our own light clears the fog of confusion and amnesia (our karma), and the path home is crystal clear.  We are free to live a life of purpose, clarity, evolution, and authentic alignment with our true nature.  There’s no way to ever forget or fall back asleep again.  Ceres retrogrades back to Eris on Friday, ensuring that we don’t fall back asleep, that the discomforts from living in illusion have become too painful to continue any longer.
On Sunday the 20th, the Sun enters Sagittarius after crossing the portal of physical wisdom at the alchemical 29 Scorpio degree.  The truth of our physicality appears before our very eyes to reflect the elevation of consciousness we’ve experienced this week by crossing the bridge, and Sagittarius reveals the highest victory of our hard work…the clearing of our karma as we wipe the slate clean and prepare for a whole new game and a whole new Earth.
Early the following Monday, Ceres retrogrades back to Uranus.  For the rest of winter, she will be traveling together in conjunction with Eris and Uranus, in a bridge with Haumea.   This is the ultimate tension bridge that awakens our consciousness and delivers us home, together…united from disruption, and wholed through diversity.
The practice this week is to remain centered within your heart, and continue to stretch open in every moment of discomfort.   When the impulse is to close, contract, or react, choose to open, stretch, expand, and elevate your perspective.   There is no right or wrong experience on the planet, all sides and opinions are valuable and relevant, because all lives matter.  Practice letting go of the attachment to any one perspective, and continue stretching as the space holder of Love that unifies All, like a kaleidoscope of multiple brilliant streams of light.  Let go of the desire to identify with an argument or defend a position as if that’s “who you are”.  Notice what you’re attached to and what you’re rooted into by defending a position, and allow yourself to become fluid and free vs fixed and rigid.  In order to experience wholeness and purity, we must experience I, We, and ALL, and if we’re consumed with our agenda to being right about any of these, we disconnect with the potential for unity.
This is the moment we all came here for…the moment of awakening for humanity!!!  What an exciting time to be alive on the planet!!!

“What is to give light must endure burning.” 

― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning


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