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For the week of November 7 – 13, 2016

The week ahead brings a major opportunity for inner alignment and provides communication downloads that awaken humanity, giving us powerful access to the multidimensional super bridge that opens on Sunday between the Nodes, Orcus and Neptune.  It’s important that we stay tuned to our bodies, minds, and hearts this week, allowing for subtle shifts and adjustments through the hidden sticky layers and membranes.  Our willingness to fully commit to ourselves will move us beyond those invisible sheets of karmic tar that finally free us to walk across the bridge, empowered with clarity.  From this bridge, we find ourselves already planted in a new cycle, in the New Earth.

On Monday, Mercury is in Great Eliminator with Uranus with a Sun Pluto Resource, and on Tuesday (Election Day in the US) Mercury is in Great Eliminator with Eris.  Mercury is the great messenger, operating through our higher communications.  Everything collective that’s occurring right now is the reflection of our inner conversations and stories, sometimes the deep sticky invisible layers we don’t even recognize are there, oftentimes the hidden threads inherited through our DNA and ancestral lineage. 

We are the collective, we are the manifestation of our past lineage, and all that’s coming to fruition now is the result of lifetimes of actions and reactions that we are all karmically connected to in some way.  To say we’re not responsible is a slumbering statement of separation consciousness.  We are responsible for everything we experience.   There’s no blame or judgment, responsibility simply means we have the ability to respond and to be the shift of higher consciousness.   

There is nothing occurring that we don’t have influence over, because it is ultimately our reflection (the reflection of our collective inherited consciousness).  The more awakened we become, the more powerfully we can access our I AM Presence to BE the possibility for change, to BE the divine flow of Love, and to BE the answer to our current global condition.  The shift comes from our own consciousness, not from anything or anyone external. 

It won’t matter who gets elected if we continue to operate at the same collective frequency.  We are the ones responsible for transformation through this election.  Every human being has a choice in this moment to either elevate into the New Earth, or to remain asleep, distracted, and confused, caught up in the illusions of drama, and disconnected from ourselves.  That’s the vote we’re casting, and it’s our responsibility to take action from an empowered place, especially as light workers on the planet.

Uranus produces the kind of unexpected events that side swipe us awake, like a bolt of lightning to the core, instantly.  And Eris is the awakening force of inner disruption that clears the distractions and drama from our internal operating system, like a volcano erupting lava and spewing ash, uncontrollable yet necessary.  Mercury connects us to the higher mind and the equanimous observer. 

Our ability to remain centered in the highest observer’s perspective while all of this is occurring, to allow and witness the mass unfolding, without judgment, blame, criticism or impulsive ego reactivity, is the best possible scenario that leads to right alignment, right timing, and right action.  It’s important to continue taking the high road within ourselves, allowing our finest version of Self to emerge with compassion and grace.  After the storm, comes the light.

On Wednesday, Mars moves into Aquarius, the air sign of awakened consciousness and spiritual Love, expressed as unconditional Self Love.  Remember, we’re in an “11” vibration month of mastery, and the focus now is on mastering unconditional Love, through Mars, the physical dimension.   Our relationship with our bodies, our home, our work and environment, is a reflection of our capacity to love ourselves, and to see ourselves as the embodiment of Spirit. 

When we view our physical reflection as divine perfection and spiritual love, our bodies become the conduit, a pure gift.  One body, one life reflects All, reflects the Divine.   As I love my Self unconditionally, I’m loving All, the way God loves All.   How I treat myself matters, because I am the presence of God speaking to me and through me.  Divine Love would never speak with harshness, anger, criticism, abandonment or neglect, and so my own internal operating system must shift to a new frequency to allow my innermost personal communications to match the Divine Law.   This is the most important and necessary shift of the new paradigm.

Thursday, Venus conjuncts Quaoar at the Galactic Center, starting a brand new cycle of our unified heart moving into the infinite realm of possibility.  Everything is available and anything is possible when we access the blank canvass where all beliefs originate from.   We have the freedom to believe anything we choose, and our hearts will hold that belief as truth, allowing it to become our reality. Our hearts are the alchemical mixing bowls that create our reality, and the most potent mixing agent is Love.  How well we’re willing to practice unconditional love within ourselves determines our capacity for alchemy as the cosmic heart of our universe.  If we refuse to love ourselves, we give our power away.  When we own the power that we are, and own our value and contribution on this planet, we can harness that power through our heart’s capacity to manifest a global shift.  This is so important.

And on Friday, Venus crosses the World Axis and moves into Capricorn, sign of spiritual power and the divine executive director.  This truly is the time for our hearts to step fully into authority as the leaders of the new paradigm and the New Earth.  The leaders of the new world are authentic, heart centered, spiritual leaders that are guided by integrity, unity and vision, not by ego.  This type of power can’t be bought, manipulated, or endorsed, it’s free to all, but requires consciousness to activate.  This is the new paradigm shift, and it’s happening now.

Saturday is a huge day, and very interesting.  Within a Void Aries Moon, there are 5 Mercury aspects occurring, and 3 of those are parallels, which are similar to conjunctions, but by latitude, not degree.   A conjunction is like a physical face to face meeting and new beginning, whereas parallels are more like telepathic conversations that spark new beginnings, without the face to face direct contact.  Mercury forms parallels with Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, and our empathic connections with our physical body, inner guru, and our underground subconscious gatekeeper are being upgraded and rebooted. 

The Aries Void Moon activates new potential when we take responsibility through our thoughts.  When we shift our paradigm, we gain access to unprecedented thought patterns as the new response to the events occurring around us.  These new thoughts are the spark of revolution, igniting creative potential for a whole new reality. 

Mercury moves into Sagittarius, crossing the important alchemical 29 degree Scorpio degree where metaphysical transmutation occurs effortlessly.  Our thoughts have the power to clear karmic residue and deliver us to a whole new reality.  By allowing our thoughts and beliefs to shift into new realms, we become aware of who we perceive ourselves to be beyond our thoughts, and we change our world view radically.   We are not our thoughts, we are the infinite divine presence witnessing our thoughts.  When we buy into what we are thinking, our thoughts become our reality. When we respond with equanimity and grace, and a higher spiritual authority, those karmic thoughts clear like weather patterns, and the sustainable manifestation is Love, which wipes the slate clean and slices through the roots of historic drama.

On Sunday, the Sun is in Great Eliminator with Eris and Uranus, setting the stage for the Full Moon on Monday morning, and also preparing for the official grand opening of the multidimensional super bridge between the nodes, Neptune and Orcus that will remain activated all next week.  This is the start of a pivotal new cycle, and anything left to clear from our path on Sunday will be eliminated, whether we like it or not.  Get ready, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

The practice this week is to look deeply into the mirror of all that’s occurring in the world, and to remain seated in the highest observer’s perch.  The universal request on our planet is for integrity, clarity, transparency, and the commitment to awaken.  Notice when your buttons get triggered by political stories of manipulation, corruption, or inauthenticity.  Where have you been inauthentic with yourself, given your power away, or allowed yourself to sabotage your inner commitment to honor, love and care for your body, heart, and spirit?  Where do you allow your own authority to collapse by neglecting your inner commitment to yourself and your core values? 

Nothing is separate, we all contribute to the collective experience, and we are all responsible for waking up and raising the bar on the level of excellence in our world, starting within.  Regardless of who gets elected on Tuesday, the real election is to vote to be fully attentive and awake within your Self, in full participation with the world, contributing your light and presence to All.  When humanity fully awakens, there will be no more war, violence, abuse, or neglect.  As our collective vibration awakens to the consciousness of Love, we awaken potential for global abundance, expansion, community, possibility, and freedom for All.

“Our lives are not our own.  From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”  David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas            

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