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For the week of October 31 – November 6, 2016

After last week’s deep dive underground into the hidden realms within, we’re navigating and exploring even deeper through subtle aspects this week, moving us towards a massive crescendo on Saturday that awakens the heart and activates the soul’s original blueprint for this incarnation.  This is a significant moment of realignment, planting us on a whole new path, and there’s no going back.

Anytime we travel through darkness, our extra sensory perception becomes heightened, and our ability to intuitively open through subtle vibrations develops and refines, producing fine tuned personal mastery.  We’re moving from a “10” vibration of October into the “11” vibration of mastery in November.  The New Moon in Scorpio literally planted each of us as the original divine seed of Love, in purest form, and our destiny now is to become the full manifestation of Love in physical form, through the expression of our unique individual mastery.  We’re experiencing the powerful transformation from seed to full bloom expression, embodying the sacred tree of life, while shaking loose and releasing the old manifestations from attachments to the illusions and distractions that we’ve held onto or hid behind until now.

Imagine waking up from a black and white dream to discover high definition technicolor vision for the first time, or experiencing the difference from 2D to 3D graphics, and now from 3D consciousness to 5D Cosmic Consciousness.   It’s difficult to explain the subtleties with mere words, but once we experience the new expansive potential, there’s no going back to the old limitations and recurring cycle of projections.  It’s like peeling off a layer of cloudy residue that we didn’t realize was even there, residue that was stagnating the original quality of vibration, now revealing brilliance underneath that inspires new life and nourishes creative potential.  Before we can fully bloom ourselves into the next chapter, we must acknowledge and relinquish our old attachments and identifications with limiting structures and definitions that have flattened and dulled our experience of ourselves and Love.   Love is the highest vibrational currency in 5D….Love is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the currency we exchange, and the flow of life that animates and restores our bodies and the earth.  In 3D, we needed money and power, time and space, but in 5D, we recognize that Love transcends all barriers, limitations, and conditions.  Love is the answer, and our capacity to awaken and expand AS the divine presence of Love is the most powerful force of nature that shifts our reality on a dime.

When we allow ourselves to become the seed of divine love, encoded with our unique individual blueprint, we can plant ourselves literally anywhere and become the answer to our global condition, through the expression of our own personal mastery and contribution.  Many of us are feeling physically scattered or unsettled right now, unsure of where we belong or where we feel called forth.  It’s important to trust and surrender, and know that wherever we are in this moment is exactly where we’re meant to be, until the moment we find ourselves moving somewhere else.  Each current moment moves us to the next.   When we vacate ourselves, even for just a moment, wishing we were somewhere else, we disconnect from the divine blueprint within our seed, and we disconnect from ourselves.   That disconnection throws us back into the repetitive loop that dulls down our experience of life and flatlines the expression of Love.  It’s important to remain present and awake right now, it’s the only way to consciously navigate into the next moment.  Sitting on the edge of our seat with hearts wide open.

The week begins with several subtle intimacy aspects, creating an environment that sharpens our awareness and brings our full undivided attention to each moment.   Our presence is palpable, and the air is ripe for transformation.  Anything can happen in the blink of an eye.  On Tuesday, The Sun manifests with Neptune, and the thinning veils become completely clear.   Our vision is restored, what was hidden comes to light, revealing major insight that we may have been sensing for a while but unable to recognize or address until now.   All is revealed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, in plain sight.

On Thursday, Mercury is resourceful with Pluto, the Sun and Jupiter are in an intimacy aspect, and the moon is void all day from 6:30am to 11pm, which hasn’t happened in a very long time.   Within that void moon, there is profound stillness, activating deeper and deeper layers of intuitive communication in preparation for expansion.  It’s the calm before the crescendo, the foreshadow of intensity to come.

Saturday is the beautiful explosion of creative potential.  Venus manifests with Eris and Uranus while conjunct Ixion in a new cycle, which means Ixion is also manifesting with Eris and Uranus.  The fact that Venus is just beginning her out of bounds journey indicates that this manifestation is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before, completely uncharted, resulting in massive awakening that shows us what’s possible when we unleash and uncensor our hearts, allowing Love to express freely as the divine light that sparks devoted passion, the kind that ignites a revolution at the soul level, and there’s no turning back.  This is the threshold into a whole new chapter that involves the divine blueprint of the soul, merged with the heart, which means it’s spiritual destiny serving an evolutionary purpose.

On Sunday, the Sun and Saturn are in an intimacy aspect as the Sun sits on the world axis, leading up to the election in the US.  Our consciousness is defining the outcome, moment to moment, and Love is the answer, always.

The practice this week is to surrender and return to the heart, as the original seed of divine Love, with full presence and awareness.  With every inhale, imagine opening more and more to the infinite center of your heart.   Allow every exhale to release Love unconditionally, uncensored and uninhibited, beyond any initial interference, discomfort or distractions.   The more deeply and fully we can occupy our own heart space, the more open and expanded our roots become, stretching outward, connecting us all together, circulating the flow of divine Love with abundance.  This is an important week to plug in deep, and allow the flow to expand unconditionally.

“A person experiences life as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of consciousness.  Our task must be to free ourselves from this self-imposed prison, and through compassion, to find the reality of Oneness.” ~Albert Einstein

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