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For the week of October 24 – 30:

After an intensive week of revelations and awakenings, we’re moving forward into the Scorpio themed energy of alchemical transformation, where shapeshifting is not only accessible, it’s the way of physically navigating in the new world.  Shapeshifting requires letting go of attachments to physical appearance, form or structure, so that the physical dimension can be liberated to manifest as Love in accordance with the highest vision, one that we may not have even considered yet.  If we think we know where we’re headed, we can’t possibly imagine the exact depth and dimension of every single detail, so it’s best to allow and be called forth AS the new vision, instead of thinking the vision is an external destination we will someday arrive at or achieve through planning.

We are being multidimensionally refined, and not that any expression of ourselves is “better or worse” than any other, we are simply experiencing our multidimensional capacity to be all expressions, so infinitely many that it would be impossible to maintain or even conceive of all at once, or try to limit or define ourselves as just one.   As we recognize that we can become any facet of ourselves (the universe) at any moment, depending upon what is being called forth or inspired from within, we gain access to incredible potential.  Like deep water that is constantly moving, shifting, flowing, and transforming, there are no boundaries, no edges to separate the drops of water within the larger body, all gain access to each other through fluidity and movement.   Water moves with gravity, deeper and deeper, transforming the physical container of earth by the vibrational blueprint of the water.   Both become transformed by each other through the physical relationship.   

Scorpio energy, in Cosmic Consciousness, represents physical love, and is the water element contained within the physical quadrant of our consciousness.   It is a profoundly alchemical and metaphysical expression of our potential to resurrect and transform into anything, beyond any and all perceived physical structures, limitations, and appearances.   The physical body is 80 percent water, so the water element has great capacity to change the overall integrity, health, and expression of the physical container.   Dr Emoto, a brilliant Japanese scientist, conducted many amazing experiments proving the transmutational properties of water through studying the effects of communication and intention (Mercury) and the physical manifestation (Mars) of water crystals that formed from those vibrational patterns.   When we program our water (and our trillions of cells) to the vibration of Love, we literally manifest an expression of physical love in divine perfection and sacred geometry.  When we program our water to the vibration of Fear, our manifestation becomes distorted and unrecognizable.   Such is the result on our health, physical body, and the environment of Earth.

Mars has been traveling out of bounds for many months, back and forth through Scorpio, and recently in conjunction with Saturn and Antares in Sagittarius back in August.   Our physicality has been undergoing massive overhaul and transmutation as we’ve been confronting and letting go of the old attachments, definitions, and limits imposed upon by our own fear based shadows and projections, thus wiping the slate clean and allowing for a brand new physical embodiment to emerge.  (Along with the recent Virgo wormhole in September, we’ve also been purifying and refining our water element).  Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, the planet that ushers us into the dark underworld for death and rebirth, and Mars just joined Pluto for a brand new cycle last week.  As we’ve shed light on these dark sticky places, we’ve each had the opportunity to awaken Love and activate the potential for conscious evolution within those shadows.  As Mercury moves into Scorpio this week, (Monday the 24th) our higher minds are connecting the dots to what’s been occurring deep below the surface.    

Interesting to note that we are in the Aquarian Age, the awakening of humanity.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is divine spiritual Love, expressed as unconditional self Love when we recognize that the divine exists within.  And when we love ourselves as One, we open unconditionally AS the Divine current of Love that is present, awake, and flowing through All.  The affinity sign of Aquarius is Scorpio, and as mirrored reflections of each other on the Cosmic Clock, Scorpio represents the highest manifestation of that divine current of Love that flows through all things physical, the reflection of our awakened consciousness.  When our internal operating system is calibrated to the frequency of Divine Love, the result is a whole new vision manifesting as a whole new world.  Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, and as Mercury moves into Scorpio this week, we gain mirrored access to our brilliant multidimensional operating system that is navigating, communicating, and connecting us to that ultimate transformation.    

Venus, the ruler of our individual emotional body (water element), is currently in Sagittarius, the highest victory of truth where we finish the game, clear the decks, and start a whole new cycle at a new octave of consciousness.  On Tuesday, Venus is in a stepping stone with Neptune, on Wednesday Venus is resourceful with Jupiter, and by Thursday, Venus is traveling out of bounds, in uncharted territory for an expanded duration similar to Mars’.   The stepping stone with Neptune gives us access to higher ground and insight into the infinite ocean of limitless possibilities, and Jupiter helps us to expand upon that potential, preparing our hearts for the out of bounds journey.   Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, so this resourceful meeting is like an important coaching call with a trustworthy guide before making an epic leap into the unknown. 

On Saturday the 29th, Mars is in stepping stones with Haumea, Eris and Uranus, and Venus conjuncts Saturn and the Great Attractor at 14 Sagittarius.  What a huge moment of awakened empowerment for the divine feminine, the yin energy which is the ultimate expression and embodiment of our wholeness.  As we awaken to our wholeness, we stand fully responsible as the sacred guardians and protectors of our bodies and our planet.     

On Sunday the 30th, Mercury is manifesting with Neptune, the New Moon in Scorpio conjuncts Orcus, and Mars is back in bounds after that profound journey of physical transmutation.  Mercury’s manifestation with Neptune creates an enlightened perspective and capacity for observing the New Moon event, which is planting the seeds of our new collective paradigm shift into the deep alchemical waters of Scorpio.  Anything goes and anything is possible as we continue to surrender the ego’s attachments to what anything looks like on the surface.  Now isnot the time to be distracted by appearances and drama, this is the time to close our eyes and trust in our intuitive navigation system, allowing ourselves to be moved by the deeper currents that can’t be denied or refused.    We are being called forth to a whole new manifestation that is unrecognizable at the surface because it’s never before been seen or realized.   When the time is right, we will all open our eyes and see the expression of what we’ve planted for ourselves.  But for now, it’s important to allow and trust. Transformation never looks pretty in the middle of chaos and destruction, nothing makes much sense, and it’s not supposed to yet. Trust the process and allow the full deliverance to occur, with patience and grace. 

The practice for this week is to consciously program your water with the vibration of unconditional Love.   Anytime you connect with water, whether through drinking, bathing, or even walking/driving in the rain, think loving thoughts and plant the vibrational seeds of that intention.  Imagine rain water, alive with the conscious vibration of Unconditional Love, showering down upon the earth to every person, animal, plant, tree, and speck of dust, calibrating the water element within each physical connection.   Before drinking a glass of water, place your hands on the glass and send the frequency of Unconditional Love to your water, then allow yourself to receive and absorb that vibration throughout your physical body.  Place the word “Love” on your water bottle or glass, or even on your body.  Program your body to the vibration of Unconditional Love, through your lymphatic system, spinal fluid, cellular fluid, synovial fluid, and tear ducts.  The fluid in your body contains infinite potential to communicate through elevated frequency, and our internal operating system activates that potential instantly through our thoughts.   If there’s temporary inflammation anywhere in your body, that’s an abundant opportunity for Love to manifest.  Anything is possible, moment to moment.  Choose your thoughts, be intentional, and most importantly, choose Love…again and again.   

“and the world we live in will be either better or worse, depending on whether we become better or worse.  And that’s where the power of love comes in.  Because when we love, we always strive to become better than we are.” 

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist



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