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For the week of October 17 – 23:

Get ready for another multidimensionally active week as the powerful Full Moon in Aries continues to reverberate, awakening new possibilities in unexpected ways.   Unification is the theme, and we must awaken to unify.  As the intensity builds around and within, every discomfort and distraction ultimately delivers us deeper and deeper into the core of our own conscious awareness and into our hearts.   There’s nowhere else to look but within, and there we discover our wholeness:  the collective composite of every thought, reaction, experience, response, and expression of our being, throughout all dimensions, lineages, and lifetimes.  When we can see it all, with clear vision and wisdom, we activate the power to choose and create what comes next.  Every thought manifests as vibration, creating texture, color, sound, frequency, and multi sensory experience that manifests as our physical reality.  Change the thought, and the paradigm behind the thought, and a whole new world emerges.

This week hosts a very important meeting with Mars and Pluto on the 19th, producing a new cycle of physical transmutation and resurrection.   The physical body is the record keeper of all of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and the physical body is also the messenger (in partnership with Mercury) that reveals feedback of the stories we’ve been committed to and the belief systems that make up our operating system.   The body never lies, it gives a current mirrored reflection of what’s occurring within, multidimensionally, moment to moment.

Mars (the physical body ruler) has been traveling out of bounds for a very long time, as our attachments to the physical “status quo” is moved out of sight and out of mind, until we almost forget what our default programming felt like.   Often times, in periods of deep transformation (and the discomfort that goes along with it), it’s common to wish things could just return back to “normal”, back to the known comfort of familiarity and certainty.  This attachment to the “status quo” is what keeps us in repetitive loops and cycles, never fully releasing and letting go to start a new.  Too often, we receive insights and wisdom through the discomfort, but as soon as the pain lets go, we jump right back into the same old scenario of familiarity that created the discomfort in the first place, and we recreate the past all over again.  Letting go requires courage and trust while leaning into the discomfort…the willingness to surrender while leaping with faith into the unknown, unfamiliar territory, patiently withstanding undetermined amounts of time, until the old ground is recycled into a new terrain and we find ourselves taking root in a whole new world.

When everything we’ve ever known is gone, and there’s no guarantee of how long the gap will last before we find solid footing again, we come face to face with our ability to trust our inner guidance, spirit, and Source.   Our inner devotion either deflates and collapses, or it ignites and strengthens.   This is the time for unwavering faith, beyond evidence and proof, that all is unfolding and the new cycle is here.  There is nothing wrong, there are no mistakes or errors, all is divinely perfect and well.  The spiritual work is to continue to allow all thoughts to arise from a space of trust, faith, and unconditional love while the old collapses and clears around us and the new emerges with clarity.

The week begins with the Sun conjunct Haumea, shining the light of our consciousness on our wholeness, for clarity and wisdom.  We’ve been awakening to our wholeness for several months as Eris and Uranus have been in a bridge with Haumea, and continue to be for quite some time.  The 2 Great Awakeners are shaking our focus toward ourselves, using any and every uncomfortable event as a means to get our full undivided attention.   When we place our attention on something, we shine our light on it…we nourish it with our consciousness, and it grows.   And when our consciousness is unconditional love, we shine the light of Love on ourselves, which unifies and wholes all of the lost, fragmented, unrecognizable, or forgotten aspects of ourselves, and brings us home, within the peaceful still point of our own heart.  Without the painful and uncomfortable shake ups, we might not be willing to pay close attention to ourselves.  Like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum, these shake ups will get louder and louder until we finally pay attention.   It’s important that we tune our undivided love and attention inward to awaken and activate our soul’s higher blueprint.  It’s time, and we know it.

On Tuesday, Venus moves into Sagittarius.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius is the sign of physical wisdom, the truth seeker.  When we see the highest truth of what’s possible, and acknowledge the diversions and illusions we’ve been buying into, and the ways we’ve been avoiding and distracting ourselves from our light, purpose and destiny, we will never again blindly buy into those same tactics and mistruths.  A new chapter can truly begin as our hearts lead the way toward the ultimate expansion of consciousness.  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is currently in Libra, physical power, and the highest realization that “I am you and you are me”.   We are the reflection of each other, we are One, and there’s nothing to ever hide from when we see ourselves and All with clarity.

Wednesday is the big Mars Pluto conjunction (new cycle) and our physical dimension is being born anew in Capricorn, the sign of spiritual power and authentic leadership navigated by the divine director.   Our bodies have been undergoing a resurrection of the highest order for quite some time, and now the rebirth becomes evident, in alignment with higher authority and divine cosmic order.  Also on Wednesday, Vesta (devotion) moves into Leo, the sign of Emotional Love, gratitude, service, and blessings.  This shift ignites and restores the powerful flame of our inner devotion, our faith and trust in the blessings of every moment, with courage.   Our faith supports our ability to surrender to the birthing process as our physical transformation takes new shape and reveals new growth, unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

On Thursday, Mercury conjuncts Haumea, in a bridge with Eris and Uranus, starting a new cycle that unifies our operating system with our newly awakened experience of wholeness, within ourselves and as collective consciousness.  The Sun is resourceful with Quaoar, Mercury is resourceful with Ixion, and the Sun bridges with Ceres by late evening.  Our consciousness is plugging in and gaining access to the new paradigm shift that’s occurring, which is activating our individual soul blueprints and purpose with clarity, as Ceres prepares to deliver us to our individual potential in this next chapter.

Later in the week, the Sun moves into Scorpio, and it’s time for major transformation and alchemy as the tides are shifting, our roles are shifting and changing, and new potential is manifesting according to the highest vision.  Scorpio is the sign of physical Love, and that’s exactly what we’re manifesting ahead, in great abundance.

The practice this week is bring your full, undivided attention inward, into the still point of your heart.   Breathe in every moment and every experience, into the stillness of your heart for wisdom, balance, and unification, and exhale Love.  Any moment of discomfort, uncertainty, or pain is an opportunity to soften and open, expanding within your own heart.  Let go of any resistance, fear or doubt, and allow your body and heart to embrace whatever is occurring, so that you are moved and transformed by the experience, instead of resisting or refusing to go in deep.  We are being turned inside out through the birthing canal of our own higher consciousness, and in the process, awakening to all that we are, and the unique sacred geometry we each carry inside our soul.  The only way out is through, and the only way through is to surrender and let go.  We’re already there!!!


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