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For the week of September 26 – October 2:

After much intensity and sideways upheaval, the wormhole officially comes to completion this week, as does the “9” month, and we transition into the new vibration of a “10” month.   There is a definite shift in atmospheric pressure, a welcomed cool front that allows for easier breathing as the dust settles and we access a fresh clear perspective on where we are now.  Everything has changed, from the inside out.  Most significantly, our hearts have been purified, stretched, and recalibrated to a whole new capacity for unconditional Self Love, which is the primary distinction of Unity Consciousness..  As we begin to explore our newly refined inner space through the Libra lens of our consciousness, we can take inventory via the mirrored reflection and recognize all off the integration work we’ve just completed.  We’ve traveled far through this multidimensional wormhole journey, and now we find ourselves back to the beginning, embarking on a whole new journey, with every possibility alive in our hearts, amplified by a surge of new energy.

Last weekend’s Eris Uranus conjunction felt like jumper cables to our consciousness, facilitating an obvious reboot to clear the path and jump the track, finding the groove that resonates now with our higher frequency.   Once we find our groove, it’s impossible to be tempted by lower vibrational distractions or interference, the old plots and stories lose their power.  It’s like waking up from the matrix with a powerful jolt, discovering a high aptitude for discernment and clarity, and watching the illusions disintegrate and collapse.

Without those old distractions taking up space in the lower mind, the higher operating system (Mercury) is functioning now at optimal performance, with precision and efficiency.   Our thoughts are manifesting instantly and clearly, which calls forth even greater awareness, integrity, and personal responsibility to tend to the heart and be the consistent response of unconditional love and self care, which benefits All.   As we care for ourselves with a purified heart, and as our thoughts manifest instantly with ultra clarity and precision, the result is increased volumes of unconditional love, abundance, and service on the planet.

On Monday 9/26, the Sun and Jupiter conjunct (new cycle) with MakeMake (from Sunday) and Pluto stations at 15 Capricorn.  Venus moves into a bridge with Ceres, and on Tuesday 9/27 Mars crosses the Galactic Center into Capricorn conjunct Quaoar.  That’s a lot of activity.  Simply put, our consciousness (personal and social) is expanding towards divine cosmic order, which is the theme of the season and the theme of the new world.  The fact that this conjunction is kicking off at the Pluto Station is significant to the resurrection and rebirth of our collective consciousness, which is happening at 14 Capricorn.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn is the Divine Director, the voice of Source (God).   There’s a higher authority orchestrating the new world, and it’s emerging in our newly awakened collective consciousness, in tune with the divine law and order of the Universe.  Divine Universal Law always corrects and overrides the imbalances caused by ego, because Divine Law is the highest octave of Spiritual Power.

Venus and Mars together represent the emerging wholeness of the new Divine Feminine, which is playing a huge role in supporting this expansion and awakening of consciousness.   Venus (heart) and Ceres (midwife) are holding the bridge that roots the new consciousness while allowing for massive deliverance through alchemy and transmutation.  And Mars is still traveling out of bounds, crossing the Portal of Truth between the physical and spiritual realms, bringing all things physical back to the higher authority of the spiritual realm in uncharted territory.  There’s no telling what can happen in this overhaul and realignment of our physicality!

Friday 9/30 is the New Moon in Libra that officially closes the wormhole passage.   The Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and MakeMake all conjunct at 8 Libra, reflecting the significance of the new cycle, and more importantly, the significance of all the inner work we’ve just completed in preparation for where we’re headed, the New World.   We can’t bring the old into the new, in fact we can’t bring anything at all, other than Love, and a newly calibrated capacity to operate holistically as instruments and conduits of Love.  We’ve been stripped to the bone, and every bone in our body is newly attuned to the higher frequencies.  In Libra, we experience the mirrored reflection of our own consciousness through all things physical.  So our willingness to calibrate the higher frequencies into our own bones results as the physical manifestation and realization of that clarity in the outer world.  We’re ready now to move forward and experience the results of our inner diligence.

On Saturday 10/1, Venus manifests with Neptune, unveiling the newly resurrected purity of our hearts, amplified from the “10” vibration.  Neptune is the ruler of the infinite realm, the Pisces vast ocean of Unconditional Love, and is dignified and at home at 10 Pisces.   When our hearts manifest with that kind of energy, the expression is bound to be benevolent, beautiful, and profoundly transformational.   This is the kind of love that can alter the universe, and it’ s the sustainable fuel source of the future.

Sunday 10/2 is a Sun Great Eliminator with Neptune and a Mercury Great Eliminator with Eris and Uranus.  There are choices to be made, and if the previous day’s expression of Love was allowed, these choices will be effortless and life changing.   When we honor the power of Love, we can move mountains with a thought, and redesign any challenge with the blink of an eye.   When we refuse to honor the truth in our hearts, or when we make the competing circumstances more important, we make lower vibrational choices that lead to confusion, congestion, and delay.  There’s no wrong turn, only time and space.

The practice for this week is conscious breathing.   Take some time each morning to connect to the breath, and follow the flow of the divine in through the nose and out through the nose, feeling every sensation and vibration through the physical conduit of your nostrils.   Expand your awareness to follow each breath as it sweeps through your entire body, allowing your entire physical structure to become opened and activated by every inhale.   Remember that each breath is brand new, unprecedented.   And each breath contains the infinite realm of unconditional love and abundant potential.   Allow your cells and your whole being to receive the energizing abundance that’s available in every breath, and let go of everything else.   We are aligning and refining our bodies as instruments and conduits of Love, and boldly stepping forward as pioneers of the new world!


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