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For the week of September 5 – 11, 2016

Get ready for another big ride coming up this week.  We’re inside a very active Virgo wormhole where purification, integration, and alignment of the lower 4 body system is key, while Mars (physical body ruler) is still completely out of bounds in Sagittarius, and Mercury (mental body ruler) is retrograding through Virgo from the master degree.  What can easily feel like disorienting chaos is actually divine creative chaos that unearths the subconscious tangled attachments to the old paradigm while we’re not looking.  If it feels like we’re losing our footing or being ripped apart in several directions, it’s our higher Self distracting us just enough to do the necessary clearing work that puts us all back together again, in right alignment with the new paradigm, the new operating system, and the new world.

The all important theme right now is “Anything Goes” and the individual mantra is “I Honor My Self” (specifically My Heart).  It’s more important than ever to keep the focus within, and that means doing whatever it takes to keep our eyes peeled with the zoom lens pointed directly into our own hearts.   With mind and body dancing (or spinning) in seemingly different directions, all that matters right now is tuning into the wisdom of the heart, and allowing discernment, wisdom, and Love to motivate all actions.   Only by honoring the truth of our hearts can the wormhole deliver us to our highest manifestation.   If we deny our heart in any way, or refuse to mind the calling, we limit the experiences and overlook the possibilities that are so ripe and available right now.

This wormhole period is an opportunity to completely release and shed the final attachments to past karmic story lines that have created deep physical manifestations of chronic conditions and limitations throughout a soul’s lifetime.   The fact that Mercury is retrograde in Virgo through this wormhole portal is so significant, because all things physical begin with thought, and all thoughts are either rooted in separation consciousness or unity consciousness.   When we forget that we are one with Source, as the embodiment and expression of infinite spirit, we manifest a physical reality that reflects separation.   When we reverse those limiting beliefs and thoughts, reconnecting our mental body back to unity consciousness, those old electromagnetic patterns of physical karma can untangle and deactivate, releasing the illusion of suffering, separation, and disease…thereby altering our physical reality, and revealing the highest truth.  As Mercury travels retrograde, focusing our attention back on Source, we have the opportunity to liberate ourselves, once and for all, and end the karmic game for good.  Once the old attachments, stories, and roles are completed, at the root, we are free to move into uncharted territory of brand new beginnings, where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

The fact that Mars is still out of bounds in Sagittarius signifies that the physical dimension is up for grabs in a whole new terrain, (if we can allow the new paradigm to take root in our consciousness), and it’s up to our higher minds to get clear about what our future will look like.   Anything goes, and anything can be projected onto the movie screen of the physical dimension.   Once Mars is back in bounds, we will see the proof and the evidence of our choice.   Separation or Unity.   Fear or Love.   Shadow or Light.   Shadows are simply openings for potential.   Separation is the potential for Unity.   Fear is the potential for Love.  When our higher minds are focused on Love, (and operating IN Love), every event, circumstance, and relationship is either an invitation for Love or the expression of Love.   And we are moved into right action as the ongoing response of Love.   Our Love based action brings forth cosmic law and order, divine harmony, and the ultimate integration that aligns and manifests the new world.

There are no major aspects this week until Wednesday 9/7 when the Sun manifests with Pluto from 15 Virgo, shining a wholing (and holy) light on our current resurrection and transformation process.   Death precedes rebirth, and we’ve been dying to our Selves, shedding our skin, hair, and ego, and now it’s time to shine brilliant light on the new growth!  The proof of life after death begins to make itself known, and like fresh buds blossoming after a long dormant winter, the indicators of life from the other side are manifesting now.  Venus and Saturn are in a Resource, empowering us with inspiring validation that we truly are capable of creating miracles when we own the power and authority that lives in our hearts.  Anything is possible, and when we believe and trust in our inherent power, in union with Source, we manifest dreams.   The old blinding and debilitating illusions of limitations disappear when we remember the infinite presence of Love (and Venus forms a Great Eliminator with Neptune).

On Thursday, Mercury forms a Great Eliminator with Eris, followed by a Great Eliminator with Uranus on Friday.   More awakenings are on tap from the highest observer’s perch, clearing the old paradigms from within and without, freeing up space in our operating system to focus solely on the new paradigm, Unity Consciousness.   Also on Friday, Jupiter enters Libra, crossing the World Axis.   Our social consciousness moves into physical relationship with the mirrored self, and expands benevolently as our new collective paradigm reflects Unity.

 On Saturday 9/10, Saturn forms a powerful stepping stone with Neptune at the potent 10th degree, where physical wisdom and spiritual wisdom take us to higher ground.  When we use our power to elevate our perspective, we can literally see into the limitless realm of infinite possibilities, the Pisces realm of Christ Consciousness and enlightenment.

The week ends on Sunday 9/11 with a Venus Pluto stepping stone.  If we can stay tuned to our heart and surrender to the calling, no matter what the cost, we will transcend and transform any circumstance, and arrive at a higher playing field, experiencing a whole new octave of Love.

The practice this week is to honor the heart, unconditionally.   Practice being in relationship and in conversation with your heart, using the response of wisdom from your heart as a compass in all decisions.  Often times, the mind and heart are in conflict, and the lower mind can rationalize and justify a million reasons why not to follow the heart.   For this week, make your heart the trusted source, the guru, the priority relationship…and discover the language, wisdom, and untapped potential that lives within.  Allow the heart to choreograph the dance, and enjoy the journey!  Notice the times when you’d rather play it safe and hold back, and also notice the price you pay for not taking the risk that your heart is asking you to take.   Celebrate the openings and possibilities that show up everywhere!!!  In the new world, the heart leads….and it’s the heart that circulates Love into the cells for our ultimate resurrection and rebirth!!!


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