Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For the week of July 25 – 31, 2016

Get ready for another powerful week as Uranus stations to go retrograde and joins Eris, who went retrograde last week, increasing the instability of our global atmosphere.  Transformation is the name of the game, and as Light workers, we’re becoming master evolutionary agents.  Leaving our comfort zones behind, dissolving the familiar structures and definitions, we’re allowing the New Earth to rise up and take shape.   Through the interruption of “the old normal”, we can see that these unexpected shake-ups are merely highlighting the way and delivering us to the path. It IS our path to fully awaken, it’s why we’re here.

There is beauty in the temporary chaos and breakdowns…Truth is being revealed through the shedding of our repetitive slumbering and subconscious resistance and detachment.    It’s one thing to know who we are within our own minds, and it’s quite another to actually experience our greatest potential living vibrantly in action, with passion and devotion. These Eris/Uranus shake ups are shining light on the hidden patterns of inner resistance to ourSelves, which is precisely where we want to dive deep to cultivate freedom, liberation and expansion.

How we navigate the unexpected turbulence reveals our strength of character and our congruency (or areas of inconsistency) with our values, higher truth and purpose.  Without the opportunity to witness ourselves in action, that inner resistance may remain dormant and buried below the surface for lifetimes.   We need the shake ups to clear out the unknown debris that’s been blocking us from our full potential.  In order to experience and see the wholeness of the blockage, it’s important to continue releasing any judgment or fear, while diving deep into the discomfort.   As we consistently respond to our Selves with unconditional love, every challenge becomes an opportunity, a gateway to embody our fully awakened Cosmic Self.

This week is full of powerful aspects, almost all involving the 5D planets and higher consciousness, bridging our lower 4 body Selves with our super conscious Christed Self.  The fact is, we’re engaged in a 3D physical experience of being fully human with flaws and imperfections that require the response of Love, while also awakening to our most super conscious enlightened essence of infinite being, which IS Love.   When we forget, and when we refuse to own who are, we experience suffering and pain, disconnecting from the Truth.  The awareness of a momentary disconnect is simply the messenger of our higher intention to awaken and remember, which is the reunification.

On Monday, Vesta moves into Cancer, crossing the World Axis, calling forth our inner fire of devotion that moves the heart into action. This is a global shift that moves us from mental body observation to heart based response.  Devotion is what inspires committed action, fueled by a pure relentless heart, generating emotional power.

Mercury manifests with Eris retrograde on Tuesday the 26th, and with Uranus on the 27th, creating disruptions to old belief systems or thought patterns that require untethering and unraveling.   Remember, anything that gets triggered unexpectedly is an opportunity to manifest a new way of being (or unify through a higher way of being).   It’s never about the “story” or drama of the disruption, the power is in receiving the communication and allowing something new to manifest.  When we integrate that communication, we find ourselves at the Mercury Chiron Great Eliminator, choosing the high road and shedding the familiar attachment to the old.

By choosing the high road, our mental body elevates in synch with our higher consciousness.  Mercury forms a stepping stone with Sedna on Thursday, and then manifests with Quaoar, followed by a Venus MakeMake stepping stone.   These aspects are calling forth a remembrance beyond what we’ve experienced through our physicality up until now.  Our personal communications are reaching up to a cosmic level, gaining access to the infinite space that shapes our own human thoughts.  Our most empowered awareness comes from that space where we choose to think a single thought from all of the infinite possibilities.  When we fine tune our dial of communications to connect to that precise moment, our hearts take a big step up towards divine cosmic order, and our thoughts become the gifts of service and leadership that support All.

Mercury and Mars form a powerful stepping stone on Friday the 29th, as Uranus turns retrograde, supported by a Venus Haumea resource.  The significance of Mercury and Mars is evident in our increasing awareness of the mind/body correlation, and as our higher minds access that space of infinite potential of empowered unity consciousness, there is temporary instability of all things physical as the spark of transformation.   The higher our minds can conceive and communicate, the more fine tuned and receptive our physical bodies and physical world become, the more profound the change is.  Our strength shines through our ability to see and compassionately honor the wholeness of our transformation, without judgment or resistance to the process itself.

On Saturday, Mercury enters Virgo, which is extremely significant since the Divine Masculine archetype will be spending a great deal of time in the sign of Emotional Wisdom, including his upcoming retrograde journey.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Virgo is the sign of wholing, integration, and alignment, and the Divine Virgin Mother.  As our higher minds continue to sharpen as tools of evolution, we begin to find wisdom in all that is occurring, empowering us to be the intentional catalyst.

Venus manifests with Eris retrograde, then with Ixion, and Mars manifests with Varuna.  That’s a lot of high frequency, multidimensional manifestation and creation happening, most of which won’t be fully understood quite yet.

The week ends with a Venus Uranus manifestation on Sunday, along with a beautiful bridge from Ceres to Juno, while Vesta is in resource with Ceres, and manifesting with Juno.    Trust that whatever is occurring is delivering us, through our heart’s desire, to Unity Consciousness.

The practice this week is to invite in the violet flame each day, especially in moments of resistance or discomfort.   Instead of focusing on the drama or the story causing disruption, use the active trigger as an opening for the Violet Flame, and breathe.  Remember, our path IS awakening, and anything that gets our attention is a sacred messenger and a gift.   Gratitude is our most precious resource as we’re transmuting and transforming our world through Love!!!

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