Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For the week of July 4 – 10, 2016

We’re diving deeper and deeper into the unknown esoteric vibrations.  This week is all about harnessing the power of the Awakened Heart…to heal/whole, recognize, and nurture Self and All, as a direct channel to the Ascended Masters, rooting the consciousness of One Love into our bodies and the Earth, holding the infinite space for alchemy and the expansion of our social consciousness.   We are anchoring  the divine feminine like never before, and the result is an elevated remembrance of unity, restoration of balance, abundance, and the sustainability of Unconditional Love.

The awakened heart is the root of the vertical axis of our consciousness, in a direct bridge with the crown chakra, the portal of our connection to Source.  We experience oneness through the heart and through the crown, which in Cosmic Consciousness are located at the 6 o’clock portal of truth where mind and heart balance, and at the 12 o’clock portal of truth where spirit and physicality merge.  These 2 portals are the powerful gateways to our collective transpersonal Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras (the Moon’s Nodes and our physical DNA).   The root and the crown become unified as One, both personally and collectively, as we transcend duality.  In 5D, polarities and extremes become interchangeable and all inclusive, and we’re discovering new doorways of infinite potential, especially in the conversation of DNA and physicality.

Monday’s New Moon in Cancer conjunct the fixed Star Sirius, in a bridge with Pluto, in a resource with Jupiter, conjoining Venus provides an incredibly profound new beginning for the collective awakened heart to embrace and nurture Unity Consciousness.  This particular New Moon roots us in the depth and richness of emotional power through our connection to the divine feminine Mother archetype.  At the same time, we gain unique access to the super conscious archetypes of the divine Feminine Ascended Masters communicating from Sirius.  In a Bridge with Pluto, we experience resurrection of the highest order, attuning to the infinite wisdom and pure unconditional love of The Mother that nourishes, restores, and sustains our cosmos and our planet.   Home is where the heart is, and Mother Earth’s resurrection creates the sacred space of “home” where the consciousness of the Ascended Masters are ushered and embraced in physical form.   The ascension is the descension , and the Masters are coming to Earth as our Cosmic Selves are integrating into our lower 4 body system.

Monday is also the day that Nasa’s JUNO mission enters Jupiter’s orbit, an unprecedented gathering of information inside Jupiter’s atmosphere.  This is a significant game changer.  Anytime we make physical contact with anything for the first time, our consciousness expands.   The fact that we are making physical contact with the planet that represents the expansion of our social consciousness creates mind-blowing potential and limitless possibilities.  This is truly a magical and benevolent moment that begins a brand new cycle of social awakening and the merging of science and spirituality.

Chiron just went retrograde at 26 Pisces and Mars stationed direct at 23 Scorpio. These two archetypes are now approaching each other tol reach an exact manifestation on July 18th.   Until then, we are feeling the vibrational effects of the transmutation process of our deepest core issues at the physical level, resulting in the realization of personal mastery.  Venus in Cancer activates a Grand Manifestation (with Mars and Chiron) on July 7th, 8th, and 9th. The heart becomes the alchemical mixing bowl of unconditional love and compassion that vibrationally clears the energy field and elevates us out of any perceived woundedness, like being anointed with sacred holy water, and awakening to the healing miracles of Christ Consciousness that we each have access to.  The embodied consciousness of Unconditional Love and Unity transcend anything and everything, instantly.

Venus manifests exactly with Mars on Wednesday July 6th, then connects in a stepping stone with Eris.  In Cosmic Consciousness, the heart meets the physical at the 9 o’clock portal of truth (the all important relationship axis).  Venus and Mars manifest opportunities to transform our relationships to a higher perspective through the alchemy of Love.   Eris reveals the disruptions that need to clear so that we can wake up to the truth of our heart, beyond fears and illusions.   On July 7th, Venus moves on to a stepping stone with Uranus, and we receive a creative spark that jumpstarts our hearts in an unexpected way, igniting change.  In the physical dimension, everything is about relationship…our relationship with people, health, money, food, spirituality, politics, etc.   When we bring our heart to every relationship, the consciousness of that relationship elevates, and new possibilities emerge, through unification.

Also on Wednesday the Sun conjoins Mercury in a Superior Conjunction, with Sirius in tow as well.   Mercury is still out of bounds, and our ability to communicate with the Masters is off the charts.  These messages are downloaded to our higher operating system and integrated through our lower 4 body system, and whether or not we can consciously decipher the meanings of such high frequencies in the moment, our bodies will remember.

On Saturday, Juno (the archetype of Unity Consciousness) moves from Libra (the highest realization of the mirrored self) to Scorpio (the highest manifestation).  Unity is manifesting in a tangible, visible way as an expression of Love in the physical dimension.  Since the physical dimension is the only place we perceive separation consciousness, any proof of connection is a powerful method for collective healing.

There’s so much more going on at every dimension with every breath.   The practice this week is to stay connected and present within your heart, allowing every inhale to expand the heart space with infinite possibility, while letting go of any limitations or fears through the exhale.  Every relationship is an opportunity to merge with spirit and with ALL through Love.   How we do anything is how we do everything, so practice being the attentive lover and receptive beloved of the divine through every relationship and activity.   As we begin to see the face of God in everyone, it becomes easier and easier to love All, and easier to apply ourselves to every task at hand as Love in Action.   Oftentimes we fear the very thing we desire most, so notice when the fear of “too much love” imposes a perceived limit to your heart. Consciously choose to expand instead of contract.   We’re recalibrating our capacity to channel the currency of Love on our planet, and it requires conscious discipline to open unconditionally.   Our hearts are taking us into unfamiliar territory, and expansion is coming!!!


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