Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For the week of June 6 – 12, 2016

Get ready for the most profound week ever in human consciousness to date!  The epic meeting of Eris and Uranus, the 2 great awakeners, invites us all to wake up and unify our inner and outer worlds, starting Now.   Separation consciousness is a thing of the past, and Unity Consciousness is here now.   This week marks the first of 3 powerful conjunctions in a brand new cycle that is sure to rock our worlds and shake down the old paradigms and karmic attachments to duality.  Anything goes, and anything can happen in the blink of an eye…delivering us to that all important still point where yin and yang meet in the center of our heart and we find ourselves attuned and at one with ALL.
The week begins on Monday with the Sun and Venus in a superior conjunction and also a super conjunction, elevating the heart above everything else as we prepare sacred space for our new consciousness to ground.  The heart is the new root of our existence in the physical realm, and if we are to be in a body, we must be rooted in an awakened heart to navigate the new terrain.  Our new hearts are calibrated to perfect equanimity, giving us the most highly evolved and conscious navigation tools, allowing us to be moved into action through our bodies, as pure Love.
On Tuesday, Venus and Pluto form a Great Eliminator, and the Sun and Pluto also form a Great Eliminator.   We are undergoing double resurrection and resuscitation of the heart and of our higher consciousness by eliminating what we thought we couldn’t let go of, and finding that we actually experience new life and rebirth from a higher perspective through witnessing the dying off of our old attachment.   The ultimate “letting go” can provide the doorway to a spiritual resurrection and reconnection to the invisible realms, forever altering the course of this life.
Wednesday 6/8 is THE BIG DAY, the moment we’ve all been sensing, feeling, and preparing for.   For the next year and a half, Eris and Uranus will conjunct a total of 3 times in a never before experienced encounter of massive awakening, too big for any of us to fully wrap our heads around yet.  This is the moment when our global consciousness awakens, allowing alignment and integration to occur between the inner and outer worlds.  When yin and yang unify in the middle and hold a balance point of wholeness, ascension occurs.  This particular Eris/ Uranus conjunction is held in a bridge with Haumea, the higher octave of wholeness, healing, and integration.   Two extremes coming together in a unifying bridge, awakening wholeness.  In our wholeness, we find holiness, the sacredness of life on Earth, including all things physical.   As the vertical axis of our consciousness is activated, the crown chakra becomes a wide open channel flowing freely to the root, and our crystalline spines anchor that consciousness into the core of the Earth, ushering in the higher frequencies as a massive collective embodiment of light.
Thursday is the Mercury Mars Bridge, and Mercury is conjunct Sedna at 25 Taurus, meaning Mars (who is still retrograding) is also in a bridge with Sedna.   This is a HUGE bridge of mind/body recalibration, in a brand new relationship inspired by the ultimate cosmic record keeper.   Our bodies are the messengers and the record keepers of our past, present, and future, housing our consciousness for this incarnation, and now our bodies will also be linking us to all incarnations, all lifetimes, all beings, and all information.  As all things physical are awakened and infused with sacredness, everything physical becomes a gateway to the infinite.   When our operating system downloads the wisdom of the enlightened records into our physical bodies, we become the walking, talking, embodied reflections of the infinite Universe, and each of us has access to everything.   This access requires a high level of consciousness to operate, but we ALL have the capabilities.   The ones who diligently practice using their new operating systems, and who are rooted in Unconditional Love and Christ Consciousness, will harness this wisdom and share it with all.    The truth shall set us free, and all of us are destined to remember that we already ARE free.
Also on Thursday, Juno retrogrades into Libra at 29 degrees.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Juno is the archetype of Unity Consciousness, and sitting at the Master degree in Libra brings the mirrored self into a highly awakened realization of Unity Consciousness.   The collective consciousness begins to recognize itself everywhere, and awaken to the highest realization that I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME.   THERE IS NO SEPARATION.  So if even 1 soul is awake, then we’re all awake.   If 1 soul has access to Sedna’s consciousness in their physical body, then we ALL have access to that new consciousness.   There can be nothing withheld when we remember that we are one with everything.   If 1 person is operating at the frequency of Unconditional Love, and anyone recognizes that person, then we ALL are.  Billions of people having individual experiences at any given moment, and we have access to all points, all times, always.   This opens up a whole new portal of multidimensional communications between humanity that began with the Gemini new Moon last week.  We can now be global (or even Cosmic) in an instant through our realization of Unity Consciousness, and through our ability to dial in to multiple communications channels through our own inner still point.
On Sunday, Venus and Uranus create a resource of heart awakening inside the void moon, and Mercury moves back home into Gemini, where our higher communications systems are highly refined, dignified and in their proper place.  It’s time to see what we can do with these amazing gifts!!!  Neptune stations and prepares to go retrograde next Monday, and enlightenment is the name of the game.
A great practice for this week is the Sun/Moon breath.  Closing the right nostril, breathe in through the left for the count of 4, hold for 4, then exhale through the left nostril for 4.   Then close the left nostril and breathe in through the right nostril for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4.   And switch.  As our minds drop into our heart space, we balance our yin and yang energy inside the still point of our vertical axis.   This week is all about the union of masculine and feminine, bringing the pendulum of heart and mind into balance, which unites all things physical with the spiritual.  There’s nothing to resist, and nothing to “make happen”….it is occurring, and has already manifested.    Our job is to allow, surrender, and remain in our hearts.  Stay centered and keep your focus on your Self, and get ready for the ride of your life!!!

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