Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









For May 9 – 15 2016

The activation of last week’s Grand Earth Trine and Taurus New Moon continues resonating this week, like sound waves from a gong, calibrating deeper and deeper into the core of our bodies and the Earth.   That resonance (communication) is moving and penetrating  deeper inward, like a roto-rooter of vibration, extracting and purging while expanding the inner infrastructure, cleaning out the pipes and channels, making more and more room for  Love via expansion of empty space.   Hollow and empty, at the deepest core, down to the bones, the structure, and foundation.   The more hollow and empty, the more space for magic, multidimensional light, and powerful manifestation of the new Earth, aka LOVE.   The old structures crumble away, like mucoid plaque being extracted and disintegrated from the inside lining of a colon wall, revealing the healthiest version of purity, strength, and vitality to start again with a higher vibration.

The focus this week is on the empty space at the deepest core of all structures.  That empty space is the placeholder of infinite potential and possibility.  Jupiter stations early Mondaymorning, and that hollow empty space is ripe for expansion through higher consciousness.  We’re filling our bones with light, from the inside out, and allowing that frequency to expand out beyond and through every fiber of our physicality.  The internal drainage systems, lymphatic system, and intestines are purging and redesigning in the process, breaking down and reconstructing the lining of the internal piping systems, allowing for greater capacity to hold and channel light, expanding our root systems of Love.

Imagine the spine, the empty space at the core of the spine, where the spinal fluid flows.  Visualize the inside lining of the spine is cleared of all karmic debris from the nervous system, the lining of the dural tube is purged of old vibrational patterns, limiting conversations/beliefs, and in the clearing of that residue, more empty space becomes accessible, expandable, infinitely so.   Now imagine that empty space manifesting brilliant high frequency light, the light of Christ Consciousness, and visualize the spine itself as a crystalline structure.   As the crystalline structure expands from the inside out, the maximum volume and capacity of light can circulate throughout the body…through the circulatory system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, nervous system, etc.   All of the roots and channels of communication are being excavated of old plaque (karmic patterns) to allow for a greater capacity of circulation…of Light, of the frequency of Universal Love.  We’re redesigning and expanding our structure and capacity to circulate the currency of Love, through our bodies and the Earth.

On Monday, the Sun and Mercury come together for a powerful SuperConjunction, as our internal wiring system, the operating system of our communications, is infused with the light of our consciousness.   Copper wires infused with light, calibrating every fiber optic of our flesh with downloads of higher consciousness, through every cell, nerve ending, muscle fiber, organ, and network, upgrading the quality and speed of our innermost communications to a new level of excellence, with the speed of light.   Light travels within every nerve in our body, within every vein and artery, and the more we can expand those internal channels, the more light we can facilitate.   As we each manage our own reconstruction process, we’re being responsible light workers for the planet.  The more light we can individually channel, the more light is available to the Earth.   This requires a willingness to clear and open, unconditionally.

Venus and Mercury are in relationship with the Sun and Moon all week, continuing to activate and reactivate the New Moon’s communications, back and forth between yin and yang, heart and mind.  When we hear a contagious song that speaks to our heart, we tend to play it over and over again in our minds, until our cells embody the vibration of that message, and it becomes embedded in our bones, and of course our heart.     This week, Venus aspects with every point of the Grand Earth Trine, repeating the melody, memorizing and activating every thread by heart.

Venus connects with the Grand Trine beginning on Tuesday, forming a manifestation with the Stationing Jupiter.  Neptune is in a bridge with Jupiter, creating a kite out of the trine.  Enlightenment is what allows the Earth to take flight and ascend, and all possibilities are here right now.   With the heart trining Jupiter at his station in this mega manifestation kite, the opportunities for expansion and enlightenment are overflowing.   Benevolence, beauty, and blessings are abundantly available, everywhere…and if we’re not experiencing it, then our hearts aren’t allowing it (and perhaps our arteries are in the process of unclogging and clearing).  There’s so much magic available in the air, in every breath, in every cell.

On Wednesday, Venus and Saturn form a Great Eliminator as Saturn retrogrades back over the Great Attractor.   Another HUGE day for awakening to the higher authority of the heart, and letting go of anything that’s not serving, with love and grace.  Our own higher authority is holding us accountable to a new level of excellence, requiring us to eliminate the past limiting stories and patterns, awakening in a bold way, stepping into the highest reflection of our Selves, Source.

Mercury joins Pluto in the manifestation trine on Thursday, bringing another reboot of communications downloads, synching up our operating systems with all that’s being created through this mega Earth Trine/ Kite.  And on Friday the 13th, Mercury and Venus form a Super Conjunction, and Venus joins Pluto in the Grand Trine/ Kite.  This is a massive reboot and rebirth through the union of mind and heart that can’t be ignored!   The North Node is involved as Venus trines Pluto, so our Dharma is awakening through the resurrection of our hearts.  Such a beautiful crescendo and release through the entire week, bringing a whole new meaning to Friday the 13th!!!  The old fears and projections are clearing, as beautiful, breathtaking potential is being birthed now.

The weekend is fairly quiet, providing stillness for integration and processing after such an incredibly profound week!!  This is off the charts exciting, and is taking us another giant step closer towards the big Eris/Uranus event in June, and closer to the ultimate unveiling of our soul’s purest expression of light and our path here on the New Earth.

The practice this week is to notice where the edge of resistance or discomfort is, whether physical discomfort, external authority issues, karmic situations repeating, relationship flare ups…it’s all a reflection of where the expansion is occurring in you, and where the opportunity is to step boldly into your power, let go of the limiting conversations, shed the layers of untruth, and emerge as the expansive light bearer you are.  Discomfort precedes expansion…the whole notion of expansion is that the old limits must break apart in order to stretch beyond the old capacity.   Greet your discomfort with gratitude, whether it appears to be showing up internally or externally…it’s all the same, it’s all you.  Be in relationship with whatever is being stretched, meet yourself where you are without judgment, and simply allow the stretch to elevate your frequency and awaken your potential.    And above all, BE LOVE!


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