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For April 18 – 24, 2016

Life altering awakenings in the name of Love are on tap this week as all things physical are transmuting and resurrecting.  We are living in the vortex of the violet flame, awakening the consciousness of LOVE as our bodies and the Earth undergo massive overhaul and reconstruction.

Mars is now retrograde (as of Sunday), and Pluto officially goes retrograde Monday morning.   These 2 major archetypes are dancing together in a very sacred relationship, moving towards Source.  The archetypal ruler of the physical body is being ushered beyond the gatekeeper, into the invisible realm, providing unprecedented opportunities and experiences that our bodies have never known or seen, and our physical reality will never be the same.  The theme is resurrection, transcendence, and alchemy of the highest order for all things physical.

When we experience death, we release the physical body attachments and reunite with the invisible realm and the higher dimensions of Cosmic Consciousness and infinite Self.  The fact that Pluto is now ushering the physical body ruler beyond that threshold allows us to experience death and resurrection while still embodied in physical form, transforming our relationship with “death” and the way we relate to all things physical.  We’re witnessing the death of ego, the death of karmic attachments, the death of separation, the death of story and inauthentic debris and distractions, in order to remember and realize our highest vision for being here, and embody that Truth now.  We’re dying to ourselves, stripping away all that is impermanent, until all that remains is LOVE.  Our physical cells are recalibrating and regenerating to embody light, encoded with the frequency of Love, Unity, Higher Wisdom, and Cosmic Consciousness.

Venus and Saturn form a manifestation on Monday as the inner guru and teacher of the heart provides clarity and definition to what the heart is saying yes to, opening the space for that manifestation to occur.  The frequency of Love is the most powerful force of energy in our universe, and anything we focus on with clarity, infused with Love, has the potential to flourish.  Our hearts hold the highest authority, and when we honor that authority, the universe responds in profound ways.

On Tuesday, the Sun moves into Taurus, the sign of mental Love where we plant ourselves into the Earth with our thoughts, allowing the consciousness of Love to take root within ourselves and upon the Earth.   We’re grounding consciousness into the Earth and our physical bodies, through our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.    When we Love with the mind, we become a deeply rooted presence and conduit of solid strength, nourishment, and support, like a tree.

The Full Moon on Friday morning is in Scorpio, the sign of physical Love, and the polarity of Taurus.  As the light of our consciousness (Love) grounds deep into the earth, the natural response IS physical transmutation, resurrection, and alchemy.  We (and the Earth) are ripe with possibilities for shape shifting and radical metamorphosis right now.  The physical realm is simply the final manifestation and reflection of our current consciousness.  Love is the highest quality agent of alchemy, the currency of gold.  Pluto (the archetypal ruler of the Scorpio Full Moon) retrograding with Mars truly provides a mind blowing environment for radical change with this Full Moon event.

Also on Friday, Venus and Uranus conjunct, awakening the heart to higher consciousness like a lightning bolt, and bringing Venus into the picture for the upcoming Uranus/Eris event this summer.   Then on Sunday, Venus conjuncts Eris, providing the opportunity for massive release and clearing of anything that has ever suppressed, immobilized, or stifled the heart.  Our hearts must be open to Love as we fully step forward into the new Earth, and we must be willing to honor and respect the innermost calling of the heart, without compromise, apology, or rationalization.  Any internal hesitation, avoidance, or denial will eventually be cleared, willingly or not.  There’s really nothing to hold onto anymore.

Living with an awakened heart doesn’t just mean that we’re the givers of Love on the planet, it also means that we allow ourselves to open, infinitely and unconditionally, as powerful receivers of Love.   Any resistance to intimacy or any fears around receiving Love spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically must be cleared in order for us to expand and open as conduits of LOVE and as the antennas channeling Love into the core of the Earth.  Uranus and Eris provide an intense weekend of heart awakenings, and not always the gentle sweet kind.  Eris is the sacred disruption that leads to awakening.  The extent to which we’ve been blocking ourselves from giving and receiving Love will determine the magnitude of the awakenings and clearings this weekend.

Remember, Love is the agent for alchemy.  Love, infused into anything physical, has the power to shape shift, resurrect, and transcend.  Now is the time.  The practice this week is to be the conscious vibration of Love in everything you touch, both giving and receiving, and create sacred ceremony in the practical day to day activities, beginning with the thoughts and intentions in your mind.   We are anchoring the deepest roots of Love into the Earth and into our bodies, and anything can manifest in this magical space of transmutation.  We are the space holders of the highest vision, and this Full Moon provides a massive alchemical mixing bowl for infinite possibilities to take shape.


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