Cosmic Consciousness Weekly









April 11- 17, 2016


The divine spark has been ignited, and it’s time to wake up and move forward in a whole new way.  For some, that initial spark of the recent Aries New Moon came like an inspirational flash of light, and for some, it literally felt as if the old leg (or crutch) we’ve been standing on was suddenly removed (or kicked out from underneath), requiring a brand new manifestation and expression of ourselves in this new world.   We’ve known it was coming, and now is the time to step boldly forward.  If we’ve been holding on for safety, or delaying with fear based caution in any way, attaching ourselves to the old and familiar for comfort and security, now is the time to let go.


Ready or not (and of course we’re ready), our higher Selves are taking the steering wheel.  Our navigation systems have already been completely reprogrammed.   It’s time to step fully into the Truth of who we are, in every way, no apologies and no regrets.


This week begins with a Sun/Eris conjunction on Monday, which marks the official end of the New Moon event.  If we’re still harboring any deep inner resistance or knowing that the current path we’re on is in any way conflicting with, hiding, or watering down our higher path and purpose, then this is the spark of inner awakening, like an eruption of energy from deep within our core, shattering and crumbling the debris and attachments that have bound us to repetitive karmic stuckness.


If we’ve been waiting for the courage to move powerfully forward, breaking free from the last layer or membrane of protection, or wondering how it could ever logistically be facilitated…this is it, and there’s no holding back when the earthquake activates.  Trust and go with it, paying attention to the empty space that becomes available in the process.


Temporary destruction always leaves a path of clearing, and that opening is the new fertile ground to walk upon.  Whatever clears needs to clear, so honor the experience, and stay fiercely committed to Self care.  Be mindful of all responses in the process, remain in the observer’s perch, rooted in LOVE.    We’re moving towards the big Uranus/Eris conjunction that begins this summer, and the inner eruptions are already beginning.


Tuesday delivers a Venus/Mars manifestation, and we catch a glimpse of what’s possible in that empty space from whatever has just been cleared and removed that wasn’t serving us.  Once we remove the old stagnant blockages, we can finally see through the infinite empty space, calling forth the new vision with depth, passion, and magic…from the heart.  We begin to see the evidence of what’s truly possible for ourselves and our world, in the wake of necessary karmic extraction.


The rest of the week contains big Mercury energy, setting the stage for his next retrograde journey that begins at the end of the month on April 29.  Mercury is in Taurus, and the theme of the upcoming retrograde cycle is grounding the new operating system and the new consciousness into our bodies and into the Earth.


Mars goes retrograde this Sunday, and the theme of his retrograde journey is the physical transmutation and reconstruction of all things physical, at the most basic and fundamental cellular level, to calibrate to the higher consciousness and upgrade to the new operating system.


How we operate in relationship to the physical world is completely different now.  Mercury and Mars are working together, deepening the roots of our new mind/body connection, as we manifest and de-manifest all things physical, and realize the power we hold with our thoughts, our consciousness, and our inner authority.


Consciousness is the new medicine on our planet, the consciousness of Universal Love.  Love is the most powerful force of energy in our universe, and holds the key to alchemy of the highest order.  As we elevate our practice of Self Love, we experience a shift in frequency at the cellular level, and awaken to new possibilities and potential within our physicality, attuning our physical bodies and the Earth to the infiniteness and sacredness of the invisible realms.


Our physical bodies have long held the karmic stories of our existence, and now our cells are awakening to remember the encoded wisdom of our higher Truth, our Light and our Dharma.


Mercury and Neptune form a resource (sextile) on Thursday, along with a Mercury/Jupiter manifestation AND Ceres enters Aries as she crosses the World Axis.  Mercury enters his shadow at the exact same moment of his trine with Jupiter, and this important point will be revisited 3 times between now and May.  The Mercury Jupiter relationship expands our consciousness through the higher mind, elevating our operating system to new dimensions and higher truths.


The potential for enlightenment and expanded consciousness continues as our planet is collectively delivered through the birthing canal by Ceres, the midwife and Cosmic Mother.  Our planet is being born again, returned to the origin, purity, and unity of Source.


On Sunday, Mercury and Pluto form a powerful manifestation, bringing Pluto’s energy into Mercury’s retrograde cycle, ushering our awakened minds back to the invisible realm to co-create from the highest vision, and preparing our operating systems to facilitate alchemy on Earth.


At the end of this month, Mercury will turn retrograde while he is in a conjunction with Sedna.  Not to get a-head of ourselves, but Sedna always opens doors to the highest frequency of consciousness in our cosmic records.  The fact that Mercury will conjoin Sedna while going retrograde, and while dancing with Mars in the newly defined and upgraded mind/body connection is “mind blowing”.


The more our consciousness expands and elevates, the deeper we can access our physical bodies and the physical Earth, clearing away the unnecessary debris, wiping away the karmic records, and fine tuning our reality with the Truth of who we are, at the level of Cosmic Consciousness.   The crystalline core of the Earth is being vibrationally attuned by Sedna, as is the crystalline core within each of us.  Our crystalline bodies are emerging and communicating with the invisible realms, which is unbelievably exciting!!!


The practice this week is to explore our relationship with “waking up”.  Pay attention to the first initial spark of a thought the moment you first wake up in the mornings, and practice smoothly (and willingly) integrating into your physical body before you even get out of bed, before your feet touch the ground.  Start each morning fully present and grounded within your body, then consciously ground your feet to the Earth before taking that first step.   Make this a spiritual practice each day, arriving fully into your body, and grounding your consciousness into the planet…without hitting the snooze button.  The more attentive we are with our inner alignment, the more we can expand and ground through these amazing upcoming retrograde periods of reconstruction.  Remember, everything can change on a dime, including the ground you’re walking on and the structure of your own feet…so be present, be awake, and be mindful.  And BE LOVE!

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