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For the week of March 7 – 14, 2016

Get ready to embark on the ride of a lifetime as we enter a profoundly powerful Worm Hole passage at the New Moon/ Solar Eclipse on Tuesday evening 3/8.   Take a seat inside your own heart, fasten your seat belt, and let go of any attachments to what you think you know about anything…even let go of what you don’t think you know yet….and allow your Self to be fully present, infinitely open, and ready for the most expansive, magnificent and ground breaking adventure of all time…where anything can happen and Everything Is Possible!!!


We are not the stories of our past, we are not defined or limited by the set of circumstances that created our historical conditioning and programming.  Our karmic stories have provided the necessary polarized expression and environmental themes that influenced and affected our journey for the purpose of our soul’s growth and evolution. They were required for us to awaken and know our divinity through the experience of duality in 3D, and now through wholeness in 5D.  Anything is possible in the infinite realm, and the polarized position of the Moon’s nodes (representing the relationship of our karma and dharma, and the entry point/exit point of our soul’s incarnation) generates the tension required to spark an experience, creating a specific theme or resonance for a soul’s unique and particular journey. 


There are 12 possible polarities of the Moon’s Nodes, 12 possible bridges of tension that produce a certain karmic/dharmic life theme.  Like chords played on a guitar, each string resonates and creates a certain frequency.  The guitar itself is capable of all infinite chords, while the actual sound produced by strumming a particular string is individually selected.  In order to exist in the physical dimension, in a physical body, there needs to be a certain percentage of duality, or friction, to manifest a body.  It’s what gives us our humanness.   Our soul is infinite, intangible.


In this wormhole passage, our lower 4 body system is aligning and fine tuning, in order to calibrate to the frequency of our limitless Self, harnessing Christ Consciousness into our bodies and into the planet.  The infinite is becoming embodied in each and every one of us individually, and our individuality is becoming a more unified collective consciousness.   That “synching up” is made possible through the upgraded crystalline light body, the result of intentional clearing and aligning of our lower 4 body systems.  Every time we choose love over fear, we change the climate and condition of our lower 4 body environment, upgrading our capacity to channel more and more light, making it more and more possible for the ultimate synchronization to occur.  We have been preparing our bodies, and the Earth, to receive this pure consciousness and the frequency of Universal Love, and we’re now entering the birthing canal of that beautiful manifestation.  


Whatever experiences and conditions have been the source of our deepest core wounds, debilitating issues, and primal fears in this lifetime (or beyond), have been necessary and instrumental in delivering us here, now, in physical form.  Those circumstances were never wrong or bad, and we were never meant to be punished or victimized by any perceived suffering from those story lines.  


As we awaken to the truth of who we really are, infinite light, we remember that the Moon’s nodes in our chart, and the theme of our karmic story, are simply the chord of vibration and sound, the string we became attuned with in this lifetime, and the defined experience we needed for the purpose of awakening and remembering our universal wholeness so that we could be the channels of light here now.  There are 12 possible notes in an octave, and we must activate them all in order to remember our wholeness.  Once we awaken and unify one string of polarity, we liberate ourselves to unify all.  When we fully awaken to all, we activate the 13th, losing the notion of separateness and becoming the one universal note that contains all possibilities of expression, the full octave.  


The Jupiter Chiron bridge that’s currently sitting on the North and South Node bridge, and is very much a part of this entire worm hole experience, participating directly in the Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, activates our potential for personal mastery.  Self-Mastery is learning to play our own instrument, mastering our body as consciousness…mastering our chakra system, our flow of energy, the integration of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as one, animated by our soul’s higher consciousness.  We’re spiraling up, and in doing so, allowing and inviting our infinite Christed Self into the empty space within our physical bodies, descending further into the Earth.  


We’re living the distinction “as above, so below” in high definition right now, realizing our internal limitlessness by embodying the vast Cosmic Consciousness reflected “out there”.  As we awaken, the need for duality disintegrates and disappears, and the need for karmic experience is eliminated.  All we need now is to see the true reflection of who we are, and we will never again buy into the illusion of limitation, fear, illness, or scarcity again.  


This wormhole is a portal, a birthing canal, delivering us to that ultimate re-unification of Self and Cosmic Consciousness.   The way to access the portal is through the heart, and it requires the willingness to expand, to soften, and open.  The heart must be willing to open unconditionally to receive the infiniteness of our true nature.  


The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces gives us access to both the yin and yang of the infinite realm of Christ Consciousness, illuminating our light and our dark, our masculine and our feminine.  All possibilities of expression are activated and infused with the light of consciousness and Universal Love, so that we can begin to see our Selves clearly.  


Chiron and Ceres are conjunct the Sun, Moon, and the South Node (karma), in an exact bridge with Jupiter and the North Node (dharma) as our perceived “woundedness” delivers us back to wholeness within our Selves and with our own light.  “The wound is where the light enters” (Rumi), which is the light of our own infinite consciousness, experiencing divine union with Source.  Whatever we’ve identified as our core woundedness, or whatever we’ve perceived was broken, flawed, or missing within us or from our lifetime or our experience on this planet, THAT is the very entry point where we’re being delivered – to and from.  


We are restoring sacredness, divinity, wholeness and truth at the most physical and personal level, so that we may return to our infinite Cosmic Oneness, which is where we’ve always been.


Mars (our physicality) is in his retrograde shadow in Sagittarius, which is the sign of karmic clearing, wiping the slate clean, and ending the game of duality and karma altogether.  We literally have the opportunity to purge ourselves and get disentangled from the karmic experience, freeing ourselves at the root and at the most physical level.  Our bodies are returning home to Source, (and vice versa) at the most intimate connection point of unification with Truth.  


Venus enters Pisces this week, so our hearts are not only within the infinite realm, but our hearts are expanding to contain the entire infinite realm within.  Mercury is also in Pisces, and will meet Neptune at the very sensitive 9 Pisces degree on the 11th, indicating that our entire operating system is functioning in synch with Universal Love, sparking limitless possibilities for enlightenment…if we can allow it.  The fact that all of this is occurring WHILE inside a wormhole, AND that the Moon’s Nodes are involved with Chiron and Jupiter, is mind-blowing!!  And so divinely perfect!!   Truly the deliverance of a whole new world, of realizing and experiencing Heaven while physically living on Earth!


As of Tuesday 3/8, we’re inside the birthing canal, inside the wormhole, and anything goes.  Whatever triggers a core wound is intentionally delivering us to precisely that portal.  It’s an entry point for rebirth and personal mastery, so embrace it willingly and graciously.  Soften any resistance, let go of any fear, and open your heart infinitely and unconditionally to the experience.  The essence of the Virgo/Pisces polarity is that Virgo is the pure open heart that gives birth to Christ Consciousness.  Keep your heart open to whatever comes, because we’re all in the birthing canal delivering our Selves collectively to the Christ Consciousness, and being delivered individually to our Christed Selves.  Everything is an opportunity to evoke, invoke, awaken and expand in Love.   Everything.  No matter what.   


This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, and we’re manifesting it together, hand in hand, heart in heart.  Love is the only way! 

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