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For the week of August 13 – 19, 2018:

This is Christine Clemmer’s last CC Weekly column. She is leaving us to pursue her own path. I want to publicly thank her for her years of phenomenal service and I know you will all join me in wishing her all the best….Stephanie


We’re still in the reverberations of last weekend’s 3rd of 3 eclipse events, planting the awakened seeds of Light into our operating system, physical body, and the Earth.  That awakened seed of Light is the essence of the courageous heart, calibrated to the frequency of Unconditional Love, and ready to birth a brand new world.

In the journey of the caterpillar’s transformation into butterfly, there’s a moment of complete surrender, a death and dying of the old expression, which literally de-manifests the old structure and physicality of what once held the status quo or the social norm.  How that caterpillar oriented itself to experience life on earth, its identity and world view, surrenders and releases from its structured being.  That surrender produces imaginal cells, the pure potential of a new possibility of manifestation, a new encoded blueprint coming online… the embodiment and expression of a beautiful butterfly.   That caterpillar holds within it the vision, promise, and destiny of the butterfly, although seems at times completely outside of the current realm of possibility.  Divine timing initiates the transformation.


Similarly, we are all in the midst of an etheric cocoon with this wormhole eclipse passage, moving through a life altering transformation that requires us to surrender attachments to the old social norms, roles, and identities of how we’ve limited our expression or our world view, in order to birth ourselves brand new, in the template that has always been encoded within our heart.  The entry point to the evolutionary unfolding is through the awakened heart.


The heart awakens when the mind merges and takes root, focusing our undivided attention as unconditional Love, through the lens of the heart.  As the heart opens multidimensionally, becoming crystal clear, like a kaleidoscope prism of pure Love, our scope of vision expands to 5D, which elevates our perspective to a whole new world.


Mind and heart, unified together in a still point, simultaneously align spirit and body, or spirit and matter.  What matters becomes divine, awakened and alive.  Everything physical contains spirit, and everything physical eventually returns to spirit.  The process of death and dying is a doorway of transformation that involves the surrender of physical attachment to embody the true infinite nature of spirit as home.


The process of death and dying no longer requires us to leave our bodies or reincarnate again.  We can access that doorway anytime we choose, and consciously clear our karma by surrendering all attachments and remaining grounded in Light.  Free to ebb and flow through physicality, instead of being bound to a current expression.


As we learn to free flow through our physicality, we activate and embody the wholeness of the divine feminine.  Earth and Water are the 2 elements that unify to express the yin energy.  Earth is seemingly solid, water is fluid…yet earth is 70-80% water, holding the potential for fluidity.  Earth is also 99.9% empty space, allowing for infinite potential to shapeshfit.  Understanding the divine nature of the heart opens the doorway to infinite fluidity through our physicality.  If the heart is closed, or in any way guarded or protected, we limit our physical potential for freedom.


The awakened heart is the key to our evolution, and the key to embodying an intimate connection with immortality.  In the Aquarian Age, we’re awakening to Unconditional Love, which is Divine Love, accessed through the heart as the fuel for alchemy, magic, and physical transformation.  This eclipse passage, by design, has interrupted the status quo of our current physical expression.  By confronting the edge of limitation that evokes fear, doubt, and insecurities, we’ve activated the courage required to walk through fire…the fire of purification that has cleared ancient karmic residue from the past and awakened new possibilities, encoded in the blueprint of our soul’s true nature.


Moving forward, it’s a brand new world.  For those who are willing to walk through fire to awaken the inherent light of the authentic heart, anything is possible.  Empowered, awaken, and free…we are pioneering a brand new world.


This week is reverberating the final calibration from the eclipses, flossing that awakened light through the operating system of our mental body.   Mercury is completing his retrograde journey this week, and will station direct on Sunday.  The revelations and insights of what’s just occurred this summer are in process, filtering messages through the nervous system, through the channels of communication that fire impulses to the muscles and organs.  Mars is still retrograde, and this entire epic shift is delivering us to a whole new relationship with our bodies and the Earth.  Life as we know it has changed, and the road ahead will reveal it all.


It’s important to allow the new to unfold, while witnessing it all from a neutral, clear mind, rooted in the heart.  The moment the wings appear… what once was bound and stuck to the Earth, now becomes liberated to take flight, weightless and free…and everything is new.  The shifting of polarities, unifying extremes.  Allow the shifts to occur, as they reveal new possibilities, never before imaginable.


The week begins on Monday 8/13 as Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn, and Pluto is manifesting with Ceres.  The transformation of the physical body returns to the sign of Divine Power, ruled by Saturn, which gives access to the original agreements, structures, and foundations that define and limit our physical expression.  As Mars is still retrograding, we’re revisiting those original beliefs and agreements, and releasing any fixed attachments as we go.  Pluto is the archetype of death and rebirth, also the ruler of Scorpio, which is the sign of alchemy and shapeshifting.  We’re realizing our infinite potential to birth a new expression of physicality, to birth from the magic of alchemy, which comes from the heart.  We’re not bound by anything, Earth is a place of creative expression, the holistic reflection of our consciousness.  As we remember our divine power, and recognize the sacredness that lives in everything, we gain access to the power that manifests and births new harvest with every changing season.  There is no loss, only the recycling of infinite new beginnings.  When we live in the fluidity of each new beginning, every moment contains infinity…timeless and fluid.


On Tuesday 8/14, there are no major aspects.  This is a huge opportunity to catch your breath, find some extra space, and relax into the newness that is emerging from within.


Wednesday 8/15 is a Pluto great eliminator with Pallas, and Chiron is manifesting with Varuna.  Wisdom is the filter that eliminates fear, worry, and doubt form our experience of transformation.  When we trust in the infinite potential that is available across every threshold of change, we give ourselves permission to access our greatest personal mastery.


On Thursday 8/16, the Sun is in a resource with Haumea, and the Sun is manifesting with Eris.  With an awakened consciousness of wholeness, we can allow a gentle release of anything that no longer fits.  Like shedding skin, the effortless release of what has expired becomes a lightening up of the highest order.  From a perspective of wholeness, nothing is ever lost or separate, even in the letting go, we are unified through freedom.


Friday 8/17 is a Pluto Juno manifestation.  This is another manifestation through the doorway of letting go.  Death yields unity, not separation.  As we consciously step into the unknown realm of imaginal cells, we find ourselves in union with the infinite cosmos.  Letting go of our physicality gives us access to the spiritual realm of connection.  As we practice consciously keeping that doorway open, we gain fluid access between all dimensions and all worlds, without leaving the physical body.


On Saturday 8/18, the Sun and Ixion are manifesting, and Mercury (retrograde) is in a resource with Venus.  Ixion holds the blueprint of our soul’s true nature, and that blueprint is amplified through our awakened consciousness, supported by the new mind/heart connection.


And Sunday 8/19, Mercury stations direct, and Jupiter is manifesting with Neptune, activating a powerful grand water manifestation with Sirius.  This Mercury Station is so important, the still point that reboots the inner messaging system from the downloads received during the eclipses.  The operating system is calibrating to the Leo energy of emotional Love.  And the grand water manifestation becomes exact between Jupiter and Neptune, with the fixed star Sirius.  This is a beautiful, harmonious creation of enlightened expansion, through the purest consciousness of the heart, the most elevated frequency of Unconditional Love, bathing our social consciousness with holy water.  A profound respite from the extreme heat and fire this entire summer.  May we all be bathed in holy water, through the consciousness of our awakened hearts, and through the consciousness of One Love.


The practice this week is to allow for a gentle reboot and unfolding from the recent eclipses.  Intentionally carve out space each day to bring your undivided attention into your heart, and breathe.  Practice meditation for at least 10 minutes a day.  Visualize and feel the physical sensation of your heart stretching open with each inhale, as your mind takes a seat inside the heart, planting roots, and settling in with each exhale.  The inhale creates the opening and the invitation, the exhale is the surrender of the mind, resting at peace within the heart.  Create the space for you mind to rest, at home, and at peace within your heart space.


When the mind is at home, at peace, and at rest, there is stillness.  When there is stillness, there is surrender.  And in the quiet space of surrender, the heart opens unconditionally, revealing the truth of who you are, why you’re here, and why it matters.  The heart reveals the truth, through the consciousness of Love.  There’s no more searching, reaching, or struggling….all is crystal clear.  When the mind and heart are unified, there is partnership and equality of yin and yang.  That still point simultaneously unifies body and spirit, which elevates the game and unleashes infinite potential.

“Love is a flame that burns everything other than itself. It is the destruction of all that is false and the fulfillment of all that is true.” 
― Adyashanti 


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  1. Grand trine in water, so many references to water, in this time of Fire: “Visualize and feel the physical sensation of your heart stretching open with each inhale, as your mind takes a seat inside the heart; we gain fluid access; timeless and fluid; As we learn to free flow; Free to ebb and flow through physicality, instead of being bound to a current expression”.
    Can’t get this song out of my heart today Orinico Flow/Sail away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zkjQVh5KmQ Definitely need to visit the sea this week, to see

    1. Dear Christine Clemmer, I will miss your beautiful words and thoughts, and wish you well on your voyage.

  2. Beautiful StarShine Christine,
    I am celebrating with you and celebrate all the gifts you have shared with all of us with such powerful wisdom. Your exquisite powerful grace expressed though your amazing words filled my heart with such sweet loving light. My heart to your heart…One Heart! AhKaLa

  3. Christine I have so appreciated your weekly writing here. It’s incredible how much info you weave together… With such clarity and strength. Blessings for your next chapter.

  4. Thank you, Christine. I certainly appreciated all of your insights and weekly writings. Wishing you all the best in any new pursuits.

  5. Thank you so much for your weekly writings. Looking forward to your new site. Good luck in your endeavors.

  6. Christine, I LOVE your work and writings? Will you still be writing? Books, blogs, social media? I’d love to follow. Either way, thank you sooo much for these amazing weekly writings all these years.
    Love, E

  7. Christine, you have helped me so much with your words. I can’t wait to see where your new path leads. Thank you for all of it. We are all navigating this together, and you have been so impactful in my heart. ♥️♥️♥️

  8. Christine, because of your brilliance of expression I have loved— looking forward to Monday’s. You will be missed. Wish you so well in your new direction.

  9. Christine your elegant way of expressing your perspective has been a blessing for all Cosmicpath members and readers and I myself thoroughly enjoyed every word you shared. Have a blessed path ahead of you…❤️❤️❤️

  10. Dear Christine, Thank you for your weekly guidance. You will be missed. I just signed up on your website to receive your mailings so we can keep in touch. Peace, Blessings and much success to you <3

  11. Dear Christina,

    Your insights over these years have resonated so very deeply. As a bacon of cosmic heartlight you have been a friend that reminds my soul daily that I am not alone. There is nothing so comforting as knowing that my own experience is shared by others. You have stood as a mirror for me. Reflecting the love and beauty that is always with us, shinning with the glory and wisdom that everything is right in the world. See you in your next endeavor. With love, Larry Liebling

  12. Dear Christine, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to absorb your inspirational wisdom graciously shared over the past 3 + years! An illuminating warrior of love and truth, helping me to stay true to the path and be compassionate to my mind, body and spirit when I falter. I’m very excited to follow you as you continue to create, illuminate and follow your heart <3. Abundant blessings!

  13. Dear Christine, I have enjoyed your eloquence and wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Many blessings!

  14. Your wisdom has been such an inspiration to me. I look forward to seeing what’s next for you (and me)! Many blessings!!

  15. Thank you Christine, I have appreciated your weekly writings very much, always marvelling at the wondrous way you weave it all together with your special brand of intuition, awareness and compassion. Blessings in Love as you continue along the path. So much Love, Catherine <3

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