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For the week of August 6 – 12, 2018:

Welcome to the Lion’s Gate, the portal of light that requires courage, vulnerability, and devotion to walk through.  Leo is a fire sign, ruled by the Sun…and as our planet is heating up right now, breaking records every day, many places actually enraged in fire, we’re becoming intimately connected to what it means to walk through fire, from the heart.  This week delivers the New Moon in Leo, the 3rd and final eclipse, which is an epic manifestation of life altering wake up calls, leading to the choice to move forward with an open courageous heart, calibrated to Love.


From a distance, the Sun is the source of inspiration, life, illumination, and the gift of a brand new day.  Yet staring too long can scorch the eyes and skin, leaving blisters, burns, and blindness.  The choice to engage intimately, with sacred reverence, respect, and gratitude, to walk through fire with an open heart, with courage and devotion…that’s the rite of passage we’re all moving through now.


Lady Liberty, the Ascended Master that presides over the Leo hour on the Cosmic Clock, also the signature statue of the United States, welcomes foreigners with the courage to take the unknown pilgrimage in search for freedom and new beginnings.  The melting pot, the calibration of pioneering souls that thrive in the “all or nothing” game of life…the biggest risk of all, to follow the heart and never look back.  To trust in the unknown, and take the great leap of faith, with no safety net, only prayers, blessings, and a powerful vision.  When we’ve crossed that threshold of no return, or burned a bridge in our wake, nothing else can ever instill the fear of dying ever again.  And something amazing begins to awaken from deep within the heart and spirit.


What awakens the inner hero from an ordinary path of existence, when life is comfortable, convenient, and safe?  What inspires the brightest star that was meant to shine in the darkest sky?  The moment of awakening can flip the game, alter the story, and untangle the conflict of duality, turning the world upside down.  The Leo Aquarius polarity brings the aloof foreigner out of hiding and onto center stage, overnight.  The world needs our light, and for many of us, we’ve been conditioned to hide, to ignore our deepest truth, to avoid intimacy, and to overcompensate by complying with the status quo game of surface appearances and karmic agreements on Earth.  For those with an inner calling, an inner devotion, and the heart of a lion, the time for hiding is over, and it’s show time.


Our fears, insecurities, and inadequacies around intimacy…being seen, being heard, being hurt…those fears are the fire we’re walking through to find our footing in a brand new world.  Like foreigners making a pilgrimage, we feel like we don’t belong in our current status quo.  That game ended a long time ago, and we’ve been going through the motions for a while, waiting for the pieces to fall into place.  There’s nowhere to go but through…through the moment, through the experience, across the threshold, and into the unknown.  Trusting that wherever we end up at curtain call will the the spotlight we’re destined to shine from.


If we doubt, hesitate, or delay in our fear, nothing changes, we stay the same.  We didn’t come here for that.  We signed up for this life, we agreed to the terms, even if we can’t fully remember why…yet.  It’s coming, and we’re awakening.


On Monday 8/6, Mars is in a bridge with Varuna, Saturn is in a stepping stone with MakeMake, Jupiter is in a stepping stone with Pallas, the Sun is manifesting with the Great Attractor, the Sun and Jupiter are in a stepping stone, and Venus enters Libra.  Our physicality in a bridge with the cosmic eye of higher vision gives us access to the infinite universe through our physical body.  Every cell calibrated to Love becomes a kaleidoscope of higher vision, unlocking hidden dimensions and portals.  Whatever limitations we find ourselves blocked into, there’s an opportunity to elevate up onto higher ground through universal laws and spiritual leadership, and as we do, we expand our social consciousness with the practical application of wisdom.  Our Light is increasingly electric, and every step forward is an opportunity to raise the bar, with the frequency of Love.


Tuesday 8/7 is a Venus Quaoar stepping stone, the Sun is conjunct Pallas, and Uranus stations retrograde.  Our hearts step up to the infinite realm of possibilities, the new paradigm where anything is possible, and nothing is off limits.  The Sun Pallas conjunction reboots our passionate flame with deep inner wisdom and experience.  And the Uranus station is super potent.  Whatever rocked our world from that recent Aquarian Full Moon is about to take an unexpected turn inward, shaking up at the core of our being, in a way we can’t ignore.  It’s personal now, electrifying our inner transformation with Divine Light.  Whatever we’re experiencing “out there” now becomes intimately awakened “inside”, where it’s personal.  There is nothing out there that doesn’t also exist inside, and if we’re expecting a miracle of heaven on earth, that miracle is within.  We are the light bringers, the beacons of divine love, which means we’re delivering the miracles for the world, not the other way around.  The source of Light is within, and it’s awakening fast.


On Wednesday 8/8, Venus and Mars are manifesting, the Sun is in a great eliminator with Neptune, Venus and Varuna are in a resource, and Venus is in a bridge with Chiron.  Venus and Mars are the co-rulers of the new Divine Feminine, manifesting as the Sun is clearing up any confusions or misunderstandings.  The heart restores clarity of vision, and then bridges with our personal mastery.


Thursday 8/9 is a Sun Mercury conjunction, Pallas is in a great eliminator with Neptune, a Venus Uranus great eliminator, Mercury is conjunct Pallas, and Mercury is in a great eliminator with Neptune.  Our communications are infused with wisdom and calibrated by the Light of the Sun, awakening the heart while eliminating and fears or doubts from our messaging system.  We’re rebooting our entire internal operating system with wisdom and clarity.


Friday 8/10 is a Venus Saturn stepping stone and a Venus MakeMake conjunction.  The heart is stepping into the seat of power, and then elevating to the highest authority of divine law.  The awakened heart leads in the New Earth, and nothing is more powerful.


On Saturday 8/11, Mercury and Jupiter are in a stepping stone and the New Moon occurs in Leo with a partial Solar Eclipse, the 3rd of 3 eclipse events.  Our communications elevate to social consciousness just in time for the big eclipse event.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Leo is the sign of Emotional Love, Life Force Energy, contagious joy, blessings, gratitude, and service to All.  The third of 3 eclipses, which is unprecedented and unusual, creates a manifestation of energy, planting new seeds of Light into the Earth, and those seeds contain vital life force energy for a sustainable future.  We must be willing to operate from a courageous, open heart, and be willing to radiate that powerful light to ALL, unconditionally.  Like a torchbearer and a beacon of unwavering persistent courage, standing powerfully in the unknown, emanating rays of LIGHT, just like the Sun.  Light is a universal language and doesn’t require words.  When kids get scared or embarrassed, they close their eyes and pretend they’re invisible.  We must be willing to open our eyes now, and move towards the Light….revealing it all, and finding the truth.  There’s nothing to fear, all is transmuted with Love in the presence of Light.


And Sunday 8/12, Venus is in a resource with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra) and the Sun is in a great eliminator with Pluto.  Our awakened hearts illuminate the path of evolution, we’re eliminating any fears of death or letting go of the past.  Letting go of what was, we clear the path for a brand new future, and that path is lit up with Love.  There’s no turning back, we’re on our way home.


The practice this week is to open unconditionally to find your current edge of limitation.  When the edge of discomfort reveals itself in any aspect, welcome it with Unconditional Love, greet it with reverence, and honor the experience, wholeheartedly.  Find the place you’re most unwilling to go, the place that scares you the most, and on your knees in sacred prayer, say thank you, and kiss the Earth.  We’re being called forth to surrender and redesign, which brings us to the edge of our deepest fears, insecurities, and doubts.  Find yours, give gratitude, and bow with an open courageous heart to the experience.  Nothing to force, nothing to fix…just arrive and open your heart with Love.

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.”
― Paulo Coelho 


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