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For the week of July 30 – August 5, 2018:

We’re now in the 2nd half of the greatest event that’s emerging on the planet right now!  Last week’s Aquarian Full Moon catapulted us into our highest state of awakened consciousness, giving us access to the collective root system of karmic stories and history on our planet.  Now, we’re awakening to the hidden potential of our physicality, and it’s an epic game changer.


Aquarius has traditionally been known as the “Water Bearer” in classical astrology.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is the Great Awakener, the unexpected bolt of lighting that strikes water, delivering higher consciousness into the collective water for humanity.  Lightning striking water can be quite uncomfortable in a 3D experience, but it can be enlightening and supercharging in 5D.


The polarity of Aquarius is Leo, a fire sign belonging to the emotional body (water element).  As lightning strikes water, we have a choice to resist in fear or receive with gratitude, and the latter calibrates our emotional body to Love, transmuting our water element into holy water, which radically transforms the physical dimension and embodiment.  70-80% of our physical body and physical Earth is water.  Our physicality holds an infinite capacity to shape shift and redesign, through the alchemy of Love.  There’s a lot awakening within the mind/heart right now that gives us the capacity to transmute karmic density and ascend to new dimensions, without leaving the physical body.


When we awaken and reboot our holistic lower 4 body system to the consciousness of Divine Love, otherwise known as “Christ Consciousness”, we activate our crystalline structure, which becomes the divine instrument for conscious creation and manifestation of the New Earth.   We must be in our physical bodies in order to transmute the karmic residue through our collective root system, because we access that root system through our DNA, ancestral lineage, and personal connection to the human story and human suffering of Planet Earth.  Essentially, the aligned lower 4 body system is the key to unification with the 5D Self, and embodiment of Christ Consciousness in the physical dimension.


Our new physicality resembles the Tree of Life, deeply rooted into the heart of the planet, expansively reaching up and out towards the cosmos and the generators of Light.   By circulating the Light of our awakened consciousness through our underground karmic root system, we generate forgiveness, compassion, love, and gratitude, which transmutes old unresolved residue and density from the Earth, revealing underground sources of crystalline water.  What was once suppressed and congested, now becomes the purest holy water, calibrated to Love.  Precious resources, held within the earth.


We’re learning so much about the networks of underground communications of trees, and we holds the same capacity for networking through the earth.  We’ve known how to intuitively communicate through the air and atmosphere, traveling out of body to connect and ascend.  This network of underground communications takes us in deep through our physical body, through our root system into the density of the earth, where we connect to all of life, all cultures, communities, and origin points of humanity.  Threading light through our newly upgraded crystalline structure and communications networks, deep through our ancestral root system and within the earth, we begin flossing out the karmic residue from lifetimes of misunderstandings, conflicts, suppressed emotions, polarization, and unresolved core issues, transmuting everything with Love, and releasing volumes of hidden potential.


When we open unconditionally to all beings with a pure awakened heart, we gain access to everything.  There is nothing to defend, nothing to judge, nothing to fear.  In that sacred space, there is an exchange of energy, and transmutation occurs effortlessly.  Love is the mechanism that calibrates or attunes everything physical to a higher frequency.  Emotions, which express as the element of water, are transmuted to holy water in the presence of Divine Love, which is the lightning bolt that awakens higher consciousness.


The body of the earth holds the memory, the records, and the history.  As we transmute emotional residue held within the water of this planet, we harness the magical alchemical power to shape shift anything physical with Love.  This is the emergence and the birthing of the New Earth.  There is nothing more exciting occurring on our planet right now.  This is the game changer, this is the moment, and now is the time.


The week begins on Monday 7/30 with a Venus Vesta stepping stone and a Mars MakeMake manifestation.  The heart steps up to a new level of devotion, and we’re taking action to manifest higher law and higher ground.  Committed action manifests powerful results, and devoted action brings the heart on board to what matters most.  Where there’s devotion, there’s a sacred energy that can move mountains and alter the universe.  Whether we’re devoted to a cause, devoted to a spiritual practice, or devoted to loved ones, that kind of energy fuels manifestation of the highest order.


On Tuesday 7/31, Mercury and Vesta form a manifestation.  Where the mind goes, energy flows, and a mind full of devotion manifests brilliant miracles in abundance.  Be mindful of what your mind is devoted to, and make sure it’s in alignment with your highest vision and deepest truth.  This is a potent time to align the mental body with higher thoughts and positive thinking.


Wednesday 8/1 is a Jupiter Ceres resource, Venus Eris great eliminator, Vesta stations direct, and Ceres is in a stepping stone with the Great Attractor.  The “8” vibration of August brings us into the Lion’s gate and the powerful force of energy that generates sustainable abundance, infinite possibilities, strength, courage, and balanced alignment above and below, within and without.   As we experience the birthing process of massive expansion, our hearts awaken and elevate beyond any shadows of fear, discomfort, or limitations.  We’re standing powerfully in the still point of our heart’s devotion, and holding space for the most powerful and magnetic forcefield of creative potential.  There are no limits to what we can create, nothing is beyond us, and everything is amplified with power, purpose, and passion.


On Thursday 8/2, Mars and Uranus are in a stepping stone, and Venus is in a stepping stone with Ixion.  We are awakening with every conscious step, elevating to higher ground, and the awakened heart reveals our soul’s blueprint and divine purpose in this lifetime.  This is a dynamic forward movement upward, as we step fully into ourselves by stepping into our hearts and seeing the truth.


Friday 8/3 reveals a Jupiter Juno bridge, and Juno is in a great eliminator with the Great Attractor.  The Jupiter Juno bridge aligns the expansion of social consciousness with Unity Consciousness.  As we expand, we unify…and as we unify, we collectively expand.  Unity is our nature, wholeness is the context of 5D, and as we embody our wholeness, we clear any judgments, fears, or insecurities, and experience a massive amplification of Light.  As we claim all the pieces and parts of ourselves and each other, we reclaim our vital life force energy, activating the whole system as a magnetic power source.


On Saturday 8/4,  Mars and Chiron form a resource, Venus is in a stepping stone with the Great Attractor, and Venus is manifesting with Sedna.   The resourcefulness of Mars and Chiron is so important to the awakened transcendence of our physicality and the realization of personal mastery through the healing of old wounds.  The wounds are healed with the awakened consciousness of Love, embodied in physical form, fine tuned at the cellular level.   As the heart elevates to a higher dimension of Love, there is beautiful manifestation and remembrance of divine cosmic truth, setting the record straight, with Love.


And Sunday 8/5 is a Mercury Pluto great eliminator and a Neptune Ceres bridge.  Mercury travels underground to clear out our deepest root system of communication, releasing any fear based or inaccurate congestion of vibrational residue so we can open a new channel of crystal clear connection.  The Neptune Ceres bridge opens the birth canal to enlightenment.  What was once confused by polarity and opposition is now aligned and open to reveal clarity, insight, and Love.


The practice this week is to practice listening through the earth from your feet, tail bone, and energetic root system.  Take a barefoot walk or do a walking meditation in nature, and consciously connect through the souls of your feet, with Love, through your ancestral roots, into the heart of Mother Earth.  Imagine every inhale is a download of Light, the awakened consciousness of Divine Love pouring in through our crown chakra, through your spine and into your feet, and as you exhale, send that Light through your root system underground and into the Earth.  With every inhale, take a step on your left foot.  With every exhale, step on your right foot.  Receiving Light as you inhale, giving Light as you exhale.


Walk slowly, breathe deeply, and listen through the souls of your feet for the stories untold, the emotions unresolved, and the volume of Love that remains buried deep underground.  It’s time to reclaim the unspoken Love and forgive the rest…for ourselves, our ancestors, and for all of humanity.   We’re consciously manifesting the New Earth, curing the soil as we build the new foundation on sacred holy ground of Love.


“It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole.” 
― Rupi Kaur  


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  1. Christine, I’m blown away by your words this week, as always. Last week was the most incredible week of my life – that full moon eclipse!!! Swoon……I will be receiving and giving light with every breath. So beautiful. So powerful. WOW. Thank you!!!!

  2. Namaste, thank you for your guidance. In this period, I find myself almost daily at rest on green grass under beautiful old trees, on my back, looking up, towards sky, just breathing (and maybe petting the cat and dog who join me) feeling support from Gaia in every millimeter of my body. Such peace. I wish you all such peace.

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