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For the week of July 16 – 22, 2018:

After last week’s Cancer New Moon Eclipse, we’re navigating a sensitive transition this week through the water element, leading to an empowered expression of our deepest truth.  The floodgates are open, and there’s no turning back.

Water speaks to the emotional body, and we’re currently purging, purifying, and detoxifying our system as we release backlogged pressure from suppressed feelings, reactions, and unresolved residue.  The heightened sensitivity serves to awaken new wisdom, revealing deeper truths that may have been previously hidden, dormant, or unaccessible.  Water is also intuitive, nourishing, restorative, and healing.  The flow of water can rinse and soothe open wounds, hydrate the soil, and inspire new growth.


This is an important moment of truth as we bring ourselves into deeper alignment with our heart, willing to reveal that truth to ourselves and others, and to allow the river to flow freely, gravitating towards a more refined alignment with our true nature, nourishing deep roots from the awakened heart.   There’s nothing to judge, nothing to fix, nothing is wrong…every sensitivity is an opening for our undivided attention, Love, and nourishment.   The historic attachments to our old assumptions, belief systems, and world views have generated the distortions of miscommunication and mistruths that we keep projecting and repeating, and now is the time to liberate ourselves from the polarizing experiences that generate conflict, defensiveness, and separation.


What’s important now is authentic alignment with our core values, alignment with our deepest truth, and illumination of the heart.  We must be willing to speak our truth as we navigate the unexpected shifts ahead, using our voices to clearly define and establish the new boundaries, structures, and agreements for empowered sacred space moving forward.  This is a time for unification and partnership through relationships, building foundations of equality and integrity from yin/yang wholeness and mastery, and that new template of aligned partnership begins within.  As we rebuild and reconstruct for sustainability and innovative expansion, it’s necessary to make the original shifts within.


The week begins on Monday 7/16 with a Uranus Pallus stepping stone, Chiron Pallus manifestation, Sun Haumea stepping stone, Venus Mars intimacy, Mercury Pluto intimacy, Sun Eris stepping stone, Mars Juno stepping stone, and a Venus Ceres conjunction.  We’re still resonating with the New Moon in Cancer Eclipse that occurred on 7/12 in a bridge with Pluto, and the sensitive aftermath of the death/rebirth transition is quite palpable.   Divine wisdom is accessed from unexpected shake ups, if we’re willing to elevate our perspective outside of our status quo.  That wisdom manifests personal mastery to transmute our chronic story through liberation, enlightenment, and wholeness.  The intimacy aspects are extremely subtle, and on a day like today, they can absolutely be felt.


Our divine feminine energy, the unified connection of water and earth, is felt through the physical sensations of sweat, tears, inflammation, or congestion.  Notice if your current water element is free to move, free to express, free to flow….or if there’s inflammation, irritation, congestion, and pressure.  Notice if there are water leaks or flooding situations in your home or environment.  Water represents the emotional body, and in a time of extra sensitivity, it’s important to slow down and honor those emotions as the arise.  Allow them to flow like abstract art, because they reveal and reflect divine wisdom and truth, and they release the karmic buildup of stagnant pressure that’s been stored in our nervous systems for lifetimes.  We learn from loss, we gather wisdom through suffering, and the communications that occur in the quiet still point after an ending, argument, or separation can provide the most profound awakening of consciousness that delivers our hearts to a new beginning or an opportunity to clean the slate and elevate the story.


On Tuesday 7/17, Pallus is in a resource with MakeMake, and Venus forms a new cycle with Orcus.  This is another sensitive and feminine day, with divine wisdom supporting our connection to higher laws of universal oneness and Love.  Our hearts are reminded of our promise to be here, in physical form, to remember why we matter, and to be deeply present and fully engaged.  This is an important summer for all of us to connect with the reasons why it matters that we’re here, now….and to commit to nourishing our hearts so that we can sustainably fulfill that promise and live in alignment with our heart’s truth.


Wednesday 7/18 is a Sun Ixion intimacy aspect, another sensitive connection shedding light on the soul’s higher blueprint and sacred geometry of this lifetime.


On Thursday 7/19, Ceres is conjunct Orcus, and the Sun is in a resource with Sedna.  A new cycle that delivers us to the importance of what matters most, supported by the most ancient Cosmic record keeper.  Imagine awakening to the moment when our soul chose this lifetime, and remembering that conversation with the cosmic midwife/ life coach, debriefing and preparing for the purpose, challenges, intention, and resources, remembering the insight that is encoded and inscribed as your personal sacred geometry, 5D birth chart, and DNA of Light.


On Friday 7/20, Eris stations retrograde and Ceres is in a resource with Juno.  Eris is the female awakener, the inner disruption that gets our attention when we’ve had enough, crossed the line, reached our limit, crossed a boundary, and realize that it’s time for massive change.  That change may come as a result of a blowup we can’t take back, like the walls of a damn breaking to the point of no return, freeing up the backlog of water that needs to express, releasing the buildup of pressure, dismantling the old structure in the process.  In order to build and birth a new Earth with new systems of alignment and integrity, we must be willing to dismantle the old, with honor, respect, and reverence…recognizing that we’re all in this together, and the doorway of any perceived death leads to a powerful rebirth and resurrection.  Every movement is ushering and giving way to something new.  How we navigate the transitions is extremely important.


Saturday 7/21 Juno manifests with Orcus, Mercury manifests with Vesta, and Mars is in a bridge with Pallus.  Standing shoulder to shoulder in Unity Consciousness, we’re manifesting something larger than life, a movement that matters, with a message that ignites the inner fire of devotion.  Humanity is literally standing on a bridge of wisdom that ushers in new consciousness, initiating a tangible movement forward into the New Earth.


And on Sunday 7/22, Venus is in a resource with Jupiter and the Sun enters Leo.  Our social consciousness is expanding from the heart, as we collectively shift our focus from the feelings of empathic sensitivity to the empowered calibration of Emotional Love, gratitude, blessings, joy, and contribution.  When we shed light through the shadows, we illuminate the silver lining of all things, and generate gratitude for the abundant gift of Life that is ever flowing.


Every moment is a gift, every moment is precious, and the unexpected moments of challenge call forth the best in people.  Heroic leadership, selfless service, the brilliant light that emerges when we least expect it…the spontaneous free hug, the random act of kindness, the guardian angel we didn’t see coming…the reminder that we’re all here together, and as long as we’re breathing, we have something to contribute.  Our exhale is the response of Love.  Conscious breathing is a service to humanity that restores and calibrates the vibration and vision of Love on our planet.  Authentic contribution is a form of conscious ceremony and celebration of Unity.  When we give effortlessly, in alignment with our true nature, the planet thrives with abundance and joy.


The practice for this week is to generate a random act of kindness each day, and be the source of conscious contribution on the planet, spreading light and embodying Love.  In moments when you feel there’s nothing left to give, or moments when you’re experiencing lack, fear, sadness, or scarcity, find an opportunity to give from the heart.  Show up for another human being, and discover why your physical presence matters.  Giving opens the channel to receive divine inspiration, and amplifies the exchange of value by Light.  Give in a way that feels authentic, generous, effortless, and empowering, and awaken your inherent gifts and abundance this week.


“Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth “You owe me”.  Look what happens with a Love like that.  It lights the whole Sky.”     ~ Hafiz  



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  1. Dearest Christine,

    I am completely blown away by your words this week, as always. But this week, especially. I just read them out loud, and was moved to my core.

    Thank you from my heart, forever and always ❤️


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