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For the week of July 9 – 15, 2018:

Get ready for massive transformation this week ahead!  This week offers the first of 3 sideways elevator openings, and if we’re deeply seated in the cockpit of our heart, we will respond with the kind of emotional power that transcends any core wounds and stories that have kept us frozen or small until now.  The key is to respond from Love, and let go of any fear.

We’re journeying through a 3 part Rite of Passage this summer.  Not only are there 3 eclipses coming ahead, but Mars retrograde and the karmic South Node (Earth Star Chakra) are also participating in a 3 part conjunction series, resulting in massive transmutation at the physical level.  Mars relates to our physical body, experience and expression, as well as the motivation that determines the actions we take (or don’t take).  Any action taken from fear produces a ripple effect of karma that we must revisit, sooner or later.  Like a vibrational boomerang, our karmic residue magnetically attracts similar experiences to repeat the story until we choose Love, and transmute the karma.  Love is the awakened response that heals, transforms, and resolves.


Mars and the South Node are in the sign of Aquarius, which in Cosmic Consciousness, represents Divine Spiritual Love.  Aquarius energy is forward thinking, cutting edge, revolutionary, and runs against the grain of the status quo.  Like a jolt of lightning to water, Aquarian energy has the potential to unexpectedly awaken higher consciousness of Divine Love in an instant.  Love is always the answer, and Love is the way out of the karmic matrix of suffering.


Divine Love requires the disciplined practice of Unconditional Love for Self, humanity, all beings, and all of Life.  Seeing the Divine in All, and recognizing Self in All.  The age of Aquarius is awakening humanity to the consciousness of Oneness and Love.  Now is the time to rise up, awaken and empowered, willing to author a new story, creating a new future for the planet…with Love.


Regardless of what’s occurring around us, we All hold the power to awaken and choose Love.  Anytime we recognize the divinity in ourselves and others, we elevate our vibration and become active channels of universal Light.  Recognition of Light amplifies and manifests more Light, and our frequency becomes contagious and expansive.


The week begins on Monday 7/9 just after midnight ET with a Black Moon Juno manifestation, a Black Moon MakeMake manifestation, a Mercury Jupiter stepping stone, Black Moon Chiron resource, Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, then Venus enters Virgo and Vesta manifests with Eris.  It’s important to witness global events from an empowered equanimous heart.  Every moment is an opportunity to elevate social consciousness by acknowledging and tending to our own karmic emotional debris from historical wounds and stories.  The communications that touch, inspire, or call to our heart are showing us where the similar threads exist.  We are all connected.  Witnessing the world with an awakened, compassionate heart, we hold space for healing, alignment, and evolution to occur, for ourselves and All.


On Tuesday 7/10, the Black Moon activates a Light Bridge with Varuna, then forms a great eliminator with Venus.  Ceres manifests with Saturn, Venus manifests with Quaoar, Jupiter turns direct at 1:02pm ET at 13 Scorpio 21, and Mars forms a stepping stone with Albion.  Varuna is the highest scope of vision that can only be accessed from 5D consciousness.  Unconditional Love is the frequency that purifies and aligns, restoring our vision to clarity through equanimity.  As Jupiter turns direct in Scorpio, we begin to gain momentum of a massive social transformation underway, and we can see the infinite realm of all possibilities that exist within the current scenarios, right before our very eyes  We’re starting to see that we do have a choice right now, there is nothing set in stone in this current story….it’s up to each of us to participate through the response of Love.  At any moment, any one of us can be the ones to birth a new possibility for the planet.  It’s up to us, we are the channels and the instruments of Divine Love, and the time is now.


Wednesday 7/11 is a Black Moon Sedna manifestation, a Venus Uranus manifestation, and a Juno Saturn manifestation.  We’re collecting and remembering the forgotten pieces of ancient stories that define our history.  The remembrance of the feminine awakens the record keeper of the heart, the master story teller of the cosmos that remembers the truth of our origin and restores Oneness and Unity.  The mother is the one who shares the stories of our lineage, the important pieces that we’ve either forgotten, or never knew about.  Whatever pieces have been omitted or untold, now come to the surface, as we make deeper meaning and connection in ways we’ve never imagined.  It’s important to hear the full story, to reveal what was once hidden or forgotten.  It’s the key to our empowerment and personal power to create something new, to break free from the limitations of our past through awareness and wisdom.


On Thursday 7/12, Mercury and Neptune form a great eliminator, the Sun forms a bridge with Pluto, Vesta and Haumea form a resource, and the New Moon in Cancer/ Solar Eclipse occurs at 10:48pm ET in a bridge with Pluto.   Communications become clear as we eliminate any confusion or distortion, just as our consciousness receives a massive reboot, resurrecting with newfound clarity, wholeness, and inner fire of devotion with the New Moon in Cancer and Solar Eclipse.


A New Moon always heralds a new beginning, a time to plant new seeds and intentions.   Cancer is disposed by the Moon, so a Cancer New Moon is extremely dignified, from the most divine feminine yin essence.  This new beginning signifies the resurrection and empowerment of the Grand Matriarch of the New Earth, which is a collective effort, shared tribal community power.  The divine feminine is a force of nature, not an ego.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Cancer is the archetype of the Earth Mother, the root system that nourishes our consciousness with Emotional Power.  The polarity of Cancer is Capricorn, which connects our crown chakra to the realm of Divine Power.  The Capricorn/Cancer polarity is a bridge that forms our vertical axis of pure consciousness, through which we have infinite capacity to awaken, elevate, and evolve.  When we are empowered, we can move mountains, literally the way a mother can lift a car with one hand to rescue her child.  Nothing can stop us when we are moved by the divine feminine force of nature that is stirred by Emotional Power.  When our hearts are involved, extraordinary super human powers activate, and unification occurs.  When we’re in the moment, not thinking or analyzing, just responding from Love, we embody the passionate courage and resilient strength of the Mother to do what needs to be done to feed our children.


The events that are occurring on the planet right now have the potential to awaken massive heart energy and emotional power, if navigated from an empowered and awakened state of consciousness.  If we take action from a disempowered state of consciousness, operating from fear, scarcity, anger, or negativity, we hold the frequency of martyrs and victims, and repeat the karmic cycle on the planet.  As we elevate our consciousness to the empowered Mother, who remembers the creative potential she holds in her womb, through her lineage, through the Earth and all the elements, we can shape shift any circumstance, become who we need to become to rise up and resurrect our home, our planet, and our children.  All children are our children.  All beings are US.  The calls for urgency that are crying out through the planet right now are awakening the Mother in all of us, to nourish ourselves first, to tend to the silent ignored cries that we’ve burried deep below the surface, and to recognize that as we tend to the children on our planet, we’re tending to ourselves.  We are the empowered ones that we’ve been waiting for, hoping for, and praying for.  That divine authority who comes to save the day is US.  Divinely guided and inspired by our most awakened spirit, we’re channeling light into our deepest core roots of power at the most primal level.  This is the unearthing of, and the restoration of, the divine feminine power of Mother Earth, calibrating within each of us during this solar eclipse.
Friday 7/13 is a Pallas Varuna new cycle, a Black Moon Eris stepping stone, and a Black Moon Haumea stepping stone.  Our highest channel of vision is infused with divine wisdom, and we’re able to see things we couldn’t see before, awakening through any inner disruptions to return to wholeness.  From a lens of wisdom, we can see that nothing is missing, wrong, or broken.  All is exactly as it is, in divine order and harmony, to serve in our greatest awakening and understanding of ourselves.  No matter where we are, we are home.  Our responsibility is to nourish and restore sacred space.   We’re elevating our personal responsibility to take care of our home, each other, and the planet.


On Saturday 7/14, Venus and Saturn are manifesting, and the Sun is in a bridge with the Black Moon.  The heart is leading the way, and the heart manifests the new boundaries, structures, and definitions that honor, protect, and hold sacred all that is pure and all that is Love.   The Sun sheds nourishing Light on the empowered feminine that has been suppressed in fear, held in shadows, and now liberates to freedom.


And on Sunday 7/15 the Black Moon conjuncts Pluto at 20 Capricorn, Mars and Ceres form a great eliminator, the Black Moon and Mercury form a great eliminator, Pallas and Uranus are in a stepping stone, and Pallas manifests with Chiron.  This is a continuation of the New Moon bridge with Pluto, the metamorphosis of the feminine, the process of resurrection from the shadows to the Light.  We’re in a birthing process, a Rite of Passage, that is altering our experience of life on this planet forever, awakening wisdom that restores personal mastery for all who are willing to journey through the eye of the needle, and come through the other side, resilient and fine tuned, with diamond consciousness.


The practice this week is to create sacred space wherever you are.  Make yourself at home, and elevate the vibrational quality of energy through the nourishment and attention of Love.  Light candles, play music, sage or bless your space, use crystals or create a sacred altar to elevate the vibration.  If you find yourself in an environment that needs tending to, take action.  Invest the time and energy to make sure your home, body, and environment are nourished with care and attention.  What we tend to, grows.  We invest our undivided attention when we care, from the heart.  Intentionally elevate your level of participation by caring about your body, home, environment, and others…and be the caretaker, the good steward, and the Mother of sacred space.


“I want to live with deep intimacy every day of my life. I am guided, sometimes driven, by an ache to take the necessary risks that will let me live close to what is within and around me. And I am sometimes afraid that it will be too much, that I will not have, or be connected to, whatever it takes to be with it all, to bear the exquisite beauty and bone-wrenching sorrow of being fully alive.” 
― Oriah Mountain Dreamer, The Invitation  


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  1. “The divine feminine is a force of nature, not of ego”
    Thank you for these words, Christine! You are a divine force of
    energy, of spirit and of love!

  2. Thank you for your words of encouragement. As I begin to gather the ingredients for my new life to evolve, which I hear calling to me inside sometimes (what I imagine a homing beacon is like), “I am sometimes afraid that it will be too much, that I will not have, or be connected to, whatever it takes to be with it all, to bear the exquisite beauty and bone-wrenching sorrow of being fully alive.” And I know that fear, and have overcome it in the past, so I breathe and let go, waiting for what is to come.

  3. Christine, thank you. From my heart. I read these words every morning and carry them throughout my day.

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