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For the week of July 2 – 8, 2018:

We’re in the midst of an epic wormhole passage, and this summer is shaping up to be none other than a divine rite of passage that will transmute and transform us all at the cellular level.  We’re shedding the density of old historic stories and repetitive patterns that have been playing out for lifetimes, and as we do, our light bodies are coming online, fully awakened and crystal clear.

Coming home to ourselves, there’s no need to hold onto any illusions, mistruths, or distractions.  The safety and security we discover is the freedom of living from pure authenticity, the inherent frequency of our light that is the resonance of Love.  As we allow our Light shine brilliant and bright, the karmic circumstances unravel and dissipate, resulting in breathtaking clarity, expansion, and spaciousness.  From that expression of freedom, we begin to manifest the new structures and guidelines that nourish and honor our inherent truth – that we are One and we are Love.


Now more than ever, it’s important to honor the truth of the heart.  As we awaken, listen, and obey the messages and revelations that are downloading and coming alive from within, we become like lightning rods of new consciousness plugged into the Earth.   Our crystalline spines root deeply through our tailbone like the Tree of Life, offering nourishment, support, and infinite resources to the Divine Feminine Source of Life on this planet.  Our awakening IS the nourishment that restores harmony on the planet.  That nourishment is for All, as we become the embodiment and the archetype of Mother and Father….Divine Awakened Light merged into Mother Earth.


Our unification of yin and yang, at the most personal level, is the new template for creation, manifesting the New Earth.  That wholeness lives within each of us, which empowers us All to be the conscious creators of our reality.  The way to transcend the current story is to live in wholeness and unity, from within, and expand our unique expression of Light, unconditionally.  As we do, our physical bodies become generators of Light, we become living stars of diamond consciousness walking upon the Earth.


No matter what’s occurring around us moment to moment, whatever stories or karmic patterns are playing out and unraveling on the planet right now, the embodiment of awakened Light, in action and moving as sacred geometry around the world, activates a new frequency of creation that transcends the density and elevates us All to a whole new game.


The week begins on Monday 7/2 with a Mercury Saturn great eliminator.  Our communications gain clarity and definition as we eliminate what no longer supports or serves us, and let go of any distractions or competing commitments that have diffused or scattered our power and attention.  As we bring our undivided attention to anything important, we refine and elevate the quality of our communications.


On Tuesday 7/3, the Black Moon is conjunct the South Node (Earth Star Chakra), Ceres manifests with Uranus, the Black Moon is in a bridge with Mercury, and Mercury is in a new cycle with the North Node (Soul Star Chakra).  The feminine voice is empowered to speak through the karmic density.  We’re birthing a massive revelation that is broadcasted through the higher realms of communication, shining light through the density of what was hidden.  This revelation clears the air and establishes a new context of open communications moving forward.


Wednesday 7/4 is a Venus Haumea resource, and Venus is manifesting with Eris.  In the US it’s Independence Day, which is also a day of Unity, Freedom, and Gratitude.  Our hearts are coming home to a deeper understanding of those core values through the current disruptions that are playing out in the world.  Through discord and disruption, we elevate our commitment to choose Love, and we recognize the importance in participating and contributing our most awakened Light.


On Thursday 7/5, Chiron stations and turns retrograde at 12:46am ET.  The Sun is manifesting with Jupiter, Mercury is in a bridge with Mars (at 8 Leo/Aquarius), Venus is manifesting with Vesta, the Black Moon turns retrograde at 8 Aquarius 17, and Juno forms a new cycle with Uranus at 3 Taurus.  Chiron’s station is a turning point to go inward for refinement and personal mastery.  “The wound is where the Light enters” ~ Rumi.  Whatever core wound is being exposed or activated right now, it’s time to go inward, with the most awakened light of consciousness, and tend to that wound with Love.  Any opening is an entry point for conscious evolution and expansion through Light.  The Mercury Mars bridge activates a powerful mind/body gateway, and as we’re pouring Light into our core wounds, we have infinite capacity to awaken new consciousness through any previous physical limitation.  As long as we remain rooted in Unity Consciousness, we remember that nothing is separate, and we awaken our true nature through divine Love.


Friday 7/6 is a Sun Sirius new cycle, and a Venus Ixion manifestation.  Sirius is the God Star, the etheric retreat of the Ascended Masters, and today sparks a calibration of enlighten presence and consciousness, as the heart manifests the soul’s blueprint for this lifetime.


On Saturday 7/7, Mars and Orcus are in a great eliminator, and the Black Moon conjuncts the South Node (Earth Star Chakra).  Orcus is the archetype that ushers us back from a death or transformation experience, back into our bodies, reminding us of the promise we made to be here, and why it matters.  Today is a day to eliminate the unnecessary distractions and remember why we’re here, why it matters that we’re in physical form, and what’s most important.  As we do, we become even more empowered to transcend the earthly story and elevate to a higher frequency of Love.


And Sunday 7/8 is a Sun Neptune manifestation.  The veils are lifting and we’re seeing clearly what’s right in front of us, manifesting from the highest perspective of enlightenment.


The practice for this week is stay grounded each day in what matters most, and let go of any attachments to the unnecessary dramas, distractions, or interference.  As we come home to our core values, we calibrate our focus and attention with what matters most, and from there, we manifest our focused energy into tangible matter.  Intentionally practice clearing out the density, in all dimensions.   Clean out a closet, donate or give away anything that’s taking up space that isn’t being used or valued, let go of negative thinking, and purge any stagnant emotions that are weighing you down.  Reveal your truth, speak from the heart, express Love, and let go of the rest.


“Simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


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  1. Hi Christine,
    Another amazing read, with profound implications, for this transformative week!

    We are creating our reality and the practice for the week is indeed what is most needed now.

    Thank-you very much,
    Susan in Virginia

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