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For the week of June 25 – July 1, 2018:

Welcome to a dynamic week ahead, revealing and redesigning the overall context and structure of our personal journey through this wormhole passage and beyond.  We’re in for a period of massive change, and that overhaul is establishing the new systems and structures that manifest and shape the new Earth.

Our current relationship with physicality is being altered, elevated to a higher frequency in alignment with what matters most.  Collectively, we’ve been consuming and buying into social norms that aren’t supportive to our greatest expansion and growth.  The awakening occurs when we open our eyes, pause from the daily routines and statutes quo, and start to see from the heart, the truth behind our current manifestations.  Once we begin to see the historic patterns, assumptions, and karmic frequencies that we’ve been living by and agreeing to, we become empowered to choose something different, and shift our frequency to inspire a whole new manifestation.


Universal Love calibrates Unity Consciousness, which is the lens of higher vision that reveals everything in plain sight.  In order to awaken beyond the matrix of illusions, distractions, and distortions, we must consciously discipline our minds to think, act, and lead as Love, to come from a context of unity, instead of fear or separation, conflict, and polarity.  Anytime we find ourselves in an observation of “us versus them”, as if the power and authority lives outside of us to make a change or elevate the story, it’s important to pause, and remember that there is no separation.  From that pause, we can choose to elevate our consciousness back to Unity.


How we engage our mind, and our current quality of our thoughts, is what materializes matter in the physical dimension.  If we’re numb to our actions and reactions, or unaware of what’s occurring within and around us, we have no idea what we’re participating in, agreeing to, or endorsing.  If our subconscious mind is rooted in fear, or deeply embedded in a karmic story with heavy emotional residue, we project that story onto the current landscape through our frequency, which manifests as our current reality.  It’s important to shed light into the root system of our density, to flush up what’s incongruent or outdated, in order to wipe the slate clean and start a new game.


It’s also important to allow for completion and closure on any outstanding agreements, debts, and karmic stories so that the energy can neutralize, freeing us up for a new expression.  When we’re indebted to a situation, event, or pattern, we resonate with the frequency of that identity, which defines the role we play in that story.  By resolving and closing the story, we complete the role that we’ve played in that creation, which frees up our energy to return to our true nature, restoring our personal power.


If we find ourselves repeatedly playing a certain “role” in relationships or stories, and that role is incongruent with our true nature, we can follow the root system to the initial core agreement, and resolve that attachment.  How we let go is important, making sure we don’t generate more karma through an unconscious or emotionally charged ending.  Every ending is a death, which is a doorway to rebirth through alchemy.  Whatever we walk away from, even if it’s unhealthy, must be consciously surrendered with love and gratitude, in order to step forward from a clean space.


It’s also important that we return anything that we’ve been holding from others, including power and authority.  If another person has given us their power in an unhealthy exchange of energy, it’s time to return that power and let go, or renegotiate the structure of that exchange.  If we consciously hold onto anything that isn’t ours, we’re agreeing with that story, which attaches us to that karmic density.  Everything is energy, everything is an exchange.  If we’re not clear about the exchange that’s being requested, assumed, or implied, it’s important to find out.


Clarity and truth restore power.  This wormhole passage and Mars retrograde passage is an important time to take action to clear the air and clear the density of our physicality, restoring the balance of power and authority in all relationships and situations, with Love.  The New Earth requires an elevated shift in consciousness, and that shift is the calibration to sustainability and Love.


The week begins on Monday 6/25 with a Mercury Eris stepping stone, Venus Jupiter stepping stone, Mercury Haumea stepping stone, Venus manifesting with the Great Attractor, and a Black Moon Sirius Light Bridge.  We’re clearing the channels of communications, expanding our hearts through social consciousness, and holding the balance point of holistic communications between the individual and the collective.  As Venus manifests with the Great Attractor, it’s increasingly important to pay attention to what pulls at our hearts, and to tune into the clearest communication of truth.  We’re manifesting globally through the opening of our hearts, and whatever has been deeply suppressed is coming to Light in the most dignified way.


On Tuesday 6/26, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Ixion, Mars retrogrades at 9 Aquarius at 5:05pm ET, and the Black Moon conjuncts Pluto.  We’re awakening to the truth of our soul’s blueprint, releasing any attachments, distractions or karmic density that has ever clouded that communication.  The theme of Mars’ retrograde journey this summer, through the eclipse passage, is his 3 part conjunctions with the transiting South Node (Earth Star Chakra), gives us the capacity to clear the density from our physical bodies and the Earth, and from the ways we use our power to take action in the physical dimension.  Any time we take action, there is a cause and effect.  That cause and effect creates karma.  When we take right action from the consciousness of Love, we become the embodiment of Love in Action, and we transmute karma with every breath.


Wednesday 6/27 is a Mercury Sedna resource, a Sun Saturn bridge, Venus Neptune great eliminator, and a Black Moon Haumea stepping stone, followed by a Black Moon Eris stepping stone.  Mercury and Sedna aligns our inner network of communications with the cosmic record keeper, the most crystal clear resource of truth.  The Sun Saturn bridge activates our inner guru for the upcoming Full Moon tomorrow, and shines the brightest light of emotional power into our dignified seat of authority and divine power.  This alignment is crucial in restoring equality and ownership of authentic power.


Thursday 6/28 begins with the Full Moon at 6 Capricorn conjunct Saturn, at 12:53am ET, and then Ceres moves into Virgo.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Capricorn is the sign of Divine Power, and is ruled by Saturn.  Capricorn represents the crown chakra, the portal of truth that connects with the divine source of conscious power and authority.  The polarity, Cancer, represents the root chakra, emotional power, the connection to the Earth Mother of pure yin energy, and our connection to the elements and our physical incarnation.  The polarity of Capricorn/Cancer awakens the portal of truth at our vertical axis, the conduit of consciousness that is shapeless and formless, and bridges yin and yang for the creation of our perception of reality.


This Full Moon is calibrating our antenna of consciousness, of which we all have unlimited power and authority to awaken, elevate, awaken, expand and refine.  No matter what is occurring around us, we can choose to take ownership of our reality, to be divinely inspired and at one with the universal energy that flows through us.  When we choose to align with our true nature, our authentic source of power, we become a lighting rod of awakened Light on the planet, nourished and supported by Mother Earth.


Friday 6/29 is a  Mercury enters Leo, Mercury forms a new cycle with Varuna, the Sun is in resource with Albion, Mercury is in a great eliminator with Quaoar, and Chiron is in a Light Bridge with MakeMake.  Mercury brings our operating system into the light of gratitude, allowing us to see clearly through the lens of emotional Love, which begins to illuminate the infinite intangible realm that exists right in front of us, always.  The Light Bridge between Chiron and MakeMake restores personal mastery through the higher laws of Oneness and Love.


Saturday 6/30 is a Sun Orcus resource, Mercury Uranus stepping stone, Ceres Quaoar manifestation, Mercury Chiron manifestation, Sun Mars great eliminator, and the Black Moon enters Aquarius.  As we remember why it matters that we’re here, deeply present and fully awake, we gain access to materialize from the highest expression of personal mastery.  This clears the illusions and misqualified energies from our previous manifestations, as the Black Moon enters the sign of the great awakener, downloading the humanitarian vision of equality through freedom of expression, intimacy, and visibility of all voices.  Everyone matters, every voice is divine, and everyone deserves the respect of being seen and heard.  The shadows or messages that have been hidden, suppressed, or invisible are showing up now to be seen and heard as divine messengers awakening higher consciousness.


And Sunday 7/1 is a Mercury MakeMake resource, Juno moves into Taurus, Black Moon Uranus stepping stone, Venus Pluto great eliminator all before 8am ET.  Then a Black Moon Chiron resource and a Black Moon MakeMake manifestation.  We’re shifting into a “7” vibration of the esoteric – the hidden, unseen, invisible mysteries.  The higher truths are being revealed, and unity consciousness is taking root as the sacred Tree of Life.  Whatever has been hidden or invisible is being awakened and revealed, and our hearts are the alchemical shape shifters that manifest new potential through the divine law of Love.


The practice this week is to breathe in the violet flame and floss that light through your physical body each day.  Inhale through your crown, exhale through your spine, through your tailbone, and through your root system…then floss back and forth.   Inhale through your left hand, into your heart, and exhale through your right hand…then floss back and forth.   Inhale through the sole of your left foot, up to your heart, and exhale through the sole of your right foot…then floss back and forth.  The violet flame is a transmutational tool for clearing karmic density, and by aligning our mind with our breath, we can circulate this frequency throughout our entire body, calibrating our physical cells with the alchemical purification of Love.


“The students should at all times remember that no matter what their mistakes may have been, God never criticizes nor condemns them; but at every stumble which is made, in that sweet, loving Voice says: “Arise, My Child, and try again, and keep on trying, until at last you have attained the True Victory and Freedom of your God-given Dominion.”
― St. Germain, The “I am” discourses



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  1. I am still thinking about this from Tuesday: “Any time we take action, there is a cause and effect. That cause and effect creates karma. When we take right action from the consciousness of Love, we become the embodiment of Love in Action, and we transmute karma with every breath.” I am seeing that if my action is trying to cause an effect, it is the old way. In unity consciousness, my actions are an expression in the moment called forth by love. I am starting to be able to feel this difference!!!

      1. We are fully surrendering into the flow of the divine feminine. And in that it becomes clearer how we have created our reality, what shifts want to occur to come into balance, so our heart can be open 100% of the time. The river of life washes everything clean, invigorates and restores life. It is a meeting place, a place for all to come together in equality with nature, unity and connection as the supreme overarching truth and universal law.

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