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For the week of June 18 – 24:

Welcome to a truly epic Worm Hole passage, similar to an important rite of passage that will alter and shift our consciousness through this entire Summer.  The doors have opened, and we’re officially on our way…untangling the knots and karmic attachments that have kept us on the repetitive loops of our chronic story, liberating ourselves to realize our potential to birth a new possibility, from an awakened vision of Love.


The feminine is the entry point and the opening for new life to take shape.   Consider the power that a mother holds when her unborn child is still in the womb, manifestation in process, the intangible taking shape to be birthed as a new expression, new life, and new possibility.  Every thought, emotion, action and reaction carries a vibrational imprint that is shared with the new life that is emerging through conscious creation.  Beyond the biological blueprint of DNA encoded in every cell of that new life, the cellular frequency of karmic story and attachment also transfers from mother to child…or from the artist to the painting, or the songwriter to the song, or visionary leader to contribution.  We are not separate from our creations, our gifts and services are a holistic reflection of our past, present, and future possibilities.


The spiritual practice of non-attachment and surrender teaches us to release the attachments to what is, cultivating a space of reverence and sacredness to honor the divine that is present, always.  Before we can transform the world, we must awaken to the current reality, and access divine Love.  Without the need to change, fix, or alter anything.  From that space of divine Love, we are free to move into right action.  Action taken from any other frequency distorts the outcome with judgment or ego.  In order to change the world, or rewrite the story, manifesting heaven on Earth, we must begin to see that heaven already exists, right here, right now.  Both exist simultaneously, in fact every option exists, right before us.  The magic occurs when we use our power to choose and take action, from Love.  Alchemy occurs in an instant, radically shifting the physical expression of tangible results and allowing for a new manifestation in the blink of an eye.


This wormhole passage is incredibly profound because of Mars’ retrograde journey with the collective karmic node (Earth Star Chakra) in Aquarius.  We’re each being awakened to the ways in which we take action in relationship with our karmic patterns and entanglements, and how that impacts ourselves, each other, and the entire evolution of humanity as a whole.


In relationships, we operate on shared agreements of how we treat each other, what we allow, what we tolerate, how we forgive, how we move forward, and how or when we walk away in completion.  How we treat each other (and our environment) is a reflection of our inner dialogue and core values.  Even the way we navigate completion or transition reflects the ways we value ourselves, our history, and our future.  If we walk away in anger, frustration, irritation, or judgment, we create an open space (or sometimes an open wound) for a karmic reconciliation to balance the energy.  So even in our ‘walking away’ or ‘moving on’ we’ve left a door open that will eventually be revisited.  How we treat each other in the moment is important, and equally important is how we navigate the space between doors.  Eliminating our carbon footprints, and the need to go back and revisit our steps.


As Mars is retrograding back and forth over the collective Karmic Node, we each have an opportunity to revisit the doors we’ve left open, the unclear endings that have left an energetic imprint as an opportunity to elevate, transform, and clear the air.  We’re each responsible for cleaning up our entanglements and moving forward on an equal slate, with Love.


There are numerous chronic story lines playing out on the planet right now, escalating to get our attention.  It’s not enough to hold a space of Love for what we witness occurring “out there”.  It’s important and necessary that each of us tunes into the universal story and collective themes, then open our eyes even more gently to the current story in our own relationships and current reality.  As we’re letting go and clearing the karmic decks in our personal energy field, it matters that we pay attention to not only what we’re letting go of, but how we’re releasing those attachments.  How we let go is just as important as what we’re saying yes to, and how we’re saying Yes.  The way we take action carries a lot of weight, and speaks volumes more than the actual content we’re choosing.  Our ways of being reveal our core values, and are the expression of our consciousness in action, manifesting through our choices and in our creations.


We’re all birthing something new right now, whether that’s a child, a vision, a dream, a relationship, or our soul’s purpose.  How we’re being – within our own cells, within our selves, and with each other – moment to moment, matters.  It’s the vibrational imprint, or the gift that we’re passing down for future generations.  Our ability to be present during this wormhole passage gives us the opportunity to alter and elevate our expression by clearing the karmic patterns and historic agreements that we’ve been operating on subconsciously for lifetimes.


The body and the Earth hold infinite wisdom and potential for alchemy, expression, and action.  How mindful we’re being with our own consciousness, in every choice, matters.


The week begins on Monday 6/18 with a Black Moon MakeMake stepping stone, a Black Moon Chiron stepping stone, the Neptune Station at 16 Pisces, and a Ceres Ixion manifestation.   One of the major themes this week is the Black Moon’s intersection in the Light Bridge with MakeMake and Chiron, which is the full emergence of the feminine, restoring divine power in our personal mastery of the universal law of Love.  Everything is birthed from the feminine, and the infinite possibilities to create a new world come from the sacred space within the feminine.  Neptune’s station creates the still point for an incredible path to enlightenment this summer, as we start to open our eyes to the spiritual wisdom that is integrated in all of life.


Tuesday 6/19 is a Venus North Node (Soul Star) new cycle, a Venus Saturn great eliminator, Mercury Jupiter manifestation, Black Moon Uranus manifestation, and Mercury Sirius new cycle.   The heart is aligning with the higher realms of connection through Light, clearing the ways in which we’ve given away the power and authority of our hearts.  Our cellular frequency is expanding, our yin energy is awakening more and more, and we’re communicating through the consciousness of the Ascended Masters.


On Wednesday 6/20, the Black Moon goes direct at 1 Capricorn 16’, the last time she goes direct in the sign of Capricorn, and just shy of an exact conjunction with Quaoar at 2 Capricorn, yet close enough to matter.  Mercury manifests with Neptune and Ceres is in a stepping stone with Sedna.  This sparks forward movement for the divine power of the feminine to access infinite potential, beyond any barriers or limitations.  The connection to Quaoar is almost intuitive at this point, which resonates so well with the feminine.  Our communications are becoming more and more intuitive and sensitive to subtle vibrations as we’re birthing the remembrance of what’s possible through higher consciousness.


On Thursday 6/21, the Sun enters Cancer, the Black Moon is in a stepping stone with Chiron, Black Moon is manifesting with Uranus, Venus is in a bridge with Mars, and the Black Moon is in a stepping stone with MakeMake.  In Cosmic Consciousness, Cancer is the sign of the Mother, and nourishing emotional power that comes from a balanced and unified mind/heart.  The feminine is often associated with emotions and feelings, and as we step into personal mastery, we recognize that feelings and emotions matter, in fact they are held within our physical tangible results and manifestations.  How we navigate those emotions and the consciousness we bring to every experience is where we awaken to infinite capacity to manifest through the higher laws of Unity and Love.  Today is also the Summer Solstice, the calibration point of Light in the northern hemisphere.  All things are revealed in the Light, and we’re calibrating Truth of the Feminine, which historically has been referred to as shadow in duality of yin/yang.


Friday 6/22 is a Sun Quaoar Light Bridge.  The Sun brings the Cancer qualities of consciousness into the Light Bridge, activating the new paradigm through the heart of the Mother.  Remember, all things are born from the mother, and by reuniting the feminine with the infinite potential to choose a new story, a brand new paradigm, the mother in all of us is able to manifest and birth a New Earth.


Saturday 6/23 is the final Black Moon Saturn conjunction that sparks a new cycle, Mercury is in a bridge with Pluto, the Sun is in a resource with Uranus, and the Sun is in a stepping stone with Chiron.  This is the grand finale that has been building and calibrating between the Black Moon and Saturn, restoring the divine power of the feminine within each of us, the embodiment of true equality within our own inner relationship of yin/yang, female/male.  The Mercury Pluto bridge is a message of divine resurrection, a reboot within our internal operating system, calibrated by an activation of Light to awaken higher consciousness as we elevate to personal mastery.  When we awaken to our inner authority of a yin/yang partnership within, we rise up in personal mastery instead of serving another master and giving our power away.  Equality comes from within, and when we give ourselves permission to shine, we awaken our own resurrection and new beginning.


And Sunday 6/24 is a Sun stepping stone with MakeMake.  Our light shines bright as we elevate through the higher universal laws, honoring our true nature…One Love.


The practice this week is to connect with the power to choose in every moment.  Pay attention to your emotions, conversations, actions and reactions.  Notice if there are any historic conditions or patterns of limitations in your speaking, or if you’re limiting your experience in any way.  Notice the times you say “I can’t”, and notice the times you use the words “always and never”.  This is a week to surrender the limitations that come from your own thinking and speaking, and begin to soften those fixed beliefs, elevating to a more empowered paradigm of possibility through equality.  What if anything is possible?  Whether there’s proof that something has ever manifested before, what if the thread of possibility exists?  Practice softening any fixed beliefs, and choose to believe, from the originality of your own mind, in Love.


“Fear is the glue that keeps you stuck.  Faith is the solvent that sets you free.” 
― Shannon L. Alder


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  1. Thank you, Christine, for your magnificent and eloquent description of this week’s rite of passage and its
    implications in navigating this wormhole. It have printed it so that I can read it in stillness and allow phrases like, — “The body and the Earth hold infinite wisdom and potential for alchemy, expression and action. How mindful we’re being with our own consciousness in every moment matters,” – -to sink in deeply. I am an 82 year-old Aquarius, who gives birth very easily, and I am curious to see how this body and the Earth are going to allow me to come unstuck from my physical disabilities and create the alchemy necessary for the next stage of my journey.
    You, Stephanie, and all the team have guided me with insight, passion and excitement for over 20 years! Thank you! I am now excited to see what happens next!

    1. You are inspiring, Loretta, thank you for sharing your story! I know how much more mindful I have become after reading Stephanie and the other light workers’ blog this past five years. I can only ponder how much you have internalized in 20 years. We are so fortunate to have them as a guiding light to quench our thirst, daily.

  2. Dear Christine,
    Hardly made it though the intro to the daily week cosmology, however, WOWWOWOW, what a Chanel, what Divine Instruction, I feel we are being given instructions, whereas maybe prior we had no instructions, FREE Will without instructions.

    Thank-you so much Always in all Ways,
    Susan n vVrginia

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