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For the week of June 11 – 17, 2018:

Welcome to the entry point of an unprecedented journey.  This week contains a New Moon in Gemini, which opens this summer’s 3 month long super potent eclipse passage – otherwise known as a wormhole passage, or a wrinkle in time.  Anything can happen, and our current state of consciousness is the determining factor of what we notice, what we generate, and what possibilities unfold.  Responsible action taken from the still point of an equanimous mind holds the potential to clear massive karma and density at the physical level, within ourselves and for the planet.


The wormhole passage officially opens June 13th and closes September 9th, and transmutation by Love is the name of the game.  Because Mars will be retrograding and traveling out of bounds during this period, connecting back and forth with the Karmic South Node (Earth Star Chakra), this makes for a very personal experience of clearing the karmic density from our consciousness, by awakening to a new truth of our physicality that forwards us exponentially into a brand new reality filled with limitless potential.


Mars is in Aquarius, which awakens us to unprecedented discoveries about our physicality, through the actions we take, and the consciousness that motivates those actions.  Since the New Moon in Gemini is the entry point for the entire 3 month wormhole passage, we’re starting from the realm of mental wisdom, which activates the highest truth of the mind/body connection.  Our state of consciousness manifests our physical experience of reality.   We create our experience of reality from either fear or love, and when we choose love, from the still point of the mind/heart connection, we become the embodiment of Love in Action.  When we’re in fear or reaction, our minds are spinning, and we’re not accessing our power to hold our seat (in our bodies) as the conscious observers and choosers of our response.


Perhaps the biggest authority struggle we get entangled in is the one within our own minds, when we give our power away to subconscious reactions that motivate our habitual choices.  Those subconscious reactions reinforce past limitations and perpetuate karmic loops of fear based stories.  Those subconscious stories are the expression of the density held within our most primal DNA and operating system, fueling the collective stories we see escalating on the planet now.


The way to clear karmic loops and unresolved lower vibrational patterns is to allow those threads of consciousness to express and reveal so they can resolve and come to completion.  We must become facilitators of transformation by holding a clean neutral space of Love, unattached to how things are unraveling, non-reactive yet deeply committed to elevating the current conversation.  Without interfering or participating in the drama that’s unfolding, we can support, tend to, and observe what’s awakening in ourselves and in the collective.  With compassion, we can lean in instead of disconnecting or pulling away, and listen for the wisdom underneath the emotion.  It’s the wisdom that moves us forward in a powerful way.  Every moment holds the potential for awakening, enlightenment, evolution, and understanding.


We’re embarking on a very sacred and profound journey over the next 3 months, one that holds infinite potential to either perpetuate the unawakened reactions that fuel the deepening of collective karma, OR to be the dynamic response of Love that awakens new actions and new results.  Intention and presence are important.


The week begins on Monday 6/11 with a Mercury Ixion Light Bridge, a Venus Sedna resource, a Uranus Quaoar manifestation, a Sun Pluto great eliminator, and a Black Moon Neptune resource.  The Light Bridge with Mercury and Ixion unifies our inner observer and operating system with the fully activated blueprint of our soul’s purpose and contribution.  Our hearts hold the remembrance of a much bigger universal story, as we awaken the infinite potential of our higher minds to access the freedom to choose what doesn’t currently appear before us.  We’re letting go of the threads of consciousness that are expired or outdated, and allowing the empowered feminine insight and intuition to support.


Tuesday 6/12 is a Ceres Haumea resource, a Ceres Eris manifestation, a Black Moon Jupiter resource, and Mercury moves into Cancer before forming a bridge with Vesta.  We’re birthing wholeness through an inner awakening of our feminine energy that inspires expansion.  Mercury brings our mental body into the realm of emotional power, which engages the still point between mind and heart.  The unification of yin and yang through the heart/mind connection is a necessary activation that aligns mental wisdom with physical wisdom, and divine power with emotional power.  This is the activation of the equanimous mind, a mind that unifies with Love, nourishing all that is observed and witnessed with compassion, empathy, and Love.  The overall operating system becomes a source of self love and nourishment, and the internal messages that are broadcasted through our nervous system spark devotion that enriches the sacredness of each moment.


On Wednesday 6/13, Mercury and Quaoar form a Light Bridge, Vesta retrogrades back into Sagittarius, Mercury and Uranus are in a resource, and the New Moon occurs at 3:44pm EST at 23 Gemini.  Mercury (the ruler of the New Moon) is in a stepping stone with Chiron, while Venus enters Leo then forms a new cycle with Varuna.  This is the Grand Opening and the entry point of the Worm Hole passage, which sets the context and the intention for all that is emerging and occurring.  The Mercury Quaoar Light Bridge gives our operating system infinite access to elevate the paradigm, shift the conversation, and broadcast from a higher frequency of Light.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini represents Mental Wisdom, the still point of the mind/heart connection where we let go of the mind, think with the heart, and become the embodiment of wisdom, Love in Action.  In 5D consciousness, we surrender the dualistic struggle for power between the mind and heart, and elevate to unity, which is an equal partnership and balance of mind/heart.   The equanimous meditative mind is the ultimate observer that can witness and notice everything from a clear still point of neutrality through unconditional Love, and therefore holds infinite capacity to expand in awareness multidimensionally.


If the mind is fixed, resistant, or attached to judgment, opinion, or preference…or if the mind is spinning, scattered, or running ahead to figure out the answers before observing what’s present, the mind becomes limited, and actually creates density from chaos, distraction, and illusion.  A mind rooted in Love, neutral and unattached, has the power to see everything and expand multidimensionally, through the limitless realm, in the blink of an eye.


Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, and the new archetype of the Divine Masculine energy on our planet.  Mercury is currently out of bounds, which brings awareness to what was previously unaccessible.  When we activate the beginner’s mind, the open space beyond what we currently know, we access an infinite capacity to awaken, to expand in consciousness, and to shift the dynamic of our current reality.  This new Moon in Gemini calibrates our minds as a necessary navigation tool for the upcoming 3 month journey.  We’re heading into uncharted territory, and our state of mind is critical.  Venus entering Leo allows the heart to shine brightly, igniting the fire of devotion that fuels our vision and our journey with Love.


Thursday 6/14 is a Mercury MakeMake stepping stone, a Sun Haumea manifestation, Venus Quaoar great eliminator, Sun Eris resource, and a Venus Uranus stepping stone.  We’re challenged to elevate to higher thinking in alignment with the laws of the universe, and manifesting from an awakened sense of wholeness.  Our hearts are clearing out attachments, shedding skin, and awakening to a higher frequency of divine Love.


On Friday 6/15, Venus is manifesting with Chiron and Mercury is in a bridge with Saturn.   The heart holds the potential for personal mastery and our minds align with inner power and authority to choose where to focus, how to respond.


Saturday 6/16 is a Black Moon Orcus manifestation, a Sun Ceres resource, a Mercury Orcus resource, a Black Moon Saturn conjunction, and a Mercury Mars great eliminator.  As the feminine expression of empowerment brings us fully back into our bodies and into full participation in our current reality, we remember why it matters, why we matter, and why this moment of choice matters so deeply.  As we consciously choose to own our power and our right to be seen and heard, we clear our physical embodiment from any threads of thoughts that have ever discredited or devalued our presence in this lifetime.


And Sunday 6/17 is a Sun Ixion Light Bridge, a Venus Black Moon great eliminator, and Neptune stations to go retrograde on Monday.  The Sun Ixion Light Bridge provides an opportunity to access the super highway of our awakened blueprint and template of our soul in this lifetime.  For those who have the consciousness to choose and to elevate, we can stand on this bridge and activate our higher consciousness as we navigate the road ahead.  Our hearts are fully empowered to clear the debris and the distractions, trusting that we never lose anything that is rooted in Love, and every letting go reveals higher wisdom, insight, and clarity.


The practice this week is to meditate and still the mind in the heart.  Take some deep breaths in and out through the nose, bring your undivided attention to the tip of your nose, and feel the physical sensations of the breath moving in and out.  As you observe the movement of the breath, practice being the unconditional response of Love.  No matter what is occurring, no matter what sensations you experience, open to it all with neutrality, non-attachment, and non-judgment, and allow your response to be Love.  Whatever arises in the process has freedom and permission to clear, to release, to evaporate as you hold space and allow for the clearing of density and the transmutation of energy by Love.


Anytime you get triggered or lose your seat, come back and start again.  No pressure, no expectations…just be in the consistent practice.  Every conscious effort matters.  Holding your seat in Love, be open, awake, and neutral, and feel the subtle movements occurring.  Instead of reacting to external stimulus, feel what it feels like to be called forth into action, from within…or find your footing in the moments of reverent stillness and silent pause.  This practice is the foundation for navigating the wormhole passage ahead.  As with any profound journey or sacred pilgrimage, prepare yourself and be intentional about the journey ahead.


“Feelings, whether of compassion or irritation, should be welcomed, recognized, and treated on an absolutely equal basis; because both are ourselves. The tangerine I am eating is me. The mustard greens I am planting are me. I plant with all my heart and mind. I clean this teapot with the kind of attention I would have were I giving the baby Buddha or Jesus a bath. Nothing should be treated more carefully than anything else. In mindfulness, compassion, irritation, mustard green plant, and teapot are all sacred.” 
― Thich Nhat Hanh    


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