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For the week of May 28 – June 3, 2018:

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a deep dive journey into the truth-seeking Light.  This week’s Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the fixed star Antares shines the brightest light for the purpose of transcending illusions, distractions, and karmic attachments.  The truth always sets us free, no matter how it comes to Light.  And this week is a journey of truth telling of the highest order.


Before enlightenment, there is chaos, confusion, and disorder.  The truth always exists right in front of us, in plain sight, but if we don’t know what we’re looking for, or can’t find a neutral still point within ourselves, the sensory overload of multi dimensional communications can be overwhelming, and at times dulls down our ability to see clearly.


If our inner communications are spinning as fast as the external events and dramas are occurring, we won’t be able to efficiently filter out the excess distractions.  Our bodies are the receivers of information downloaded through our nervous system.  When we meditate and bring our mind to the still point of the heart, we activate our vertical spine as an antenna, and access the channel of higher consciousness and intuition.  The still point of mind and heart also activates the still point of body and spirit, aligning our root with our crown, and we find clarity and wholeness mirrored above and below, within and without.


This week’s Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the fixed star Antares brings us to the merging point of light and dark, which is another unification of yin and yang.  This merging point is the template for unity, wholeness, and the activation of higher consciousness…within ourselves, and in all relationships.


When we resist the shadows that emerge, if we label events and experiences as “negative”, we eliminate or disconnect from possible communication that is essential in the realization of truth.  Truth is revealed through intimacy, unity and transparency…not in separation, fear, or judgment.  When we embrace all that emerges, honoring the light as much as the darkness, we soften the edges and access the infinite spectrum of communications to see everything, crystal clear.


When interpreting and digesting communication, it’s best to operate from a neutral space of non-attachment, non-judgment, and non-reaction.  The truth is always present, however we’re often listening for what we want to hear, or resisting what we’re afraid to hear, and we miss the actual message right in front of us.  We oftentimes can water it down or inflame it with our own agenda.  We create more and more karmic debris, adding to the confusion and distortion, when we project our fears and desires on top of what’s being broadcasted around us.  The experience of “good or bad”, “positive or negative” are the results of our mental body filters and the meanings we assign to what’s occurring around us.  Our meanings and attachments alter our experience of the reality that’s occurring before us, and within us.


The highest state of the observers’ mind, or the meditative mind, is equanimity… unconditional Love.  The equanimous observer can sit with the truth without flinching, without craving or resisting anything that appears on the surface, while being the unconditional response of Love.  No matter what is occurring, there is Love being generated.  This kind of relationship creates intimacy, and allows the truth to emerge, effortlessly.  There is only Love, no agenda.  When there is no resistance or fear in the mind, the truth emerges crystal clear, and any other shadows or distractions are transmuted by Love and forgiven by Grace.


The week begins on Monday 5/28, as Mercury and Sedna form a new cycle at 27 Taurus, the Black Moon and Pluto conjunct, the Sun and South Node (Earth Star) are manifesting and the Sun is in a resource with the North Node (Soul Star).  Mercury and Sedna in Taurus grounds the highest voice of the divine feminine remembrance into the Earth.  The cosmic record keeper synchs up with the record keeper of the Earth, and our physical bodies also gain access to that vibrational frequency of communication, nourishing the resurrection of the feminine voice from within as we continue to manifest new possibilities of empowerment through our collective karmic stories, awakening to higher ground.


Tuesday 5/29 begins with a Sun Saturn great eliminator, followed by a Sun Orcus stepping stone, then the Full Moon in Sagittarius at 10:20am ET.  Then Mercury is in a resource with Varuna just before Mercury enters Gemini, and the Black Moon forms an intersection with the Eris Haumea Light Bridge.  We’re letting go of the old outdated patriarchal patterns of misuse of power and authority, and it’s becoming increasingly important to remember why we’re here and why it matters as we continue to shine the light and rise up through every challenge.


The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 8 Sag, conjunct the fixed star Antares, which is known as the merging point of dark and light.  Antares reminds us that the brightest light casts the biggest shadow, and the experience of shadows are a result of the physical relationship with light.  There is unification and merging to be found in the intimate relationship between light and shadow, as there’s no way to separate the two.  From that relationship of wholeness, divine truth is awakened, elevating the game by creating a blank slate of infinite possibility.  Shadows contain rich potential for awakening, and are a part of the karmic story and the 3D experience…until we learn to see the truth of shadows, and transmute our fear with Love.  The only way to eliminate the karmic attachment to shadows is to elevate beyond the physical story of duality to access 5D consciousness, which is Unconditional Love.  As we do, we manifest a whole new world.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Sagittarius is the sign of the Truth Seeker and the Highest Victory, when Love transmutes all karmic patterns, wiping the slate clean, and releasing the attachments to fear.  Once we see the truth, we can never go back to sleep.  We can never pretend not to know.  Which brings us into a state of full participation, personal responsibility, awakened leadership, and empowered co-creation on the planet.  This is the ultimate transmutation that delivers us to the New Earth.  Sagittarius is also a fire sign, representing physical wisdom.  Fire has the power to wipe away anything physical, and as we experience the death and destruction of anything physical, we find the pure release of spirit, truth and love.  The physical contains the divine…and while the physical realm appears limited, the spiritual realm is infinite.  When we recognize this truth, we gain wisdom that all things physical contain spirit, therefore all things physical contain infinite potential to reveal truth and Love.  As we let go of the attachments to surface level appearances, labels, or identities, we begin to see beyond the outer shell and recognize divine truth of unity, oneness, and Love present in all things.


On Wednesday 5/30, Mercury and Quaoar are in a great eliminator, followed by a Mercury Chiron resource.  As our communications are aligned with the infinite realm and the new paradigm, we can quickly release the old attachments to limiting beliefs and historic patterns of outdated thinking.  This shift in our operating system supports us in awakening personal mastery.


Thursday 5/31 is a Mercury MakeMake resource, and a Venus Sirius new cycle.   Our communications are aligned with higher spiritual laws as our hearts start a new cycle with the fixed star Sirius, which holds the consciousness of the Ascended Masters.  This is a very important calibration in the mind heart connection via communications from a much higher octave of awakened consciousness.


On Friday 6/1, Mercury and Mars are manifesting, Venus and Jupiter are manifesting, and the Black Moon and Sedna are manifesting.  We’re now in a “6” vibration month which brings us into the feminine, and as all things are birthed from the feminine, it makes sense that today is full of manifestation and creation.  Mercury and Mars birth a new mind/body expression, Venus and Jupiter birth an expansion of social consciousness through the heart, and the Black Moon and Sedna birth the most empowered emergence and remembrance of the divine feminine presence.


Saturday 6/2 is a Venus Neptune manifestation, an exact degree activation of the Eris Haumea Light Bridge, Mercury Saturn great eliminator, Varuna enters Leo, and Mercury is in a stepping stone with Orcus.  Our hearts are lifting the veils of confusion, awakening clarity of the highest order if we’re willing to stand on the Light Bridge of higher consciousness.  Our minds are clearing out the filters of old limitations, and our scope of higher vision moves into gratitude and Love as we remember our divinity and the reasons why we agreed to be here in physical form for this amazing unveiling of our planet and awakening of humanity.


And Sunday 6/3 is a Ceres Pluto great eliminator.  This is the birth of our greatest resurrection, and the process itself is clearing away the old disempowered stories and historic patterns of our collective past as we move through the portal of the birthing canal together.  The planet is rebirthing from the karmic conditions that have kept us victimized, disempowered, and separate for lifetimes upon lifetimes.  We all hold the karmic debris from those stories in our DNA and in our ancestral roots, which means we all have the power to rise up and wipe the slate clean through the most profound and epic transformation of all time.


The practice this week is to calibrate your observer’s mind to equanimity.  Take 10 minutes a day, bring your undivided attention to the tip of your nose, and observe each breath moving in and out.  Follow the inhale for 4 counts, then hold the sensation of fullness for 4 counts, follow the exhale for 4 counts, and then hold the sensation of emptiness for 4 counts.  Allow yourself to observe the entire cycle of each breath.  Surrendering and opening to allow each inhale, receiving divine inspiration and infinite potential with every new breath, then fully allow yourself to receive and absorb the blessings and joy inherent in that breath.  Then exhale and feel the release from letting go, surrendering any attachments or expectations until there’s nothing left, and then connect with gratitude for what was, and finding grace in the stillness and empty space, open and ready for new inspiration and new life to begin again.


Our willingness to let go is directly proportionate to our capacity to receive.  If we hold on to anything, even a desire or a grudge, we limit our capacity to receive Love, joy, and abundance.  The key to receiving is in the letting go.  Divine inspiration requires a willingness to completely expire and empty ourselves out.  If we resist any phase of the cycle of breath, we limit ourselves, and distort our current experience of reality.  Likewise, if we resist any moment of life, we limit ourselves, and our capacity to generate and receive Love.


“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.” 
― C.G. Jung


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