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For the week of May 21 – 27, 2018:

We’re stepping into another week that’s off the charts, full of light bridges that awaken and usher higher consciousness into our structures for redesign and upgrade.  Light is downloading into our personal operating system, like lightning to an antenna, upgrading our communications system to 5D, as we begin to communicate with Light as our primary language of Love.  When we surrender and trust our higher intuition from the heart, we gain clarity to all that’s awakening within us, empowering ourselves to be in the flow of divine right action as the awakened response of Love.



Mercury rules our mental body and the intelligent operating system that communicates and interfaces with the entire lower 4 body system – the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  When we think a thought, that thought creates a vibration that broadcasts through our cellular communications, through our nervous system, and produces either emotional reactions or responses, determined by our current level of consciousness and the amount of karmic residue.  Those reactions or responses move us into action, which manifests our physical reality.   We have the freedom and the power to elevate our thoughts from an awakened state of consciousness, which fine tunes the quality of communication that circulates through our holistic system.   Changing the quality of our thoughts alters our experience of physical reality.  Nothing needs to change “out there” when we realize our power to shift from the innermost perspective, then suddenly our experience of the world looks different.


The upgrade in communications comes when we unify and calibrate our entire lower 4 body system to the the frequency of Unconditional Love, which is the language of Unity Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness.   When our lower 4 body system is aligned and attuned to Unconditional Love, we access the bridge to the 5D Self.  The interface between the lower 4 body system and the infinite realms is realized through the calibration of Unconditional Love, and through the willingness to let go of any attachments to the lower 4 body’s paradigm or personal story, in order to elevate to a much more expansive universal paradigm of Oneness, where all possibilities exist, including empowerment and freedom.


Our lower 4 body communications consist primarily of the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic channels.  As we activate the bridge to higher consciousness, we begin to digest light codes through our primary channels of communications.  We can receive light through all of our physical senses, even through the nerve endings in our skin.  Most importantly, our hearts reveal light codes of information from within, revealing the 5D blueprint of our soul’s evolutionary path.


Chiron is the rainbow bridge that connects our lower 4 body system with the higher dimensions of consciousness and awakened mastery, so Chiron is the key to wholeness and alignment with our 5D Self.  Quaoar connects our mental body and operating system with the new paradigm and the infinite realm where our thoughts have freedom to take shape from an infinitely expansive belief system of Love, giving us access to the infinite power of manifestation and creation.  The only limits that exist are the ones in our own minds, held within the lower 4 body system.  And once we awaken and unify with our 5D Self, we transcend and transmute any outdated limiting beliefs, returning home to our Truth and our true nature.


This is the process that’s taking root right now in our consciousness, in our minds and hearts, and soon to be realized in our bodies and physical reality.  What’s important now, more than ever, is that we remember to be fully present in the now, as we interrupt any attachments to historic patterns, stories, or assumptions.  If we see a current experience and try to link it to what we’ve already seen or experienced before, we’ll project the old story into reality without even noticing, which only perpetuates the karmic attachments.


The key to navigating this profound shift is to stay present, and operate from a blank slate.  It doesn’t matter how many times we think we’ve “been here before”…the truth is, we’ve never been exactly “here” before.  Every moment is brand new, every breath delivers infinite potential for awakening.  If we make an assumption that limits, labels, or defines something before we’ve experienced that event fully through our communications system, through our awakened visual, auditory, and kinesthetic channels, we’ll never know the full potential that is available right in front of us.


Everything is changing, everything is new.  It’s only by being in right relationship with the events that are occurring, that we can be moved into right action…from the heart, with Love.  This action creates the New Earth, from the frequency of Love.


The week begins on Monday 5/21 with a Ceres Neptune great eliminator and a Venus MakeMake stepping stone.  We’re birthing clarity and enlightenment by clearing out the filters of distractions and illusions.  Venus brings the heart into a giant crossroad from last Sunday’s event with Quaoar, Chiron, and MakeMake.  Venus is currently traveling out of bounds, so our hearts are gaining access to new dimensions outside of our normal operating system, bringing us to a crossroad that can elevate us all to a higher operating system of the heart.  This is a radical shift that brings us into alignment with the higher laws of the universe – the law of Love and the law of One.


On Tuesday 5/22, the Sun is in a great eliminator with Quaoar, the Sun is in resource with Chiron, and Mercury is in a resource with Neptune.  Our awakened consciousness clears out any old patterns of limitations or historic residue from the lower 4 body system, focusing on the new paradigm of infinite potential of the higher realms, and our operating system begins to channel that clarity as enlightened communications.  When the limiting beliefs are cleared, our inner dialogue starts to shift, and that clarity reveals light.


Wednesday 5/23 is a powerful and potent day.  The Mercury Neptune resource from yesterday forms a Mystic Rectangle with a Mercury Jupiter bridge, a Moon bridge with Neptune, a Moon resource with Jupiter.  Also, the Black Moon is in a great eliminator with Sedna, the Black Moon is also conjunct Ixion at the Galactic Center, and the Sun is manifesting with Mars later that evening.  The clarity of communications from our 5D Self expands to our social consciousness, and our intuitive response is crystal clear.  The more still we become, the more we listen from our most awakened seat within, the more light we reflect in our silence.  Without saying a word, we radiate the Light of Wisdom, Love, and Unity.   Silence is the greatest observer of truth, and presence is the greatest generator of Light.


On Thursday 5/24, the Sun is manifesting with MakeMake, and Mars is manifesting with MakeMake, creating a Grand Air Manifestation between the Sun, Mars, and MakeMake.  The element of Air represents the Mental Body and our communications.  The light of our awakened presence, communicating the higher universal laws through our physical body and physical presence.  Our voice is Light.  Whether we’re speaking or not, our Light is speaking volumes.  Whatever words we speak are infused with Light, which speaks volumes above our words.  This is a powerful time to articulate clearly by elevating up to a much higher channel of communications, the voice of the 5D Self.


Friday 5/25 is a Jupiter Neptune manifestation, a Black Moon Sun great eliminator, a Mercury Pluto manifestation, a Black Moon bridge with Venus, a Black Moon Orcus manifestation, and the 25th Black Moon Saturn conjunction (the 2nd to last one).  Our social consciousness is elevating with Light, for those who have the eyes to see.  We’re continuing to release the attachments to illusions or drama from old, suppressed, and outdated identities, labels, and beliefs….and in the process, clearing out the filters to allow our hearts to emerge, fully empowered.  There are no victims in this world, and the more empowered we become by remembering why we chose to be here, and how we choose to participate, we empower ourselves to create a different story.  There are no limits…only the limits from our karmic past, perpetuated by our unawakened assumptions and attachments.  These Black Moon Saturn conjunctions are relentlessly empowering us to shift the structures of misaligned or misused power, and rewrite the story on this planet…Now.


On Saturday 5/26, Venus is in a bridge with Saturn, Venus and Orcus are in a resource, Mercury and Haumea are in a great eliminator, and Saturn is in a great eliminator with the Soul Star Chakra (Moon’s North Node).  Our hearts hold the bridge with Saturn…which can appear like polarity or opposition, however it’s an opportunity to own the power of the heart, and hold the bridge with Love as the tables are turning.  In order to allow for a crumbling of the old patriarchal systems, we must access compassion as we witness the collapse of what’s no longer sustainable.  This can’t be a battle of ego, this must be a shift from Love.  Orcus reminds us why it matters that we’re here, now, in this moment and experience of reality.  Our communications are clarified, as we eliminate the false information and mistruths, and hold space for wholeness and understanding.  Our commitment to elevate the conversation through a unified voice of Oneness and Unity creates conscious evolution, and eliminates the need for ego power or control.  Collectively, we’re learning and growing by all of these intense experiences…and we’re evolving faster than the speed of Light.


Sunday 5/27 has no major aspects.  A much welcomed day for integration to reset and reboot our systems.


The practice this week is to go back to the basics and consciously practice living in the moment, operating from a blank slate of infinite potential, every day.  Allow each moment to be brand new, with no attachments, expectations, limitations, or assumptions, and notice the opportunities for radical change right before your eyes.  Practice living The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  1.  Be impeccable with your word.  2.  Don’t take anything personally.  3.  Don’t make assumptions.  4.  Always do your best.  Continue to elevate all of your communications to the frequency of Love, allowing new possibilities to emerge in every moment.  As we calibrate holistically to Love, we are moved into right action from the heart…manifesting a brand new world.


“The heart is a
Thousand-stringed instrument
That can only be tuned with
~ Hafiz


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  1. Hey Christine,

    Great week ahead. I was feeling I needed to respond to all you wrote…so just reading, absorbing, and then boom your statement
    “Collectively, we’re learning and growing by all of these intense experiences…and we’re evolving faster than the speed of Light?

    I know how amazing is this? I used to think about Einstein;s e=mc squared and pondered about c to the third, the fourth, or beyond, then what? Well here WE ARE faster than the speed of Light, haha!

    Thanks with much love for the inner outer sight,
    Susan in bug-filled Virginia!

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