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For the week of May 14 – 20, 2018:

Get ready for a week of unexpected awakenings and powerful opportunities to deliberately practice grounding our thoughts with the consciousness of Love, from the heart, while being the awakened response of Love in Action, unconditionally.  No matter what is occurring around us or within us, every moment is an entry point to develop personal mastery by choosing Love.


Anytime the Great Awakener strikes with an unexpected lightning bolt, it’s always best to pay attention to what’s being evoked internally, and let go of any attachment to the distractions or chaos from the mechanism of the story or the messenger.  Our greatest moments of life altering breakthrough come when we least expect it, when we can’t prepare or predict what’s coming just up ahead.  If we knew, we wouldn’t have the full experience, and it’s the multidimensional experience through all of our senses that creates holistic transformation and the clearing of karmic residue.


When we allow ourselves to be moved through the moments of discomfort, with eyes and heart wide open, we can be fully delivered to a new state of being, birthed from the experience.  The willingness to surrender gives way to the momentum of transformation, and we shed our old skin while transitioning to a new reality or a new way of being.


Karmic patterns get reinforced and strengthened as we continue to do what we’ve always done without examining what’s new and different in each current moment.  The truth is, everything is brand new in each inhale.  Our physical cells are proof of the constant evolution that is occurring, beyond our attempts to slow down the aging process.  We are moving forward, as every moment generates the next.  How we navigate the “now”, the consciousness that we choose to live in and respond from now, creates our experience of reality.


Events around us continue to amplify and escalate until we pay attention, and shift our focus within.  If we continue to think the messages and stories only exist “out there”, we miss the opportunities to elevate our consciousness within.  Ironically, the louder the chaos becomes, the more distracted we become.  The circumstances are mirroring and reflecting the universal patterns that are chronically recurring from within.  Exaggerated in a way that gets our attention, we actually engage ourselves through the attraction of our unresolved karmic threads…until we remember the truth of who we are, and release all attachments to the stories that have kept us small, and suddenly those patterns lose their magnetic pull, resulting in profound freedom.


As we release the karmic patterns, we transmute our physicality, which ignites a process of physical change.  That process of change can release old suppressed emotional residue that comes up to the surface for acknowledgement, after lifetimes of suppression, ready now for clearing.  As we honor the experiences that have birthed us to this moment of awakening, it’s important to allow all emotional residue to resolve and clear, without judgment or resistance.  If we deny or judge any aspect of emotion that passes through the release valve, we stagnate the entire process and reinforce the karmic loop back into the physical dimension, held within the physical expression.


It’s best to assume that everything coming up to the surface is coming to light, seeking acceptance, acknowledgment, and Love.  As we practice meeting the shadows with Love, we intentionally hold a space for transformation of the highest order to occur, without resisting any aspect of the process itself.   Aligning our thoughts, words, and actions with Love, we can prepare for the unexpected and trust that all is well, no matter what comes.


The week begins on Monday 5/14 with a Venus Eris resource, a Mercury Quaoar manifestation, a Venus Haumea manifestation, and a Sun Haumea great eliminator.  Our hearts are awakening and manifesting from wholeness and unconditional Love.  Our inner communications, thoughts, and beliefs are manifesting with the infinite potential to elevate our paradigm to freedom and empowerment.


Tuesday 5/15 is the New Moon at 25 Taurus conjunct Sedna (at 7:48am ET), a Mars Varuna Light bridge, and Uranus enters Taurus at 11:22am ET.   In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the sign of Mental Love, where we practice conscious obedience to Love from the mind, to ground our minds in the consciousness of the heart.  Where we root our attention, the consciousness we live in, determines our experience of reality moment to moment.  If we want to elevate our experience, instead of rearranging the physical content of our lives or replacing something (or someone) for another, we can consciously elevate our state of mind to Unconditional Love, calibrating our mental body, which instantly shape shifts our current experience of reality, awakening us to new possibilities.


The New Moon conjunct Sedna gives us access to the divine feminine remembrance of our infinite selves and the divine truth of the cosmos.  Sedna is the ruler of Libra, which is where we activate our highest realization through the mirrored self in relationships.  This New Moon conjunct Sedna gives us the potential to realize ourselves through the reflection of the infinite universe, to remember who we are, why we’re here, and why it matters, now.  When we root our consciousness in Love, our minds become the sacred space that allows us to witness and observe our own awakening and unfolding of Truth.  We contain the safe harbor within ourselves to shed the old beliefs and elevate through Love.


On Wednesday 5/16, Mars enters Aquarius at 1am, the Black Moon conjuncts Quaoar, Mars and Uranus are in a stepping stone, and the Black Moon and Chiron are in a stepping stone.  Mars moving into Aquarius shifts our physical experience from earth to air, and brings us into a future vision of what’s possible when we embody divine Love.  Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and the Mars Uranus stepping stone creates a very physical experience that brings our undivided attention into our bodies for Self Love and Self Care.   We can’t fully ascend unless we’re deeply present and in our bodies, and any opportunity to infuse love through our body is an activation of spiritual awakening.  This inspires our willingness to rise up fully empowered as we holistically heal old wounds through the refined personal mastery of Love.


Thursday 5/17 is a Sun Sedna new cycle at 27 Taurus, the exact conjunction from the New Moon.  This is a significant aspect of Tuesday’s New Moon as our awakened consciousness activates the divine feminine remembrance.


Friday 5/8, Venus and the Black Moon are in a bridge, Mercury and Orcus are manifesting, and Mercury is manifesting with Saturn, creating a Grand Earth Manifestation.  Our hearts are holding sacred space to unify feminine wholeness in a bridge to Love.  The Grand Earth manifestation creates a harmonious flow of tangible energy that downloads our operating system with the power and authority to remember why it matters to be here, in physical form and structure in this lifetime.  We gain definition and clarity as to why we’re here, and that purpose and structure becomes the solid ground we stand upon.


On Saturday 5/19,  Venus enters Cancer and forms a resource with Uranus.  Again, Venus is the ruler of the New Moon in Taurus, and the shift into Cancer brings an element of nourishing water to the Earth, supported by the Great Awakener.  Any unexpected events that occur can be openings for nourishment, Love, and undivided attention, from the heart.


And Sunday 5/20 is a Mars Chiron resource, a Sun Varuna resource, a Venus Quaoar Light bridge, a Venus Mars great eliminator, and the Sun enters Gemini at 10:15pm ET.  Any physical issues that surface are an entry point for personal mastery, and we gain access to higher vision to see what we can’t see from the physical dimension.  As long as we stay grounded in the heart, we can see through the lens of Love, which gives us the power to transmute our physicality through alchemy.  As the Sun enters Gemini, we move into the realm of Mental Wisdom, unifying mind and heart, and becoming the embodiment of masterful communication as Love in Action.


The practice this week is to consciously calibrate our mind to Love, every day.  As you look into the mirror each morning, connect with something you love about yourself, or access the current of divine Love that flows through you to others, and floss that vibration of energy through your inner operating system, and ground it into your physical body.  Connect with your body as the antenna or conduit for the communication of Love, and allow your channels of inner communication to tune to the frequency of Unconditional Love.  As you calibrate each morning, pay attention to the quality of your inner most thoughts throughout the day, and welcome any opportunities to consciously shift and elevate back to Love.


Imagine planting your internal operating system, the antenna of your mind, into the consciousness of your heart and into the language of Love.   Put forth the diligent effort to practice and fine tune this entire week.


As we elevate our thoughts by paying attention to the quality of our innermost communications, we can shift the way we talk to ourselves privately, which impacts our entire being at a cellular level, and awakens our physical body as a walking antenna broadcasting the frequency of Love for All.


“I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.” 
― Mother Teresa 


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  1. “we can shift the way we talk to ourselves privately, which impacts our entire being at a cellular level, and awakens our physical body as a walking antenna broadcasting the frequency of Love for All.” Yes! Release judgements of self and others and watch kindness burst into bloom:)

    1. Just realized how much I have learned about unconditional love from the animals in my life…the way to be with the ones you trust, the way to be with the ones you don’t…probably because they don’t judge themselves or others- they just know.

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