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For the week of May 7 – 13, 2018:

Get ready for a significant shift in energy, and a more steadfast commitment to higher ground.  We’re clearing out the filters as we let go of the density of our emotional body and physical body, elevating the quality of our thoughts with a holistic commitment to living in Unconditional Love.  The higher we ascend in our vibrational communications of Love, the deeper we can travel into the Earth and into our bodies.  The merging point of light into dense matter is the sweet spot of transmutational alchemy that awakens the Light Body and awakens the Light of the Earth.


As we unify yin and yang, we consciously calibrate the mind/heart balance as well as the body/spirit connection.  Rooting our thoughts in Love, we can see that divine spirit lives in all things physical.  There is no separation, even between the invisible spirit realm and the tangible physical world.  For those with eyes to see, meaning a disciplined observer’s mind rooted within the awakened heart, we can see the infinite continuity of spirit everywhere, which allows us to participate more fully in the exchange of physical Love.  The more attuned our vision becomes, the more alive and expansive this physical dimension becomes, rich with possibility, magic, and creative potential.


Evolution is occurring so rapidly, and our collective consciousness is increasingly curious about living in alignment with a deeper purpose and spiritual blueprint.  There is a common theme awakening in humanity as a search for deeper meaning, beyond surface level appearances and results.  With so much chaos, flux, and transition occurring in our environment, political and corporate structures, and social issues, we’re prompted to take a deeper look at our core values, motivating factors, and what matters most.  As the structures of power and authority are shifting, externally and internally, we’re reinventing ourselves and redefining the ways in which we operate.  As we redesign and reconstruct, we’re merging yin and yang as our new foundation and solid ground for sustainability, empowerment, and wholeness.


Saturn retrograde is providing an opportunity for all of us to reevaluate the ways in which we use our power to manifest results, and the ways we identify with those tangible results.  Our beliefs and values define our perception of reality, and any limiting or outdated beliefs from historic karmic patterns become the deeply embedded stories that we repeat until the emotional energy is purged, cleared, and resolved.  We operate on top of the same outdated structures again and again until we interrupt the original thoughts that support our beliefs, and elevate the entire paradigm to experience a brand new possibility.


This is the time to slow down and review, from the inside out, what motivates and drives our actions and results, and what core beliefs influence our structures and regulations that we pass down, generation after generation.   Any opportunity to elevate the vibration of a structure or operating system to Love is a shift that impacts the collective consciousness for lifetimes.  In some cases, we may find opportunities to create massive overhaul and redesign, and sometimes a subtle upgrade is all it takes, simply shifting the context behind an existing conversation changes the game completely.


It’s important to take inventory of how we intentionally invest or unknowingly leak our precious resources, recognizing that the greatest resource of all is the quality of our conscious thoughts, and the alignment of our thoughts with our core values from the heart.  When we elevate our consciousness to Love, and ground ourselves in that vibration of energy, our structures calibrate accordingly to support and sustain new ground that future generations will walk upon.


Our physical structures, including the cellular structures within our own bodies, are rapidly upgrading to align with the awakened consciousness of the mind/heart unification.  The calibration of our physical structures will produce temporary unsettling and disrupt as we release the old expression and holding patterns and allow the new expressions to take root.


With the temporary shifting and unsettling of the tangible physical structures, it’s important to let go of any rigid attachments to what things look like on the surface, including identities, labels, definitions, and fixed meanings.  The appearance of physical reality is redesigning, and a completely new expression is emerging.  The more equanimous and compassionate we are, the more smoothly the process can unfold.  Judgment, comparison, or assumptions only stagnate the process and contribute to extra karmic debris and discomfort through our universal filtration system.  The more we surrender and trust the birthing process that we’re all a part of, we can deliver ourselves to higher ground with eyes calibrated to see the divinity of Love all around us.


The week begins on Monday 5/7 with a Mercury Pluto stepping stone, a Mars Sedna manifestation, a Black Moon Mercury stepping stone, and a Venus Neptune stepping stone.  As our inner communications and inner operating system undergoes an alchemical shift, our physical bodies reflect the highest remembrance of light.  The voice of the feminine is expressing more and more and our hearts are opening with equanimity.  As we root ourselves in unconditional Love, we can see clearly through the old illusions and historic veils of confusion and distortion.  Light illuminates the truth, and Love opens the physical space for more Light to be revealed.


On Tuesday 5/8, the Black Moon is conjunct Pluto, and the Sun is in a bridge with Jupiter.   A divine resurrection is occurring within the collective feminine energy, revealing a new wave of spiritual power and authority.   Our social consciousness is expanding as we empower and resolve the outdated stories of the suppressed feminine, allowing the new archetypal face and voice to emerge in multidimensional wholeness, brilliance, beauty, and power.


Wednesday 5/9 is a Mercury Eris new cycle, a Uranus Varuna stepping stone, a Mercury Haumea Light Bridge, a Black Moon manifestation with the Sun, a Venus Jupiter great eliminator, a Black Moon Venus great eliminator, and a Black Moon Jupiter resource.  We can’t hold back the Light in our communications moving forward, we’re shedding skin as the old vibrational residue clears from our voices, allowing the greatest awakening to be revealed, crystal clear.   The Mercury Haumea Light Bridge elevates us onto the high road of crystal clear communications through the Awakened Light of Truth from the heart.  Light reveals Truth, and Truth creates freedom and empowerment, no matter how uncomfortable or unexpected the initial delivery might be.  As we surrender to the revelations and truths being exposed, we can shift our social paradigm to elevate to a whole new game.


On Thursday 5/10, the Black Moon is in a resource with Neptune.  Shadows provide contrast, allowing more and more clarity to emerge through the most enlightened reflections.


Friday 5/11 is a Black Moon Ceres great eliminator, and a Sun Pluto manifestation.  We’re being birthed through an awakened resurrection of our own shadows, and gain the awareness to manifest something new.


Saturday 5/12 is a Venus Pluto great eliminator and a Mercury Mars stepping stone.   The heart releasees the old stories and mistruths as we step into our most empowered Self.


And Sunday 5/13 is a Black Moon Saturn conjunction, a Mercury Varuna stepping stone, a Black Moon Orcus manifestation, a Mercury Uranus new cycle, and Mercury enters Taurus.  As we embrace the feminine with reverence and respect, we change the game and elevate to a more evolved operating system, awakening to Love and the divine power of our authority to birth new possibilities and remember our immortality.  As Mercury enters Taurus, the ruler of the mental body is planting our entire operating system into Mental Love, the conscious practice of obeying the heart and loving with the mind.


Sunday is Mother’s Day in the US, a day to honor and remember that all life is birthed from the sacred space held within the feminine.  The Mother is the gatekeeper of the immortal spirit emerging as a physical expression, with defined purpose and unique gifts.  This is a week to honor the Divine Power of the Feminine and the Divine Mother, as we release our karmic attachments and patterns, returning to the infinite realm of Unconditional Love.


The practice this week is equanimity by surrendering any assumptions or attachments to what things look like on the surface.  Allow the new expressions, communications, and manifestations to emerge without interrupting, resisting, or refusing.  When we interrupt the feminine voice that is emerging, we resist the wave of Love that is awakening.  Only by holding a space of honor and reverence to allow the feminine to fully reveal, can we experience the magical birth of new possibilities emerging through Love.


“The common expression is ‘I love you.’ But instead of ‘I love you,’ it would be better to say, ‘I am love — I am the embodiment of pure love.’ Remove the I and you, and you will find that there is only love. It is as if love is imprisoned between the I and you. Remove the I and you, for they are unreal; they are self-imposed walls that don’t exist. The gulf between I and you is the ego. When the ego is removed the distance disappears and the I and you also disappear. They merge to become one — and that is Love. You lend the I and you their reality. Withdraw your support and they will disappear. Then you will realise, not that ‘I love you,’ but that ‘I am that all-embracing love.’”  ~ Amma


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  1. Hawaii Mt Kilauea volcano, Divine Feminine rising, much power and re-birthing and resurrection is on hand this week. Seems like you cracked into the fissure with your weekly cosmic consciousness, and in this case the crack is where the Light comes out into the dark that is being cleared at the end of the great Kali Yuga!
    Happy Mother’s Day to all, and to our special mother we all share, Planet Mother Earth-Love the Mother.

    Lovelovelove and gratitude,

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