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For the week of April 30 – May 6, 2018:

The week ahead delivers opportunities to liberate from any shadows with clarity, new inspiration, and new vision.  While Saturn and Pluto are still retrograde, we’re calibrated by the alchemical Full Moon in Scorpio, where our highest vision has been illuminated, beyond a shadow of a doubt.  If we’re honoring ourselves and meeting our current reality with Unconditional Love, anything is possible, and anything can transform in the blink of an eye.


When we don’t like our current situation, if we resist anything about our current reality – including our body, relationships, bank account, or current events in our world –  we’re ignoring the bigger reality that we hold the power to elevate everything with our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.  If there’s anything we’re resisting or in conflict about, the moment we shift to a higher perspective, we shed new light on the situation, and everything shifts.  We have the power to alter our reality by choosing a higher perspective to view our current reality from.  As we do, we create spaciousness and breathing room for authenticity, acceptance, and compassion to emerge.  In that space, new possibilities emerge.


In any moment, in any scenario, the possibility for everything exists.  99% of the physical dimension is the empty space that contains the infinite creative potential of the universe.  As we elevate our relationship with physical reality, we gain access to the hidden dimensions of magic.  We can’t physically see what’s hidden below the surface, but that doesn’t mean that nothing is there.  When we learn to see from a lens of Love, which activates infinite potential, we become the authors, creators, and artists of our reality.


If anything is possible in this moment, what is your highest vision?  If we’re not clear about our highest vision, we can’t make the best use of infinite possibility.  The more refined we are in what we’re looking for, the more accurately and swiftly we can call it forth.  It’s important to tell the truth about what matters most.  Our deepest core values are the magnets for manifesting possibility.


If we aren’t willing to explore deep below our own surface, we may not even be fully aware of the core values that are currently authoring our experience of reality.  Our awakened minds can affirm what we think we want, but until we’ve pulled back the layers and explored our deepest unknown waters and hidden shadows, we may be living in distraction.  Only by shining the brightest light into the depths of the darkness can we see clearly what’s underwriting (or overpowering) our actions, agreements, and choices…and liberate ourselves from the old skin we’ve been living in.


If we’ve been looking outside of ourselves, frustrated for change and transformation, or searching for answers or directions, the message now is to go within, into the areas that are most unappealing, and shine the light of Love.  There will be an opening, an unfolding, and an awakening of Truth.  The answers are within, the change occurs when we forgive our outdated core wounds and attachments to limiting beliefs, when we liberate ourselves from the shadows we’ve hidden behind out of fear, shame, or insecurity.  When we bring our most awakened consciousness into those parts of ourselves that we’ve buried or hidden, we free up that energy as pure potential to rise up, empowered, and we unify into wholeness.


Love inspires more Love.   Love awakens, elevates, enlightens, and expands.  It’s important to recognize the times when we resist Love, the times when it’s more comfortable to remain distracted in the status quo, in the perceived safety zone and certainty of familiar karmic patterns and loops.  We may be hungry for the karmic loops to release, and yet frozen by the unknown elements of change.


To live fully in the Now, to fully own our power in this moment from a neutral space of pure potential, we acknowledge that nothing is certain.  There are no guarantees in this physical dimension.  The only constant truth is Love.  Love is a choice, a commitment, and a daily practice.  We can create an element of certainty in every moment when we choose to be the response of Love.  When we calibrate our bodies, our minds, and our hearts with the frequency of Love, we elevate our vibration and shift the current status quo.


Now is the time to consciously commit to elevating through the ongoing practice of Love, through our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, words, and actions.  If we’re not feeling nourished by our environment, relationships, or our bodies, there’s an opportunity to shift the conversation to Love.  Asking any of these questions:  How can I love myself more?  How can I release my current judgments, assumptions, expectations, or attachments, and surrender into my current experience with Love?   What can I be curious about that is unclear, unknown, or undefined?   How can I soften through the edge of discomfort to allow something new to emerge?  What am I holding onto, defending, or being right about that is limiting my ability to open to new possibilities?


This week is full of stepping stone aspects, which brings the challenge of an obstacle that requires us to step up, to elevate our perspective, to see beyond the circumstance and rise up to higher ground, accessing new thoughts, words, and actions to experience something previously unavailable from our old way of thinking.  We’re still in Taurus energy, planting ourselves like a tree in the consciousness of Love, allowing our thoughts to serve the heart, not the ego.  This week delivers us to May, a “5” vibration, which is all about change, transformation, and ushering in the unknown as we let go of our fixed ways of being.


The week begins on Monday 4/30, as the Black Moon turns retrograde at 28 Capricorn 41’, the exact degree where Mars will enter his retrograde shadow on May 12th, and where he will station to go direct on August 29th.  Also, the Black Moon is in a new cycle with the Moon’s North Node (Soul Star Chakra), the Sun and the Soul Star are in a stepping stone, and the Sun and Ceres are in a stepping stone.  The Black Moon takes us into the depths of our shadows, the aspects we’ve judged, buried, or denied.  As we empower our feminine essence, the fragmented aspects of ourselves are invited to come home and unify with our hearts.  As we surrender to Love, we are delivered to higher ground within ourselves that has always been present.  Freedom is birthed through empowerment, not through judgment.


On Tuesday 5/1, Mars and Eris are in a stepping stone, Venus and Orcus are in a stepping stone, and Venus and Saturn are in a great eliminator.  We’re shedding the old skin of any old limiting beliefs we’ve been hiding ourselves behind, and our hearts remind us of the promise we made to be here in physical form, to show up and participate in this lifetime.  As we remember our truth, and why it matters, we can eliminate any distractions that have ever confined us to smallness.


Wednesday 5/2 is a Mars Haumea stepping stone.  As we turn our challenges into opportunities, we discover the path that leads to wholeness is within us, not outside.   There’s nothing to fix, nothing to fight against, nothing to resist, blame, or fear…our journey isn’t black or white, and there are no “shoulds”.  The path home is whatever road we’re currently on, as long as our focus is within.


On Thursday 5/3, the Black Moon and Mars start a new cycle as they conjunct at 9:05pm ET.  This important conjunction brings the empowered feminine into our bodies.  For any time we’ve ever judged or shamed our physical bodies or the physical dimension, now is the time to empower ourselves to connect with sacredness and divinity through the physical, and to become the embodiment of Unconditional Love.   No matter what we think we’re seeing on the surface of appearances, when we shift our lens to Love, we honor all that we see as divine, and generate respect and grace for the physical dimension, which holds the infinite realm with authentic beauty, refined with dimension, depth, and texture.


Friday 5/4 is a Black Moon Haumea stepping stone.  Another opportunity to elevate our perspective to wholeness through acceptance and compassion, which leads to empowerment and freedom.


On Saturday 5/5, the Black Moon and Eris are in a stepping stone, and Mercury forms a great eliminator with Jupiter.  Every step forward is an elevation through empowerment, shedding skin from the old attachments and mistruths.  As we collectively rise up and lighten up, our voices expand social consciousness to liberation and freedom.


And Sunday 5/6 is a Sun Neptune resource.   Our consciousness remembers the truth, that we come from enlightenment, and enlightenment is our true nature.  When we forget, we feel confused.  When we remember who we are, we operate from clarity, and our actions are effortless and efficient.  There is a knowing that is deep, profound, and crystal clear.


The practice this week is to stay open to the higher perspective  in each moment.  This week will feel like walking on a floating staircase.  Every step leads to the next opportunity, and the commitment to elevate through the discomfort leads to empowerment, awakening, and clarity.  Practice living gently and softly within your skin and within your own thoughts.  Speak to yourself with Love, and embody that conversation of Unconditional Love as you move through the world this week.  Our bodies respond to Love.  Our physical dimension reveals infinite potential when we engage with reverence, respect, curiosity, and Love.



You come to us
 from another world

From beyond the stars 
and void of space.

Transcendent, Pure,

Of unimaginable beauty,

Bringing with you 
the essence of love

You transform all
 who are touched by you.

Mundane concerns,
troubles, and sorrows

dissolve in your presence,

Bringing joy
 to ruler and ruled

To peasant and king

You bewilder us
 with your grace.

All evils
 transform into

You are the master alchemist.

You light the fire of love

in earth and sky

in heart and soul

of every being.

Through your love

existence and nonexistence merge.

All opposites unite.

All that is profane

becomes sacred again.”

― Rumi


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  1. Christine, I look forward to your writings each week as I’m always hearing what I need to continue my education in finding the best life while on here. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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